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Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management
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    Chapter 2 Finding Solutions: Resilience Theory and Europe’s Small-scale Fisheries
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    Chapter 3 From Boom and Bust to Local Stewardship: A Governance Benchmark for Celtic Sea Fisheries Management
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    Chapter 4 The Social Dimensions of the Common Fisheries Policy: A Review Of Current Measures
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    Chapter 5 The Unfulfilled Promise of Integrated Management: How Policy Discourses Operate in Annapolis Basin, Canada
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    Chapter 6 Stewardship and the Recovery of Threatened Wolffish in Eastern Canadian Waters
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    Chapter 7 Building bridges among scientists and fishermen with participatory action research
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    Chapter 8 Ghost Boats and Human Freight: The Social Wellbeing Impacts of the Salmon Ban on Lough Foyle’s Fishing Communities
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    Chapter 9 Fisheries Diversification: A Case Study of French and English Fishers in the Channel
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    Chapter 10 Area-based Local Development—A New Opportunity for European Fisheries Areas
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    Chapter 11 Flemish Fishermen’s Wives: Their Lives and Roles in Fisheries
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    Chapter 12 Women’s Organisations in Fisheries and Aquaculture in Europe: History and Future Propects
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    Chapter 13 Women in English Fisheries: Roles, Contributions, Barriers and Prospects
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    Chapter 14 Sense of Place and Socio-cultural Values in Fishing Communities Along the English Channel
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    Chapter 15 Heritage, Skills and Livelihood: Reconstruction and Regeneration in a Cornish Fishing Port
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    Chapter 16 The Socio-Cultural Impact of Industry Restructuring: Fishing Identities in Northeast Scotland
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    Chapter 17 Perspectives about the Sea in the Azores: Respecting Narratives that Sustain Inshore Fishing Communities
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    Chapter 18 Towards an Understanding of Social Issues in Sustainable Fisheries Management
Attention for Chapter 16: The Socio-Cultural Impact of Industry Restructuring: Fishing Identities in Northeast Scotland
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