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Advances in Photosynthesis Research

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Long-Wavelength Absorbing Forms of Carotenoids
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    Chapter 2 Detection and Characteristics of the Pigments of Variegata Leaves
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    Chapter 3 Formulae and Program to Determine Total Carotenoids and Chlorophylls A and B of Leaf Extracts in Different Solvents
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    Chapter 4 Unusual Pigments in a Primitive Green Alga
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    Chapter 5 Artificial Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes
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    Chapter 6 Model Systems for Studying Chlorophyll-Protein Interactions
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    Chapter 7 Comparative Biochemistry of Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes
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    Chapter 8 Fluorescence Properties of Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes From Spinach Chloroplasts — on the Specificity of the Emission Bands
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    Chapter 9 Supramolecular Structure of Pigment-Protein Complexes in Relation to the Chlorophyll a Fluorescence of Chloroplasts at 25° C or at -196° C: Cation Effect, pH Effect and Trypsinolysis
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    Chapter 10 The Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes of Prochloron
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    Chapter 11 Pigment-Protein Complexes of Codium, a Marine Green Alga
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    Chapter 12 Pigment Composition and Stability in the Intertidal Alga Codium Fragile
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    Chapter 13 Changes in Chlorophyll Protein Complexes during the Life Cycle of Scenedesmus
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    Chapter 14 Characterization of Chlorophyll-Protein Complexes from a Cryptophycea: Cryptomonas Rufescens
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    Chapter 15 Chlorophyll- and Heme-Binding Proteins in Porphyridium Cruentum Thylakoids
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    Chapter 16 Effect of Hydrolytic Enzymes on Cyanobacterial Pigment-Protein Complexes of Photosystem 1
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    Chapter 17 Luminescence Study of PS 1 Pigment-Protein Complexes Isolated from the Cyanobacterium Plectonema Boryanum
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    Chapter 18 A 160-Kilodalton Photosystem-I Reaction-Center Complex: Low-Temperature Difference Absorption, EPR and Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the Primary Electron Acceptors
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    Chapter 19 The Novel Chlorophyll RC I Associated with PS I
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    Chapter 20 Structure of a Chlorophyll-RC1
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    Chapter 21 Photosystem I Reaction Center from Cyanobacterium Green Alga and Highr Plants
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    Chapter 22 Evidence that CP 47 (CPa-1) is the Reaction Centre of Photosystem II
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    Chapter 23 Characterization of the Photosystem II Reaction Center Polypeptide (CP47)
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    Chapter 24 Lifetime Studies by Phase Fluorimetry in Isolated Light-Harvesting Complexes(LHC): dependance on the agregation state
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    Chapter 25 Chlorophyll a/b-Proteins in Their Relation to the Light-Harvesting Complex
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    Chapter 26 Magnetic Resonance and Picosecond Laser Spectroscopy of Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll A/B-Protein
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    Chapter 27 Structure of Two-Dimensional Crystals of the Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll a/b-Protein Complex
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    Chapter 28 Biochemical Analysis of Polypeptide Composition of the Light-Harvesting Chlorophyll a/b-Protein Complex from Pea Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 29 Detached Light-Harvesting Complex in Chloroplasts of Cold-Grown Triticale Seedlings
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    Chapter 30 Polypeptides of the Light-Harvesting Complex in A Chlorophyll b-Less Mutant of Chlamydomonas Reinhardii
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    Chapter 31 Lipid Induced Transformation of the Monomeric to Oligomeric Form of the LHCP
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    Chapter 32 Function of Chlorophylls and Carotenoids in Thylakoid Membranes. Pigment Bleaching in Relation to PS-I and PS-II Activity of Subchloroplast Particles Prepared with Digitonin
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    Chapter 33 Function of Chlorophylls and Carotenoids in Thylakoid Membranes: Chlorophylls Betweeen Pigment-Protein Complexes Might Function by Stabilizing the Membrane Structure
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    Chapter 34 Function of Chlorophylls and Carotenoids in Thylakoid Membranes: Pigment Composition of LHCP-Complexes of Spinach and Chlorella Fusca
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    Chapter 35 β-Carotene-Protein and Other Carotenoid-Proteins of Brown Algae and of Cyanophytes
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    Chapter 36 Proposal for the Nomenclature of Reaction Centres and Light-Harvesting Complexes from the Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria
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    Chapter 37 Structure and Function of the Reaction Center from Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides
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    Chapter 38 The Bacterial Reaction Center: Where is the Center?
