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Modern origins

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A Multiproxy Paleoclimate Reconstruction over the Last 250 kyr from Marine Sediments: The Northwest African Margin and the Western Mediterranean Sea
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    Chapter 2 A Northeast Saharan Perspective on Environmental Variability in North Africa and its Implications for Modern Human Origins
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    Chapter 3 Spatial and Temporal Variation in the Nature of Pleistocene Pluvial Phase Environments Across North Africa
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    Chapter 4 The Faunal Context of Human Evolution in the Late Middle/Late Pleistocene of Northwestern Africa
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    Chapter 5 New Data from the Site of Ifri n’Ammar (Morocco) and Some Remarks on the Chronometric Status of the Middle Paleolithic in the Maghreb
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    Chapter 6 Amino Chronology and an Earlier Age for the Moroccan Aterian
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    Chapter 7 The Identity and Timing of the Aterian in Morocco
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    Chapter 8 Late Pleistocene Human Subsistence in Northern Africa: The State of our Knowledge and Placement in a Continental Context
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    Chapter 9 Modern Human Desert Adaptations: A Libyan Perspective on the Aterian Complex
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    Chapter 10 Middle Stone Age in Tunisia: Present Status of Knowledge and Recent Advances
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    Chapter 11 The Aterian of the Oases of the Western Desert of Egypt: Adaptation to Changing Climatic Conditions?
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    Chapter 12 Morphological Continuity of the Face in the Late Middle and Late Pleistocene Hominins from Northwestern Africa: A 3D Geometric Morphometric Analysis
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    Chapter 13 Dental Evidence from the Aterian Human Populations of Morocco
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    Chapter 14 The Upper Paleolithic Human Remains of Nazlet Khater 2 (Egypt) and Past Modern Human Diversity
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    Chapter 15 Middle Pleistocene Diversity in Africa and the Origin of Modern Humans
Attention for Chapter 15: Middle Pleistocene Diversity in Africa and the Origin of Modern Humans
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