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What is Explorer for Institutions?

Explorer for Institutions is a web-based platform that enables users to search, monitor, and measure conversations surrounding the research outputs of specific authors, research groups/departments, and institutions.

How do we set it up and how does it work?

Altmetric have been tracking mentions of all published research outputs with a unique identifier (DOI, PubMed ID, arXiv or Handle ID) in a number of non-traditional sources since January 2012.

How are other people using Explorer for Institutions?

Click below to read how institutions and researchers around the world have already begun adopting the Explorer for Institutions platform, and integrating the data and insight it provides into their existing workflows.

Why Altmetric?

There are other institutional altmetrics platforms out there, but Altmetric provides you with the highest quality and most insightful data.

Implementing Explorer for Institutions?

Explorer for Institutions administrators can download our implementation documentation via our Support Centre. Here you’ll find everything you need to get started with your implementation, from integrating with your publications system to launching at your institution.

EFI implementation guides

We provide dedicated customer support throughout the implementation process.

View the documentation

Video Tutorials

Watch our Explorer for Institutions tutorials and tours.

  • Introducing Explorer for Institutions

    An introduction to Explorer for Institutions – our platform designed to help institutions, researchers and faculty more easily track, monitor and report on the online attention and broader engagement surrounding their work.

  • Tour of Explorer for Insitutions

    We take you on a tour of Altmetric’s Explorer for Institutions, including finding attention data for your institutional research outputs, searching across all outputs we’ve ever tracked and browsing by author and department.

  • Altmetric Details Page

    An introduction to the Altmetric Details page. Learn how to find attention data for a research output, browse sources and share.

Training Resources

Download our Explorer for Institutions training materials to re-use in your own sessions and webinars with users and researchers.

Explorer for Institutions training slides

Reusable Explorer for Institutions training session slides with notes and explainers.

Tips & Tricks: promoting your research online

Our researcher flyer shares ideas for promoting research online and making sure Altmetric can pick up on mentions.

Workshop activities

Explorer for Institutions workshop activity slides with hands-on activities.

Workshop activities handout

Use our handout to accompany the workshop activity slides to get your training attendees thinking! …
See our full range of training and promotional materials in our Explorer for Institutions training and promotional packs.

Need more help?

We’re here to help if you have questions or want to share an idea. Visit our Support Centre to find an answer, read our implementation guides, or ask us a question.

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