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World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Overview of attention for book
Cover of 'World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany'

Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 2 Superior effects of Losartan to propranolol on opening angle of portal vein of carbon tetrachloride- induced portal hypertension ratsΔ
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    Chapter 3 Effects of arterial wall thickness on pulse wave propagation
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    Chapter 4 Improving an SVM-based Liver Segmentation Strategy by the F-score Feature Selection Method
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    Chapter 5 Design and Implementation of Liver Hyperthermia Treatment Planning System
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    Chapter 6 The mechanical behavior of a new designed hip spacer
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    Chapter 7 Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Blood Flow in Cerebral Aneurysm
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    Chapter 8 Prognostic Value of Wave Intensity in Patients Awaiting Heart Transplantation
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    Chapter 9 Effects of aortic valve stenosis on coronary artery flow using an in-vitro flow model
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    Chapter 10 Texture Analysis of Corpus Callosum in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Patients
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    Chapter 14 Stem Cell Therapy: Numerical simulation of In Vivo Nutrient Transport and Cells Growth
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    Chapter 26 Can The DPD Numerical Method Simulate Blood Flow ?
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    Chapter 33 Modern Stereological Methods for Studying Blood and Lymphatic Microvessels
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    Chapter 53 A QCT Based Nonlinear Finite Element Method Proposed for Predicting Failure Initiation Load and Locationin Vertebrae Affected by Tumors
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    Chapter 55 Monte Carlo Simulation of Intrinsic Count Rate Performance for Scintillation Gamma Camera
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    Chapter 57 Effect of Weightlessness on Micromechanical Properties of Rat Bone
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    Chapter 58 Flow Induced Turbulent Stress Accumulation Study of the Differently Designed Bi-leaflet Mitral Valves Using Dynamic PIV System
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    Chapter 59 Stronger Implant Does Not Cause Stress-Shielding in the Fixation of Hip Fractures – Validated Finite Element Analysis and Cadaver Tests
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    Chapter 60 Cervical Soft Tissue Motion Measurement by Optical Coherence Tomography
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    Chapter 61 Effects of Eccentric Screwing on the Initial Stability of the Acetabular Cup in Bone of Different Qualities
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    Chapter 63 Metabolic Requirements of Blood Vessels in a Perfusion Bioreactor
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    Chapter 64 DTI-Based Thalamus Segmentation – A Group Study
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    Chapter 69 Functional Correlates of Fractal Behavior of HRV in COPD Patients
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    Chapter 71 Sensitivity Comparisons of Cylindrical and Hemi-Spherical Coil Setups for Magnetic Induction Tomography
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    Chapter 72 The Influence of Medical Treatment on Non-linear Complexity Measures of Autonomic Regulation of Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Acute Schizophrenia
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    Chapter 73 Dynamic Multi-scale Model for the Influence of Water on Elastin
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    Chapter 74 The Relationship between the COP–COM Variable and the Horizontal Acceleration of the Body in Postural Sway, Falling and Walking
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    Chapter 75 Breast Tumor Segmentation and Discrimination in Ultrasonic Images Based on a Log-Compressed K-Distribution and Features Corresponding to Diagnostic Criteria
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    Chapter 76 Speaker-Independent Malay Vowel Recognition of Children Using Neural Networks
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    Chapter 85 Construction and Analysis of Human Thoracic Aorta Based on CT Images
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    Chapter 89 Modeling Radioimmunotherapy with Anti-CD20 Antibody – Optimal Preload Depending on Lymphoma Transcapillary Solute Exchange
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    Chapter 97 Evaluation of Osteosynthesis Options and Fracture Healing Progress from Computed Tomography Based Finite Element Analysis