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    Chapter 39 Studies on the Iron-Binding Site of Bacterial Reaction Centers
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    Chapter 40 Low Temperature Magnetic Resonance and Optical Spectroscopy of Chromatophores and (Crystalline) Reaction Centers of Rhodopseudomonas Viridis
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    Chapter 41 Polarized Infrared Spectroscopy of Bacterial Reaction Centers: The LMH and LM Complexes in Reconstituted Membrane
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    Chapter 42 A Light-Harvesting Pigment-Protein Complex Associated with the Reaction Center of Green Bacteria
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    Chapter 43 Reaction Center Components of the Green Photosynthetic Bacterium Chloroflexus Aurantiacus
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    Chapter 44 Regulation of Photosynthetic Unit Structure in Rhodospirillum Rubrum Whole Cells
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    Chapter 45 More than Two Structurally Distinct Types of Antenna in Rhodospirillales
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    Chapter 46 Pigment Organization in the Light-Harvesting B800–850 Antenna Complex of Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides
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    Chapter 47 Linear Dichroism and Fluorescence Emission of Antenna Complexes during Photosynthetic Unit Assembly in Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides
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    Chapter 48 Resonance Raman Spectra of Light-Harvesting Bacteriochlorophyll in Purple Photosynthetic Bacteria
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    Chapter 49 Associations of Pigment-Proteins and Phospholipids into Specific Domains in Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides Photosynthetic Membranes as Determined by Lithium Dodecyl Sulfate/Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
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    Chapter 50 Reversible pH Induced Absorption Change in the Bchl B-LH-Protein of the Alkalophile Ectothiorhodospira Halochloris
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    Chapter 51 On the Effect of Proteinases, Phospholipases and Group-Specific Reactants on Carotenoid Spectra and Electrochromic Response of Membrane Preparations of Photosynthetic Purple Bacteria
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    Chapter 52 Radical Formation by Dark Oxidation of Antenna Bacteriochlorophyll in Rhodopseudomonas
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    Chapter 53 Is the Transmembrane Electrochemical Potential a Competent Intermediate in Membrane Associated ATP Synthesis?
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    Chapter 54 Electrical Events and P515 Response in Thylakoid Membranes
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    Chapter 55 Protolytic Reactions in the Thylakoid Interior
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    Chapter 56 The Inner- and Inter-Thylakoidal Electric Potential of Isolated Chloroplasts in the Dark
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    Chapter 57 Diffusion Barriers for Protons at the External Surface of Thylakoids
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    Chapter 58 Indications for the Chloroplast as a Tri-Compartment System: Micro-Electrode and P515 Measurements Imply Semi-Localized Chemiosmosis
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    Chapter 59 The Kinetics of the Flash-Induced P515 Electrochromic Bandshift in Dependence of the Energetic State of the Thylakoid Membrane and the Ion Concentration in the Outer Aqeous Phase
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    Chapter 60 Redox Titrations of the Fast and Slow Phase of the 515nm Electrochromic Absorption Change in Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 61 Redox Titration of the Slow Electrochromic Phase in Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 62 On the Origin of the Slow Electric Potential Component Induced by Ferredoxin-Mediated Cyclic Electron Transfer in Photosystem I-Enriched Subchloroplast Vesicles
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    Chapter 63 Cation Binding to Thylakoid Membranes : Association Constant and Effect on Transmembrane Potentials
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    Chapter 64 Temperature Dependence of Electric Events in Thylakoid Membranes: Comparison of Membrane Potential, Surface Potential and Aminoacridine Binding
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    Chapter 65 Microchemiosmotic Coupling in Thylakoids : I. Dependence of Local ΔμH on the Topography of the H + Entry and Exit Points
