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Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Motion-Specialized Deep Convolutional Descriptor for Plant Water Stress Estimation
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    Chapter 2 Analysis of Parallel Process in HVAC Systems Using Deep Autoencoders
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    Chapter 3 A Neural Network Approach for Predicting the Diameters of Electrospun Polyvinylacetate (PVAc) Nanofibers
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    Chapter 4 Using Advanced Audio Generating Techniques to Model Electrical Energy Load
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    Chapter 5 Memristor Based Chaotic Neural Network with Application in Nonlinear Cryptosystem
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    Chapter 6 DSS-PSP - A Decision Support Software for Evaluating Students’ Performance
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    Chapter 7 Predicting Student Performance in Distance Higher Education Using Active Learning
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    Chapter 8 Heuristics-Based Detection to Improve Text/Graphics Segmentation in Complex Engineering Drawings
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    Chapter 9 Intrinsic Plagiarism Detection with Feature-Rich Imbalanced Dataset Learning
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    Chapter 10 Random Resampling in the One-Versus-All Strategy for Handling Multi-class Problems
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    Chapter 11 A Spiking One-Class Anomaly Detection Framework for Cyber-Security on Industrial Control Systems
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    Chapter 12 Boosted Residual Networks
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    Chapter 13 A Convolutional Approach to Multiword Expression Detection Based on Unsupervised Distributed Word Representations and Task-Driven Embedding of Lexical Features
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    Chapter 14 Remarks on Tea Leaves Aroma Recognition Using Deep Neural Network
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    Chapter 15 Baby Cry Sound Detection: A Comparison of Hand Crafted Features and Deep Learning Approach
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    Chapter 16 Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Fire Detection in Images
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    Chapter 17 Improving Face Pose Estimation Using Long-Term Temporal Averaging for Stochastic Optimization
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    Chapter 18 Discriminatively Trained Autoencoders for Fast and Accurate Face Recognition
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    Chapter 19 Fish Classification in Context of Noisy Images
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    Chapter 20 Neuro-Fuzzy Network for Modeling the Shoreline Realignment of the Kamari Beach, Santorini, Greece
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    Chapter 21 A Method for the Detection of the Most Suitable Fuzzy Implication for Data Applications
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    Chapter 22 Applying the EFuNN Evolving Paradigm to the Recognition of Artefactual Beats in Continuous Seismocardiogram Recordings
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    Chapter 23 Application of Asymmetric Networks to Movement Detection and Generating Independent Subspaces
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    Chapter 24 Two Hidden Layers are Usually Better than One
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    Chapter 25 Neural Networks as a Learning Component for Designing Board Games
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    Chapter 26 Emotion Prediction of Sound Events Based on Transfer Learning
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    Chapter 27 Interval Analysis Based Neural Network Inversion: A Means for Evaluating Generalization
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    Chapter 28 A Novel Adaptive Learning Rate Algorithm for Convolutional Neural Network Training
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    Chapter 29 Sparsity of Shallow Networks Representing Finite Mappings
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    Chapter 30 Using Active Learning Methods for Predicting Fraudulent Financial Statements
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    Chapter 31 Comparing Neural Networks for Predicting Stock Markets
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    Chapter 32 Beyond Lesion Detection: Towards Semantic Interpretation of Endoscopy Videos
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    Chapter 33 Assessment of Parkinson’s Disease Based on Deep Neural Networks
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    Chapter 34 Detection of Malignant Melanomas in Dermoscopic Images Using Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
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    Chapter 35 A New Metaheuristic Method for Optimization: Sonar Inspired Optimization
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    Chapter 36 Data Preprocessing to Enhance Flow Forecasting in a Tropical River Basin
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    Chapter 37 Information Feature Selection: Using Local Attribute Selections to Represent Connected Distributions in Complex Datasets
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    Chapter 38 Optimization of Freight Transportation Brokerage Using Agents and Constraints
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    Chapter 39 Driving Mental Fatigue Classification Based on Brain Functional Connectivity
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    Chapter 40 A Package Recommendation Framework Based on Collaborative Filtering and Preference Score Maximization
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    Chapter 41 Deriving Business Recommendations for Franchises Using Competitive Learning Driven MLP-Based Clustering
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    Chapter 42 The 50/50 Recommender: A Method Incorporating Personality into Movie Recommender Systems
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    Chapter 43 Recommender Systems Meeting Security: From Product Recommendation to Cyber-Attack Prediction
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    Chapter 44 Machine Vision for Coin Recognition with ANNs: Effect of Training and Testing Parameters
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    Chapter 45 Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Autonomous Robots with Leaders Using Hilbert Curves
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    Chapter 46 A Neural Circuit for Acoustic Navigation Combining Heterosynaptic and Non-synaptic Plasticity That Learns Stable Trajectories
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    Chapter 47 An Implementation of Disease Spreading over Biological Networks
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    Chapter 48 Combining LSTM and Feed Forward Neural Networks for Conditional Rhythm Composition
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    Chapter 49 Efficient Identification of k-Closed Strings
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    Chapter 50 Bloom Filters for Efficient Coupling Between Tables of a Database
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    Chapter 51 A Random Forest Method to Detect Parkinson’s Disease via Gait Analysis
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    Chapter 52 Efficient Computation of Palindromes in Sequences with Uncertainties
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    Chapter 53 A Genetic Algorithm for Discovering Linguistic Communities in Spatiosocial Tensors with an Application to Trilingual Luxemburg
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    Chapter 54 Analyzing the Mobile Learning System Behavior: The Case of the Russian Verbs of Motion
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    Chapter 55 Implications of Multi-tenancy upon RRM/Self-x Functions Supporting Mobility Control
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    Chapter 56 Design of Virtual Infrastructure Manager with Novel VNF Placement Features for Edge Clouds in 5G
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    Chapter 57 On Introducing Knowledge Discovery Capabilities in Cloud-Enabled Small Cells
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    Chapter 58 Are Small Cells and Network Intelligence at the Edge the Drivers for 5G Market Adoption? The SESAME Case
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    Chapter 59 Putting Intelligence in the Network Edge Through NFV and Cloud Computing: The SESAME Approach
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    Chapter 60 Inclusion of “Self-x” Properties in the SESAME-Based Wireless Backhaul for Support of Higher Performance
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    Chapter 61 The Role of Virtualization in the Small Cell Enabled Mobile Edge Computing Ecosystem
Attention for Chapter 55: Implications of Multi-tenancy upon RRM/Self-x Functions Supporting Mobility Control
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Chapter title
Implications of Multi-tenancy upon RRM/Self-x Functions Supporting Mobility Control
Chapter number 55
Book title
Engineering Applications of Neural Networks
Published by
Springer, Cham, August 2017
DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-65172-9_55
Book ISBNs
978-3-31-965171-2, 978-3-31-965172-9

Ioannis Chochliouros, Oriol Sallent, Jordi Pérez-Romero, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou, Athanassios Dardamanis

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