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Sustainable Horticultural Systems

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Sustainable Vegetable Production: Caribbean Perspective
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    Chapter 2 Horticulture Based Production Systems in Indian Arid Regions
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    Chapter 3 Principles and Practices of Sustainable Vegetable Production Systems
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    Chapter 4 A Small-Scale Integrated Farm System in a Tropical Insular Environment of Guam: A Case Study
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    Chapter 5 Impacts of Vulnerabilities and Climate Change on Sustainable Agriculture for Caribbean Small Island Developing States (CSIDS)
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    Chapter 6 Agroforestry in the Caribbean, Traditional Systems, both Sustainable and Biodiverse
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    Chapter 7 Role of Horticulture in Biodiversity Conservation
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    Chapter 8 Avocado History, Biodiversity and Production
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    Chapter 9 Orchid Fruit Diversity at Puebla Mexico: A New Insight into the Biodiversity of a Fragmented Ecosystem with Need for Conservation and Potential for Horticultural Exploitations in Future
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    Chapter 10 Advances in Microbial Insect Control in Horticultural Ecosystem
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    Chapter 11 Plant Breeding: A Tool for Achieving Food Sufficiency
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    Chapter 12 Transcriptome Analysis of Musa and its Applications in Banana Improvement
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    Chapter 13 Commiphora wightii (Arnott.) Bhandari in the Indian Desert: Biology, Distribution and Threat Status
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    Chapter 14 Risk Assessments and Management Practices for the Major Invasive Plants Recorded in the Horticultural Ecosystem of the Western Pacific
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    Chapter 15 Genetic Resources of Vegetable Crops: Indian Perspective
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    Chapter 16 Plant Disease Prevention and Management in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
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