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    Chapter 98 Differentiation of Water Signal Components in the Human Brain with EPI FID Analysis at 3T
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    Chapter 102 Heart Rate Variability Approaches to Cholinergic Alterations in Neuropsychiatric Disorders
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    Chapter 103 Spatio-temporal Filtering for Fetal QRS Enhancement
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    Chapter 104 Particle Method Simulation of Red Blood Cells Infected by Malaria
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    Chapter 105 Automated Extraction of Atrial Fibrillation Activity from the Surface ECG Using Independent Component Analysis in the Frequency Domain
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    Chapter 106 Electrical Stimulation on denervated muscle: bone structural changes and correlation between muscle contraction and bone growth
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    Chapter 112 Recruitment of Smooth Muscle Cells and Intercellular Calcium Waves during Arterial Vasomotion
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    Chapter 114 The Role of Atrial Modeling in the Development of ECG Processing Tools
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    Chapter 115 Quasi-Newton Algorithms for Medical Image Registration
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    Chapter 117 In-vitro Flexibility Characteristics of Dynamic Pedicle Screw Systems
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    Chapter 118 ’MISS Heart’: Assisting Systems for Minimal Invasive Smart Suturing in Cardiac Surgery - A Conceptually Closed-Loop Approach
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    Chapter 119 An Empirical Methodology for the Definition of Frequency Bands for Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in Animals: Application to Sprague-Dawley Rats
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    Chapter 120 Monitoring training-induced metabolic adaptations in the M. gastrocnemius of volleyball players by 31P-MRS
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    Chapter 121 A Model-Based Method to Estimate Pulse Wave Velocity
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    Chapter 122 A Novel Setup for Investigations of Reflexive and Reactive Motor Responses in Biceps
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    Chapter 124 Interactive Registration and Visualization of Cardiac Video and Angiography
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    Chapter 129 Stress - Strain Simulations for Optimising the Design of Shape - Memory Polymer Based Annuloplasty Rings
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    Chapter 131 Modeling of Platelet Aggregation in Cerebrovascular Bifurcation Aneurysms
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    Chapter 132 Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Bolus Dispersion in Stenosed Coronary Arteries
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    Chapter 134 Mathematical modeling of tumor growth in mice following low-level direct electric current
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    Chapter 141 Sequential Recognition of EMG Signals Using Bayes-Optimal Feature Extraction – Application to the Control of Bio-Prosthetic Hand
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    Chapter 142 A Study on EEG based Concentration Power Index Transmission and Brain Computer Interface Application
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    Chapter 144 Induction of Auditory Hallucination Experience for Patient with Schizophrenia Using Virtual Auditory Hallucination Exposure System: A Preliminary Study
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    Chapter 146 Dose Calculation of 166Ho Therapy Using VARSKIN2 Code
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    Chapter 147 A New Method of Image Processing for High-Contrast Medical Infrared Imaging of the Horse
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    Chapter 150 Effect of Slice Thickness on Texture Analysis of Multiple Sclerosis
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    Chapter 151 The Interactions between Arterial and Capillary Flow. Cellular Automaton Simulations of Qualitative Peculiarities
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    Chapter 152 Non Invasive Mapping of Human Atrial Fibrillation
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    Chapter 153 Evaluation of intra-aneurismal hemodynamics after stent placement in a pulsatile side wall model using laser Doppler anemometry
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    Chapter 155 Individualised Pressure Propagation Model for the Elastic Arteries
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    Chapter 156 A multi-compartmental mechanical model of the neonatal respiratory system
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    Chapter 157 Passive step response of airway smooth muscle
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    Chapter 162 Effects of VAD Placement on 3D Fluid Flow in a Patient Specific Numerical Model of the Left Ventricle with Ischemic Heart Failure