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    Chapter 66 Microchemiosmotic Coupling in Thylakoids: II. Dependence of Local ΔμH on the Membrane Conductance
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    Chapter 67 Regulation of the Energization of Thylakoids in Leaves and in Isolated Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 68 Protolytic Reactions at the Donor Side of PSII: Proton Release in Tris-Washed Chloroplasts with t 1/2 ≅100µs. Implications for the Interpretation of the Proton Release Pattern in Untreated, Oxygen-Evolving Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 69 Influence of a Proton Gradient on the Activity of the Reconstituted Chloroplast Phosphate Translocator
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    Chapter 70 Complex Kinetics of Proton Deposition Inside Chloroplast Thylakoids
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    Chapter 71 Permeability Properties of the Chloroplast Envelope for Monovalent Inorganic Cations and their Distribution Between the Intact Chloroplast and the External Medium in the Light and Dark
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    Chapter 72 Flash-Induced pH Changes in Photosystem I-Enriched Vesicles Monitored with Neutral Red and Cresol Red
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    Chapter 73 The Effect of Trypsin and Chymotrypsin on the 519 nm Field-Indicating Absorption Change in Isolated Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 74 The Effects of an Electrical Field on the Primary Reactions of System II
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    Chapter 75 Electric Measurements of the Kinetics of Photosynthetic Events
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    Chapter 76 Membrane Potential Measurements in C 3 Protoplasts
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    Chapter 77 The Ionic Conductance but not the Electric Capacitance of Membranes from Photosynthetic Bacteria Depends on the Membrane Potential
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    Chapter 78 The Electrochemical Proton Gradient and Solute Transport in Rhodopseudo-Monas Sphaeroides
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    Chapter 79 Simultaneous Measurements of Electrical Field Changes in the Outer Surface and Central Regions of Chromatophore Membranes of Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides by Responses of Merocyanine Dyes and Carotenoids
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    Chapter 80 Measurements of Surface Potentials in Chromatophore Preparations of Photosynthetic Bacteria in Agreement with the Gouy-Chapman Theory; Estimation of Binding Constants
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    Chapter 81 Proton Pumping in Vesicle-Reconstituted Bacterial Reaction Centre/bc 1 and Photosystem I/bf Systems
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    Chapter 82 Reaction Centers from Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides in Reconstituted Phospholipid Vesicles. Structural Properties and Light-Dependent Proton Translocation
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    Chapter 83 Protons, Thiols and Coupling Factor 1 in Relation to Photophosphorylation
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    Chapter 84 Flash-Induced ATP Synthesis in Pea Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 85 The Dynamics of Millisecond Delayed Light Emission and Its Relation with Photophosphorylation
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    Chapter 86 Inhibition of PSI and PSII-Dependent Flash-Induced ATP Synthesis by Triphenyltin Chloride and DCCD
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    Chapter 87 Chemical Models of Pyrophosphate Bond Synthesis and Ion-Radical Mechanism of Photophosphorilation
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    Chapter 88 Characterization of ATP Formation from Acetyl Phosphate and ADP by Photosynthetic Membranes
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    Chapter 89 Enzyme Kinetics of ATP-ASE and Energy Balance in Thylakoids
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    Chapter 90 Enhancement of the Rate of Photophosphorylation in Spinach Chloroplasts by Low Concentrations of Carboxylic Ionophores and Amines
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    Chapter 91 Differential Inhibition of P i -ATP Exchange in Relation to ATP Synthesis and Hydrolysis by Glutaraldehyde Modification of Chloroplast Membranes
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    Chapter 92 Differential Effects of Short Time Glutaraldehyde Treatment on Light Induced Thylakoid Membrane Conformational Changes, Proton Pumping and Electron Transport Properties
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    Chapter 93 Two Phosphorylating Cycles Associated with Photosystem I
