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Seismic Behaviour and Design of Irregular and Complex Civil Structures II

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A General Procedure for Selecting and Scaling Ground Motion Records for Nonlinear Analysis of Asymmetric-Plan Buildings
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    Chapter 2 Prediction of the “Average” Peak Nonlinear Seismic Response of Asymmetric Buildings Under Bi-directional Ground Motion Acting at an Arbitrary Angle of Incidence
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    Chapter 3 Evaluation of Torsional Component of Ground Motion by Different Methods Using Dense Array Data
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    Chapter 4 Estimation of Rotational Ground Motion Effects on the Bell Tower of Parma Cathedral
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    Chapter 5 FOSREM: Fibre-Optic System for Rotational Events and Phenomena Monitoring: Construction, Investigation and Area of Application
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    Chapter 6 Application of Rotation Rate Sensors in Measuring Beam Flexure and Structural Health Monitoring
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    Chapter 7 Asymmetric Continuum with Shear and Rotation Strains Including Quantum Synchronous Processes
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    Chapter 8 Seismic Assessment of RC Frame Buildings
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    Chapter 9 Torsional Index of an Asymmetric Building Based on Mode Shape
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    Chapter 10 An Approximate Method for Assessing the Seismic Response of Irregular in Elevation Asymmetric Buildings
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    Chapter 11 Application of Nonlinear Static Procedures for the Seismic Assessment of a 9-Storey Asymmetric Plan Building
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    Chapter 12 Seismic Assessment of an Existing Irregular RC Building According to Eurocode 8 Methods
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    Chapter 13 The Concrete Strength Variability as Source of Irregularity for RC Existing Buildings
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    Chapter 14 The Influence of Axial Load Variation on the Seismic Performance of RC Buildings
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    Chapter 15 Parametric Study of Inelastic Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Frame Buildings
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    Chapter 16 Seismic Upgrading of Vertically Irregular Existing r.c. Frames by BRBs
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    Chapter 17 Application of Nonlinear Static Method with Corrective Eccentricities to Steel Multi-storey Braced Buildings
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    Chapter 18 Influence of the Interaction Yield Domain on Lateral-Torsional Coupling of Asymmetric Single-Storey Systems
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    Chapter 19 Improved Nonlinear Static Methods for Prediction of the Seismic Response of Asymmetric Single-Storey Systems
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    Chapter 20 Influence of the Rotational Mass Inertia on the Torsional Seismic Response
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    Chapter 21 Seismic Response Trends of SDOF Plan Irregular Structures. Simplified Approach
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    Chapter 22 Maximum Corner Displacement Amplifications for Inelastic One-Storey In-Plan Asymmetric Systems Under Seismic Excitation
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    Chapter 23 Earthquake-Induced Pounding Between Asymmetric Steel Buildings
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    Chapter 24 Dynamic Analysis of Irregular Multistorey Shear Wall Buildings Using Continuous-Discrete Approach
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    Chapter 25 Analysis of the Dynamic Response of Masonry Buildings with Irregularities of Localization of Bearing Elements Due to Mining Shocks
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    Chapter 26 Numerical and Experimental Prediction Methods for Assessment of Induced Vibrations in Irregular Buildings
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    Chapter 27 Stability Analysis of Żelazny Most Tailings Dam Loaded by Mining-Induced Earthquakes
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    Chapter 28 Optimal Drift and Acceleration Control of 3D Irregular Buildings by Means of Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers
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    Chapter 29 Improved Seismic Performance of RCC Building Irregular in Plan with Water Tank as Passive TMD
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    Chapter 30 Behaviour of Asymmetric Structure with Base Isolation Made of Polymeric Bearings
Attention for Chapter 27: Stability Analysis of Żelazny Most Tailings Dam Loaded by Mining-Induced Earthquakes
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