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    Chapter 166 Flow Evaluation of Stents in a 180∘ Curved Tube
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    Chapter 170 The Bononiensis Control Parameter: theoretical discussion and clinical effects
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    Chapter 171 How Do Tissue Conductivities Impact on Forward-calculated ECGs? An Efficient Prediction Based on Principal Component Analysis
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    Chapter 174 On the Self-affinity of the Electroencephalogram: Evaluation of a Whole Spectrum of Scale Coefficients by Detrended Fluctuations Analysis
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    Chapter 178 Computer Simulation of Spheroid Response to Irradiation
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    Chapter 179 Calcium Dependent Release and Its Regulation in Cardiac Myocytes: Mathematical Model of the RyR Channel
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    Chapter 183 A Software Assistant for the Manual Acquisition of Landmark Data in Medical Images
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    Chapter 186 New Studies in the Cardiovascular System: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications
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    Chapter 187 Numerical Study of Shear Wavelength Observed in MRE Experiments with FEM
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    Chapter 189 A Mathematical Model in the Implementation of a Stewart-Gough Platform as an External Fixator
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    Chapter 190 Calculation of reliability maps with respect to inaccuracy in fMRI data
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    Chapter 194 Towards a Simulation of Temperature Induced Blood Clotting in Hepatic RF Ablation
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    Chapter 198 Denoising for Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Human Brain with High Spatial Resolution
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    Chapter 199 An Improved Segmentation of Chromosomes in Q-Band Prometaphase Images Using a Region Based Level Set
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    Chapter 200 Characteristics of Pulse Wave Reflection from the Cerebral Circulation in Hypertension - Analysis Using Wave Intensity
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    Chapter 204 Development of a Prototype for Measuring Plantar Forces
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    Chapter 205 Detection of complex movement patterns in multivariate kinematic time series for diagnostics in pediatric neurology
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    Chapter 206 Contactless measurement of dermal oxygen saturation with spatial resolution
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    Chapter 207 Development of a miniaturized in-ear pulse oximeter for long term monitoring of risk patients
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    Chapter 208 Autonomic Cardiovascular Regulation during Pregnancy - Interactions and Complexity
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    Chapter 212 Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods on Nasal Flow Investigations Based on a Real Domain Generated from CT Data
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    Chapter 219 Embolus Size Estimator for Peripheral Blood Vessels – Theoretical Considerations
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    Chapter 221 Particle Image Velocimetry Study of a New Scaffold for Aortic Valve Tissue Engineering
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    Chapter 223 LF Component in Systolic Arterial Pressure in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: Detection and Reliability
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    Chapter 224 Type 1 Diabetes Regulated by ANFIS at Molecular Levels
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    Chapter 225 Gait Analysis in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis Walking at Normal Speed on the Flat Ground
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    Chapter 226 Frequency domain HRV analysis of ischemia manifestation at isolated rabbit hearts
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    Chapter 227 A Study of Computer Aided Visualization and Quantification of Emphysema
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    Chapter 233 Non-Linear Energy Operator for the Analysis of Intracardial Electrograms
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    Chapter 236 Adaption of Generic Anatomic Organ Models on Patient Specific Data Sets
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    Chapter 243 A System for Performing Automated Measurements on Large Bone Databases
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    Chapter 244 A transportable camera based motion analysis system with application to monitoring of rehabilitation of hand
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    Chapter 245 Is it possible to distinguish different types of ECG-holter beats based solely on features obtained from windowed QRS complex?
