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Virtual Dark Tourism

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction to Virtual Dark Tourism: Disaster in the Space of the Imagination
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    Chapter 2 “Some Lingering Influence in the Shunned House”: H. P. Lovecraft’s Three Invitations to Dark Tourism
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    Chapter 3 “Imagined Ghosts on Unfrequented Roads”: Gothic Tourism in Nineteenth-Century Cornwall
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    Chapter 4 Through the Looking Glass Darkly: The Convergence of Past and Present in Connie Willis’s Time-Travel Novels
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    Chapter 5 Cinematic Thanatourism and the Purloined Past: The “ Game of Thrones Effect” and the Effect of Game of Thrones on History
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    Chapter 6 Touring the “Burning Times”: The Rhetoric of Witch-Hunting Films, 1968–1973
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    Chapter 7 “Did Those Portly Men Over There Once Rush This Position?”: Virtual Dark Tourism and D-Day Commemorations
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    Chapter 8 Thanaviewing, the Aokigahara Forest, and Orientalism: Rhetorical Separations Between the Self and the Other in The Forest
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    Chapter 9 Experiencing Rwanda: Understanding Mass Atrocity at Nyamata
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    Chapter 10 Hurricane Katrina Goes Digital: Memory, Dark Tours, and YouTube
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    Chapter 11 A Virtual Dark Journey Through the Debris: Playing Inside the Haiti Earthquake (2010)
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    Chapter 12 Surviving the Colonial Blizzard: The Alaskan Native Game Never Alone as a Walkthrough in Cultural Resistance
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    Chapter 13 Virtually Historical: Performing Dark Tourism Through Alternate History Games
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    Chapter 14 Remembering Fictional History and Virtual War in EVE Online
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    Chapter 15 Afterword: Where Is Virtual Dark Tourism Going?
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