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    Chapter 94 Coupling between Redox and Acid-Base Energies by Chloroplast Cytochrome b-559
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    Chapter 95 The Effect of Flash-Induced ATP-Hydrolysis on the 515 Absorbance Change
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    Chapter 96 ATP Synthesis Catalyzed by Reconstituted CF o F l Liposomes Driven by an Artificially Generated Δψ and ΔpH
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    Chapter 97 The Rate of ATP-Synthesis as Function of ΔpH and Δψ in Prectivated and Non-Preactivated Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 98 Role of the Hydrogen Atoms in the First Chemical Steps of the Photosynthesis
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    Chapter 99 Electric Potential and pH Gradient Formation by Reconstituted ATPase Proteo-Liposomes from the Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Synechococcus 6716
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    Chapter 100 The Effects of Light-Dark Transition and of Specific Inhibitors on the ATP Level in Some Cyanobacteria
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    Chapter 101 The Inhibition of Nitrate Reduction by Light in Rhodopseudomonas Capsulata is Mediated by the Membrane Potential, but Inhibition by Oxygen is Not
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    Chapter 102 Glycerate Transport Across the Chloroplast Envelope
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    Chapter 103 A Glycolate Transporter in the Chloroplast Envelope
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    Chapter 104 Regulation of the Export of the Reducing Power from Chloroplast to Cytosol in Relation with Molecular Properties of Chloroplastic NADP-MDH
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    Chapter 105 Pi and G6P Translocation in Chloroplasts of Codium Fragile
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    Chapter 106 The Lactose Carrier of Escherichia Coli Functionally Incorporated in Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides Obeys the Regulatory Conditions of the Phototrophic Bacterium
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    Chapter 107 Characterization of Adenylate Kinases from Photosynthetic Purple Bacteria
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    Chapter 108 Functional Propoerties of Chloroplast ATPase: The Fate of Tightly Bound ADP and ATP in Illuminated Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 109 Correlation Between Membrane-Localized Protons and Flash-Driven ATP Formation in Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 110 Modulation of the Chloroplast ATP Synthetase: Conformational States, Nucleotide Binding and Limited Accessibility to the Active Site
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    Chapter 111 Conservation and Organization of Subunits of the Chloroplast Proton ATPase Complex
  113. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 112 Mode of Action and Regulation of Chloroplast H + -ATPase
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    Chapter 113 Light Activation in vivo of the Chloroplast Proton ATPase: Effect on the Pi-ATP Exchange Reaction
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    Chapter 114 A Dual pH Optimum Model for Activation of the Chloroplast ATPase, CF o – CF 1
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    Chapter 115 Regulation of the H + -ATPase in Intact and Osmotically Shocked Chloroplasts
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    Chapter 116 ATP-Induced ∆pH in CF 0 – CF 1 Proteoliposomes
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    Chapter 117 The Role of ADP in Regulation of Chloroplast Coupling Factor
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    Chapter 118 Interaction of Membrane-Bound and Soluble CF 1 with the Photoreactive Nucleotide 3′-0-(4-Benzoyl) Benzoyl ADP
  120. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 119 Nucleotide Binding to the Membrane-Bound Chloroplast Coupling Factor (CF 1 ) in the Light
  121. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 120 Binding and Exchange of Nucleotides and Magnesium on the Chloroplast Coupling Factor CF 1
  122. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 121 Loose and Tight Binding of Adenine Nucleotides by Membrane-Associated Chloroplast ATPase
  123. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 122 Activation of the Light Triggered Chloroplast ATPase — Role of Nucleotides and an Inhibitory Peptide
  124. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 123 Limited Access of Nucleotides to the Active Site of ATP Synthetase During Photophosphorylation
  125. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 124 Accessibility and Function of CF o -Subunits in Chloroplast Thylakoids
