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Entrepreneurship Education at Universities

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction: The Mandate for Entrepreneurship Education
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    Chapter 2 Lund University: Embedding Entrepreneurship in a Regional Context
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    Chapter 3 University of Southern Denmark: IDEA Centre for Promoting Entrepreneurship Education Across the University
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    Chapter 4 Tampere University of Applied Sciences: Team Learning and Team Entrepreneurship
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    Chapter 5 Kaunas University of Technology: Developing Entrepreneurship Education with International Expert Networks
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    Chapter 6 Technical University of Kosice: Extra-curricular Entrepreneurship Education Activities and Start-up Coaching Within the Region
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    Chapter 7 Kozminski University: Developing Minds for Ambitious Entrepreneurship and Training Teachers at Other Universities
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    Chapter 8 Bucharest University of Economic Studies: Developing a Strong and Distinct Position for Providing Entrepreneurship Education
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    Chapter 9 University of Ljubljana: Applying the Design-Thinking Approach to Entrepreneurship Education
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    Chapter 10 University of Osijek: Developing Entrepreneurship Education from Scratch over Time
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    Chapter 11 University of Coimbra: Supporting Nascent Entrepreneurs by Extra-curricular Activities
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    Chapter 12 EMLYON: Educating Entrepreneurs as a Prime Objective of a Private Business School
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    Chapter 13 Milan Polytechnic University: Experience-Oriented Entrepreneurship Education
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    Chapter 14 University of Valencia: The Business Culture Chair and Entrepreneurship Training for University Lecturers
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    Chapter 15 University of Cambridge: Persistently Innovating Entrepreneurship Education Methods
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    Chapter 16 Dublin City University Ryan Academy: A Public-Private Partnership in Entrepreneurship Education
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    Chapter 17 University of Huddersfield: Entrepreneurship Education Across All Schools and How to Teach the Teachers
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    Chapter 18 University of Liège: VentureLab—Establishing an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at a University
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    Chapter 19 Johannes Kepler University Linz: Inspiring Teaching and a Support Network for Academic Entrepreneurs
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    Chapter 20 Leuphana University of Lüneburg: Developing a Comprehensive Approach for Diverse Target Groups
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    Chapter 21 Erasmus University Rotterdam: Building the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and Advancing Corporate Entrepreneurship
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    Chapter 22 Insights for Entrepreneurship Educators, Education Managers, and University Leaders
Attention for Chapter 8: Bucharest University of Economic Studies: Developing a Strong and Distinct Position for Providing Entrepreneurship Education
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