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    Chapter 246 Evaluating Cervical Electromyography with Entropy
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    Chapter 248 Operator Fatigue Estimation Using Heart Rate Measures
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    Chapter 250 Comparison of different clinical models of cerebral autoregulation in time and frequency domain
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    Chapter 252 Comparison of software developed for FHR extraction from PCG signals
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    Chapter 266 Towards Run Time Visualization in Cardiac Modeling
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    Chapter 269 Slow-Phase Onset Influence on Waveform Identification and Foveation Time Measure in Congenital Nystagmus
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    Chapter 270 Velocity Field Analysis of Activation Maps in Atrial Fibrillation A Simulation Study
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    Chapter 273 Material model of the collagen decrease in a single trabecula
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    Chapter 274 Principal Component Approach for Mapping Functional Connectivity in Event-Related fMRI
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    Chapter 277 Detection of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders by Grid Based Biosignal Processing
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    Chapter 278 A New Approach for Parameterizing the ECG for Sleep Stage Classification
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    Chapter 285 The extraction of olfactory evoked potentials in human brain using Independent Component Analysis - based Approach
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    Chapter 288 New Feature for Histopathologic Diagnosis of Early Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Degree of Nuclear Concentration -
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    Chapter 290 Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) – Based Spatiotemporal Approach for Single-Trial Extraction of Post-Movement MEG Beta Synchronization
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    Chapter 291 Implementation of EMD Algorithm for ECG Noise Reduction
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    Chapter 292 Visualization of thrombus formation and CFD based prediction on shear flows
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    Chapter 294 MatchPoint: On Bridging the Innovation Gap between Algorithmic Research and Clinical Use in Image Registration
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    Chapter 295 In-vivo Visualisation of glomerular filtration by two-photon microscopy in a rat
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    Chapter 297 A Study of Virtual Reality in Mastology
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    Chapter 298 Reconstruction and Application of Digital Brain Model on Chinese Visible Human (CVH)
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    Chapter 301 A New and Efficient Method for Automatic Optic Disc Detection Using Geometrical Features
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    Chapter 302 Numerical modeling of photonic nanojet behind dielectric microcylinder
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    Chapter 304 Gradient Artifact Removal in Co-registration EEG/fMRI
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    Chapter 306 A New Trunk Subdivision Model for Segmental Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis
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    Chapter 307 Autonomic function in first-degree relatives of patients suffering from schizophrenia
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    Chapter 310 Eye-blink artifact detection in the EEG
  126. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 311 Detection of K-Complex in the EEG Signal
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    Chapter 312 Comparison of Bolus Arrival Time Determination Methods for the Analysis of Cerebral Hemodynamics by Estimating the Impact of Temporal Resolution of 4D MRA Imaging
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    Chapter 313 Motor imagery analysis based on EEG signal processing
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    Chapter 314 Identification and Localization of Intramedullary Nail Holes for Orthopedic Procedures Using Cone Beam Reconstruction and Simulation Techniques
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    Chapter 319 Optimization and Fast Estimation of Vessel Cooling for RF Ablation
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    Chapter 320 Effect of Aortic Arch Geometry on Pulsatile Blood Flow: Flow Pattern and Wall Shear Stress
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    Chapter 321 Resonant acoustic sensor for estimating elastic properties of muscular tissues
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    Chapter 323 Aquaporin -1 and Transendothelial Water Transport: A Possible Role in Atherosclerosis?
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    Chapter 324 A Multi-strategy Method for MRI Segmentation
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    Chapter 325 Carotid Elastic Modulus in vivo Estimation Using Ultrasonic Images and Comparison to in vitro Measurement for Animal
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    Chapter 326 Hemodynamic Effects of the Orientation of a Bi-leaflet Mechanical Heart Valve Implanted in an Anatomic Aorta
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    Chapter 327 Phase-Space Reconstruction of Electrocardiogram for Heartbeat Classification
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    Chapter 328 A Fuzzy System for Classification of Breast Masses
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    Chapter 330 Spatially-Realistic and Reduced Models for Integrative Biomedical Computing
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    Chapter 331 Content based Medical Image Retrieval: use of Generalized Gaussian Density to model BEMD’s IMF
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    Chapter 332 Interference cancellation for extraction of the transabdominal fetal ECG