  126. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 125 A Partial Characterization of the Halotolerant, Green Algal Dunaliella bardawil CF 1 ATPase and its Modification by Fluorescein Isothiocyanate
  127. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 126 Immunological Studies on the Cross-Binding and Cross-Reconstitution of Maize and Spinach Coupling Factors CF 1
  128. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 127 Detection of Conformational Changes in Chloroplast Coupling Factor 1 by Ans Fluorescence Changes
  129. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 128 Spectroscopic Studies on the Conformation of Isolated and Membrane Bound CF1
  130. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 129 Identification and Purification of the α and β Subunits of the Chloroplast Coupling Factor One from Chlamydomonas Reinhardi
  131. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 130 Stoichiometry and Function of the δ — Subunit of CF 1
  132. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 131 Analysis of Amino Acids at the Active Site of Chloroplast Coupling Factor One: a Spin-echo nmr Study
  133. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 132 Chemical Modification of Essential Amino-Acid Residues in the Chromatophore F 1 -ATPase and Its Isolated β-Subunit
  134. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 133 The Coupling Factor (Ca-ATPase) of the Cyanobacterium Spirulina Plantensis
  135. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 134 Properties and Intracellular Localization of a Cyanobacterial (CA 2+ ,MG 2+ )-ATPase
  136. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 135 A (Mg 2+ -Ca 2+ )-Stimulated ATPase in Spinach Chloroplast Envelopes: Isolation by Calmodulin Affinity Chromatography
  137. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 136 Mode of Action of the ATP-ase Inhibitor Tri-N-butyl-tin in Rhodopseudomonas Sphaeroides Cells
  138. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 137 Arsenylation and Phosphorylation of ADP and GDP in Rhodospirillum Rubrum Chromatophores
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    Chapter 138 Characterization and Localization of the PEA Chloroplast Envelope Mg 2+ -ATPase
  140. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 139 Effect of Chemical Modification of Primary Amino Group of Salt Washed Thylakoid Membrane by Fluorescamine on Different Parameters of Energy Transduction in Chloroplast
  141. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 140 Salt Adaptation Mechanisms in the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus 6311
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    Chapter 141 Interaction of Photosynthetic and Respiratory Electron Transport in Blue-green Algae: Proton-Efflux Studies
  143. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 142 Respiratory and Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Anabaena Variabilis: Light-Dark Activities of Pyridine-Nucleotide Dehydrogenases
  144. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 143 Redox Reactions of Cytochrome B-564 and F-556 in Isolated Heterocysts of Anabaena Variabilis (ATCC 29413)
  145. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 144 Presence of Cytochromes in the Thylakoid and Cell Membranes of the Cyanobacterium Plectonema Boryanum Cultured in Normal and Copper Depleted Growth Medium
  146. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 145 Membrane Organization of Anacystis Nidulans Following Iron Deprivation and Heme Deficiency
  147. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 146 Properties of Purified Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II Particles from the Blue-Green Alga, Phormidium Laminosum
  148. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 147 Characterization of an Oxygen-Evolving Photosystem II Complex from a Thermophilic Cyanobacterium Synechococcus Sp.
  149. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 148 A Calcium/Sodium Requirement Near Reaction Center II in Anacystis Nidulans
  150. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 149 Effects of Ca 2+ Ions on the Light-Induced Electron Transport Activities of Anacystis Nidulans Permeaplasts and Spheroplasts
  151. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 150 The Single Subunit P-700 Reaction Center of a Thermophilic Cyanobacterium
  152. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 151 Electron Transfer Around Photosystem I in Cyanobacterial Heterocyst Membranes
  153. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 152 Transient and Steady-State Kinetics of the Reaction Between Cytochrome c and the Photosystem I Reaction Centre in Cyanobacteria
  154. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 153 Kinetics of a Chlorophyll a Long Wavelength Fluorescing form: Quenching of F 750 in Relation to PS I Oxido-Reduction State in a Cyanobacterium ( Pseudanabaena SP .)
