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The "Alternative" part is "alternative to only using citations", not "alternative to citations".

Not a drop in replacement for citation based analysis or media monitoring.

Instead it's complementary - helps you fill in some missing pieces of the impact puzzle.

Do scientists really talk about papers online?

Yes. Approximately 600k new articles shared each year, at least 1.3M saved to online reference managers

Lower-bound for number of scholarly articles shared online

We match ~ 35% of the articles searched for on Scopus.

Between June 14th and June 21st '12 Altmetric saw:

In context: avg. num new articles each fortnight in:

So a significant fraction shared but prob < half.

How much sharing per article early on?

Looking in July 2011 at a random sample of 108k articles known to have been published in previous six months

54% (59k) have only one mention

89% (96k) have 5 or fewer mentions

0.3% (427) have 100+ mentions

Where do scientists share public links to papers online?

Data collected between Sep 19th - 26th 2012

Service Mentions As %
Twitter posts 43,542 91.7%
Public Facebook posts 3,181 6.7%
Reddit posts 154 0.3%
Pinterest posts 133 0.2%
Blog posts 430 0.9%

Growing: Unique articles mentioned, Twitter (+13%), Facebook & Pinterest (+60%)

Shrinking: Google+, blogs

How many people are sharing links to articles?

468,000 tweeters collected Jul '11 - Jul '12 (lower bound)

(in context: there are 6 - 10 million scientists worldwide)

62,358 (13%) shared more than one paper

6,933 (1.4%) shared more then ten papers

Highly cited OA journals get the most coverage

Source-Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) weights citations, given higher value in subjects where citations are less frequent.

Looked at all journals in PubMed Jan-Mar '12 with a SNIP in 2009, at least 10 papers with DOIs.

Journal set Size Coverage %
All 3,705 21.9%
SNIP >= 0.5 1,905 29.5%
All OA 349 21.6%
OA, SNIP >= 0.5 106 45.3%

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