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    Chapter 333 Filtering techniques using frequency analysis for inertial sensors in gait measurements
  143. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 334 Analysis of multiple resolution μ-CT image sets for pore-size distribution estimation
  144. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 336 Influence of Low Density Lipoprotein on Migration of Vascular Endothelial Cells under Fluid Shear Stress
  145. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 337 Detection of Sleep Disorders by a Modified Matching Pursuit Algorithm
  146. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 338 Discrimination of Fatigue in Walking Patterns
  147. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 339 A Semi-automated 3D Kinematic Estimation of Total Knee Arthroplasty Using X-Ray Fluoroscopic Images
  148. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 347 The use of EIT in the detection of regional lung dysfunction in prematurely born neonates
  149. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 349 QT variability versus sympathetic cardiac activity in patients with major depression and patients with panic disorder
  150. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 350 A Computational Cardiovascular Model for Characterizing Arterial pulses under Various Physiopathological Conditions
  151. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 351 Modeling the 3-Dimensional Center of Rotation of a Total Disc Arthroplasty at L4/5
  152. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 355 Numerical Models of an Artery with a Net Structured Stent
  153. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 362 Classification of pathological human brain lesions using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy at 3T
  154. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 363 A Comparison between the Proliferation Rate of SAOS-2 Human Osteoblasts and BMSCs (Bone Marrow Stromal Cells) Using Mathematical Models
  155. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 367 Application of Multivariate Analysis to Detect Significant Change in MEG or EEG of Individual Subjects
  156. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 379 Registration of Cardiac CT Data with Coronary Angiograms Using Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs
  157. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 380 Automated Epileptic Seizure Type Classification through Quantitative Movement Analysis
  158. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 384 Development of a Flow Phantom to Verify the Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow by ICG-Fluorescence Video Analysis
  159. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 393 GATE Mammogram Simulation of NCAT Breast Phantom
  160. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 403 Micro Array Images Segmentation Using a Novel Approach
  161. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 405 Hybrid Elastic Model for Volumetric Deformation in Multi-modal Virtual Reality Simulation
  162. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 409 Self-Organizing Maps for Categorical Data: Application to an ISO 9000 Accreditation Assessment
  163. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 413 An overview on data formats for biomedical signals
  164. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 421 Transfer Function Estimation of the Right Ventricle of Canine Heart
  165. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 423 Analyzing of Cladosporium as a Biomaterial Sample by Semi-dynamic Video Microscopy under Biaxial Stretch
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    Chapter 425 Aortic blood flow characteristics of different extracorporeal circulation techniques during cardiac surgery - a computational fluid dynamics study
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    Chapter 427 Biological Tissue Remodeling Using Poroelastic Gurson’s Model
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    Chapter 429 Development of an Experimental Setup to Investigate the Effect of Skull Discontinuities on the EEG
  169. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 430 Feedback-Feedforward Model of the Cold Face Test Response
  170. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 432 High Precision Radiotherapy and Image Guided Procedures - Demands on Standards, Interoperability and Workflow Integration
  171. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 434 Simulation of the effect of conductivity changes due to tumors, ischemia and edema in the human brain on the EEG
  172. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 435 Dynamic Electrical Impedance Tomography Image Reconstruction of Neonate Lung Function based on Linear Kalman Filter techniques
  173. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 437 Feasibility Study of B-Spline Deformable Registration between CT and MRI Atlas for Trigeminal Neuralgia Application to Radiosurgery
  174. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 438 PPG Signal Processing for Pulse Delay Computing by Using Adaptive Comb Filter
  175. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 439 Intra-subject Variability of Fatigue Estimation Based on Driving Variables
  176. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 440 Development of New Cluster Descriptors for Image Analysis of Poincaré Plots
  177. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 441 In-Vitro Investigation of three-dimensional Carotid Artery Haemodynamics by Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry
  178. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 442 Measurement Comparison about Lumbar Lordosis : Radiography and 3D Motion Capture
  179. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 443 Simulation on the dynamics of Neural states transition
  180. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 444 Simulation of the Different Respiratory Mechanics Effect upon the Efficiency of Artificial Lung Ventilation Using Mathematical Model of the Respiratory System