  155. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 154 Measurement of Conformational Changes in Pigments of Aphanocapsa 6714 by Fluorescence Lifetime Following Transition from Dark to Light Growth
  156. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 155 Phycoerythrin: Spectroscopic Analysis of its Subunits and Aggregates from Monomer to Dodecamer
  157. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 156 Photocontrol of Phycoerythrocyanin Synthesis in an Oscillatoria Strain (Cyanobacteria)
  158. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 157 Phycobilisome Composition and Relationship to Reaction Centers in Anacystis Nidulans
  159. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 158 Bioenergetics of Nitrogenase in Blue-Green Algae. I. Physiological Conditions for Nitrogenase Activity in Phormidium Foveolarum
  160. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 159 Bioenergetics of Nitrogenase in Blue-Green Algae. II. Electron Transport to Nitrogenase in Heterocysts of Anabaena Variabilis
  161. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 160 Surface Electric Properties of Thylakoid Fragments Isolated from Vegetative and Heterocystous Cyanobacteria
  162. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 161 Studies on Glutathione Reductase Activity in the Cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. strain 7119
  163. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 162 Regulation of Nitrate Utilization by CO 2 Fixation Products in the Cyanobacterium Anacystis nidulans
  164. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 163 Possible Role of an Amino Acid Oxidase in Photosystem II of Anacystis Nidulans
  165. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 164 A Post-Illumination CO 2 Burst in Anabaena Variabilis as a Measure of Bicarbonate Transport Driven by Cyclic Photophosphorylation
  166. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 165 Photosynthesis for Energy
  167. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 166 Specially Developed Photosynthetic Organisms as Future Possibility for Large-Scale Low-Cost Conversion of Solar Radiation into Useful High-Grade Energy
  168. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 167 The Outdoor Cultivation of the Halotolerant Alga Dunaliella — A Model for Biosolar Energy Utilization for Useful Chemical Products
  169. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 168 Industrial Mass Algae Cultures in Luke-Warm Water
  170. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 169 Environmental Effects of Ethanol and Methanol Production from Biomass
  171. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 170 H 2 -Photoproduction of Green Algae: Water Serves as the Main Source of Electrons
  172. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 171 Photoproduction of Hydrogen by Immobilized “Adapted” Algae
  173. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 172 Photoproduction of Hydrogen from Water Using Immobilized Biological and Synthetic Catalysts
  174. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 173 H 2 -Photoproduction of Green Algae: Changes in the Energy State of Chlorella Fusca under H 2 -Photoproductive Conditions
  175. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 174 Simultaneous Production of Hydrogen and Oxygen as Affected by Light Intensity in Unicellular Aerobic Nitrogen Fixing Blue Green Alga Synechococcus SP. Miami BGO43511
  176. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 175 Continuous Hydrogen Photoproduction from Sulfide by an Immobilized Marine Photosynthetic Bacterium, Chromatium SP. Miami PBS 1071
  177. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 176 Biophotolysis: Generation of Low-Potential Reducing Equivalents by Photosystem I-Enriched Subchloroplast Vesicles
  178. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 177 Photoproduction of H 2 and NADPH 2 by Polyurethane-Immobilized Cyanobacteria
  179. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 178 Development of Hydrogen Production Activity in the Marine Blue-Green Alga Oscillatoria sp. Miami BG 7 under Natural Sunlight Conditions
  180. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 179 Effect of Seawater Quality on Biomass and Hydrogen Photoproduction by a Marine Blue-Green Alga Oscillatoria sp. (Miami BG 7)
  181. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 180 Mixotrophic Growth of Nostoc 268
  182. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 181 Immobilisation of PS I and PS II on Semiconducting Particles
  183. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 182 Cyanobacterial Electrode, its Properties and Functions
  184. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 183 Characterization of a 680-nm Absorbing Hydrated Chlorophyll Dimer as Photocatalyst for the Water Splitting Reaction in Vitro
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Advances in Photosynthesis Research
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