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Thermal Physics and Thermal Analysis

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Local Thermal Analysis by Structural Characterization (TASC)
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    Chapter 2 Sample Controlled Thermal Analysis (SCTA) as a Promising Tool for Kinetic Characterization of Solid-State Reaction and Controlled Material Synthesis
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    Chapter 3 What Is the Physical and Operational Meaning of Temperature and Its Self-Measurability During Unsteady Thermal Processes Within Thermodynamic Concepts?
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    Chapter 4 What Is Entropy—A Generalized Outlook and Application to Living Systems
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    Chapter 5 Kinetic Phase Diagrams as an Enforced Consequence of Rapid Changing Temperature or Diminishing Particle Size: Thermodynamic Fundamentals and Limits
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    Chapter 6 Self-organized Periodic Processes: From Macro-layers to Micro-world of Diffusion and Down to the Quantum Aspects of Light
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    Chapter 7 Clapeyron and Ehrenfest Equations and Hyper-free Energy for Partly Open Systems
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    Chapter 8 Nonstoichiometric Phases—Composition, Properties and Phase Transitions
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    Chapter 9 How Do Crystals Nucleate and Grow: Ostwald’s Rule of Stages and Beyond
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    Chapter 10 Imperfections of Kissinger Evaluation Method and the Explanation of Crystallization Kinetics of Glasses and Melts
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    Chapter 11 Thermo-kinetic Phenomena Occurring in Glasses: Their Formalism and Mutual Relationships
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    Chapter 12 Parameterization and Validation of Thermochemical Models of Glass by Advanced Statistical Analysis of Spectral Data
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    Chapter 13 Equivalence of the Arrhenius and Non-Arrhenian Temperature Functions in the Temperature Range of Measurement and Its Application in Isoconversional Kinetics
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    Chapter 14 Rationale and Myth of Thermoanalytical Kinetic Patterns: How to Model Reaction Mechanisms by the Euclidean and Fractal Geometry and by Logistic Approach
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    Chapter 15 The Role of Heat Transfer and Analysis Ensuing Heat Inertia in Thermal Measurements and Its Impact to Nonisothermal Kinetics
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    Chapter 16 Thermal Gradients in Thermal Analysis Experiments
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    Chapter 17 The Physical Kinetics of Reversible Thermal Decomposition
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    Chapter 18 Thermodynamic Equilibria in Systems with Nanoparticles
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    Chapter 19 Physico-chemical Analysis of Ceramic Material Systems: From Macro- to Nanostate
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    Chapter 20 Thermal Insulation and Porosity—From Macro- to Nanoscale
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    Chapter 21 Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Approach to Medical Enhancement
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    Chapter 22 Thermal Analysis Scheme Anticipated for Better Understanding of the Earth Climate Changes: Impact of Irradiation, Absorbability, Atmosphere, and Nanoparticles
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    Chapter 23 Thermodynamics and Economics
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    Chapter 24 On the Mathematical Structure of Physical Quantities
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    Chapter 25 Professional Value of Scientific Papers and Their Citation Responding
Attention for Chapter 18: Thermodynamic Equilibria in Systems with Nanoparticles
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