  181. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 446 Evaluating the Effects of Border Zone Approximations with Subject Specific Ischemia Models
  182. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 448 Medial Axis Detection from Dental Micro-CT Records
  183. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 449 Registration of a Cardiac Motion Model to Video for Augmented Reality Image Guidance of Coronary Artery Bypass
  184. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 450 QRS slopes for ischemia monitoring in PCI recordings
  185. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 452 A Study on Comparison PPG Variability with Heart Rate Variability in the Sitting Position During Paced Respiration
  186. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 453 Incorporating Craniofacial Anthropometry into Realistically-Shaped Head Models
  187. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 454 Development of a Scanning Needle Microscopy for an Elasticity Distribution Imaging of Rat Liver Cirrhosis
  188. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 455 Post-Meal Hyperglycemia Induced Oxidative Stress Impairs Cardiac/Vascular Function by Increasing Myocardial Energy Demand in Non-Hypertensive People with Type 2 Diabetes – Assessed by Tissue Doppler and Wave Intensity
  189. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 456 Parameter Estimation of a 3D Cardiac Electrophysiology Model Including the Restitution Curve Using Optical and MR Data
  190. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 458 Global Field Power and Averaging in Measuring Somatosensory Evoked Potentials under Anesthesia
  191. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 461 Obtaining Molecular Interference Functions of X-Ray Coherent Scattering for Breast Tissues by Combination of Simulation and Experimental Methods
  192. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 462 An Investigation of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effects in Auditory Attention
  193. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 463 Noninvasive Evaluation of the Inertia Force of Late Systolic Aortic Flow
  194. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 464 Extraction of Feature Information in EEG Signal by Virtual EEG Instrument with the Functions of Time-Frequency Analysis
  195. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 465 Non-invasive Intracranial Pressure Measurement using Transcranial Doppler Sonography and Support Vector Machines
  196. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 466 LDA-Based Vapor Recognition Using Image-Formed Array Sensor Response for Portable Electronic Nose
  197. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 467 Computer Model Optimization of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Using Body Surface Potential Map
  198. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 471 Image Guided Brachytherapy – Interventional Radiation Therapy: Demands from Physician Point of View
  199. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 472 Behavior of Linear Ligament Biostructure under Action of Different External Forces of Constant Intensity
  200. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 474 Sound Wave-Induced Differentially Expression Genes in Dendrobium Candidium
  201. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 477 CellML Implementation of a Numerical Model for the Cardiovascular System under VAD Support
  202. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 481 Detection of the Third Heart Sound Using Hilbert-Huang Transform
  203. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 484 Phenomenological Model of the Cardiac Propagation Proccess
  204. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 485 On-Line Mouth Shape Recognition System
  205. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 490 Autonomic heart rate control by multifractal tools
  206. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 491 Quantitative Evaluation of ECG Changes Reflecting Heart Activity Control during Postural Changes
  207. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 496 Development of an algorithm for reducing scatter distribution in fluorescence reflectance images using Wiener filter in Wavelet domain
  208. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 497 Automatic Finite Element Mesh Generation and Correction from 3D Image Data
  209. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 499 A spatially adaptive active contour method for improving semi-automatic medical image annotation
  210. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 503 Comparison of Breast Density Assessments Based on Interactive Thresholding and Automated Fast Fuzzy c-means Clustering in Three-Dimensional MR Imaging
  211. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 506 Multi-body-Simulation in the Frame of Computer-Assisted Planning of Navigated Correction Osteotomies
  212. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 520 Microscopic tumor growth module for ContraCancrum project
  213. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 542 Baseline Removal from Near Infrared Spectroscopy Measurements for Lactate Concentration Estimation
  214. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 544 kV Beam Model for Flat Panel Imaging System with Bow Tie Filter
  215. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 546 Texture Research on MRI in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis Based on Synthesized Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix
  216. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 547 Slow Stimulus Artifact Removal through Peak-Valley Detection of Neuronal Signals Recorded from Somatosensory Cortex by High Resolution Brain-Chip Interface
  217. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 548 Parallel Implementation for Cone Beam Based 3D Computed Tomography (CT) Medical Image Reconstruction on Multi-core Processors
  218. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 549 Computerized Detection of Metastatic Brain Tumors on Contrast-Enhanced 3D MR Images by Using a Selective Enhancement Filter
  219. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 554 Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Airflow and Particle Deposition in a Bifurcating Airway Model
  220. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 555 Effect of Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue on X-Ray Strain Measurement of Ti Implant
  221. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 556 Microvascular Cell Depletion Model
  222. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 558 Head Motion Therapy after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Preliminary Results of an in Vitro Study in a Basal Cistern Model
  223. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 561 Illustration of Vascular Structures for Augmented Reality in Liver Surgery
  224. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 563 Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulator for Testing of Knee Endoprostheses
  225. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 564 Clinically Oriented Translational Cancer Multilevel Modeling: The ContraCancrum Project
  226. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 565 Evaluation and Comparison of Force Terms for the Estimation of Lung Motion by Non-linear Registration of 4D-CT Image Data
  227. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 567 Assessing Time- and Phase-Locked Changes in the EEG during Sensory Stimulation by Means of Spectral Techniques
  228. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 570 Mathematical Modeling of the Push-Pull Effect: Effect of Acceleration Profiles
  229. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 572 Using Frequency Analysis of Vibration for Detection of Epileptic Seizure
  230. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 574 Investigation on the Distribution and Expression of Caveolin-1 in Endothelial Cells under Disturbed Shear Stress by Vertical-Step Flow Chamber
  231. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 576 Association Analysis of Biosignals Using Self Organizing Maps
  232. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 577 Respiratory Motion Influence on ECG-Gated SPET: A Simulation Study
  233. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 578 An Experimental and Numerical Program to Study the Properties of Thin Biological Membranes and Water Filling Process
  234. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 579 Application of a Probabilistic Statistical Shape Model to Automatic Segmentation
  235. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 580 An Image Based Approach for in vivo Evaluation of the Brain-Skull Relative Displacement and Brain Deformation in Quasi-Static Conditions
  236. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 582 Statistical Evoked Potential Detection with Number of Degrees of Freedom Estimated from EEG Autocorrelation Function
  237. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 585 A Hemodynamic Analysis of an Intra-Aorta Pump
  238. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 592 Finding Hip Forces in Healthy and Hip Replacement Subjects Using Musculo-Skeletal Modeling
  239. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 593 MBS Model for the Estimation of Forces and Torques in the Human Lumbar Spine
  240. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 594 Landmark Constrained Non-rigid Image Registration with Anisotropic Tolerances
  241. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 599 Experimental Measurement of the Impingement Induced Strain Distribution at the Acetabular Implant-Bone Interface
  242. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 601 Feature Selection Based on Time-Frequency Analysis in SVM Classifier with Rules Extraction Stage
  243. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 602 Interactive Catalogue of Models in Biomedical Engineering
  244. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 604 The Anatomical Evaluation of the Dental Arches Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography – A Pilot Investigation of the Availability of Bone for Placement of Mini-implants in Class I Patients
  245. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 605 A Method for 3D Motion Correction of Nuclear Medicine Planar Imaging Data
  246. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 607 Predicting Accident Probability from Frequency of Microsleep Events
  247. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 608 Evaluation of Numerical Methods and Computational Techniques for Solving Cardiac Cell Models
  248. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 609 Influence of Coil Packing Rate and Configuration on Intracranial Aneurysm Hemodynamics
  249. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 612 Analysis of Internal Stress Relief Achieved by Functional Electrical Stimulation Application for Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  250. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 613 Atlas Guided Identification of Multiple Abdominal Organs in Small Animal PET
  251. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 614 Effect of Background Sound and Impact of Snore Episode Length Normalization on Snore-Based Apnea Diagnosis
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    Chapter 615 Simulating In-Vivo Knee Kinetics and Kinematics of Tibio-Femoral Articulation with a Subject-Specific Finite Element Model
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    Chapter 616 Development of a Panic Disorder Portable System for Physiological Signal Acquisition, Analysis, and Transmission
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    Chapter 619 Unfolding for Color Volume Datasets Based on Segmented Contours
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    Chapter 622 Artificial Neural Network Analysis in the Evaluation of Ear Canal and Tympanic Membrane Properties from Acoustic Reflectometry Data
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    Chapter 623 Relationship between Physiological Responses and Feelings Change Induced by Mental Workload
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    Chapter 624 Sophisticated Surgical Skull Base Therapy - A Multidisciplinary Challenge
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Olaf Dössel, Wolfgang C. Schlegel

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