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GCEC 2017

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Influence of Polyethylene and Stainless Steel Fibres on Compressive and Tensile Behaviour of High-Performance Fibre-Reinforced Cementitious Composites
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    Chapter 2 RC Column Repaired with HPFRCC and Confined with CFRP: Numerical Analyses to Evaluate the Column Section Capacity
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    Chapter 3 Overall Significance’s Rank of Leadership Factors Amongst Critical Success Factors for Construction Projects
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    Chapter 4 Relationship of Microcrack Pattern and the Shear Strength of Granitic Rock
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    Chapter 5 Causes of Delay and Cost Overrun in Malaysian Construction Industry
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    Chapter 6 Efficient Structural Sandwich Wall Panels Devoid of Thermal Bridges
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    Chapter 7 Application of Wood Waste Ash in Concrete Making: Revisited
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    Chapter 8 Comparative Study on Change Orders in Building Projects
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    Chapter 9 Numerical Modelling for Twin Horizontal Circle Tunnels Under Static and Dynamic Loads
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    Chapter 10 Composite Slab Numerical Strength Test Method Under Partial Connection Approach
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    Chapter 11 Critical Crack-Tip Opening Displacement of SCLC
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    Chapter 12 Numerical Analysis of Multilayer Geosynthetic-Reinforced Bed Over Stone Columns-Improved Soft Clay
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    Chapter 13 New Empirical Relationship Between Probabilistic and Deterministic Procedures Using a Genetic Algorithm
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    Chapter 14 Mechanical Properties of Timber Dried Using Radio Frequency–Vacuum System
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    Chapter 15 A Parametric Study and Design Equation of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams Subjected to Elevated Temperature
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    Chapter 16 3D FEM to Predict Residual Stresses of Press-Braked Thin-Walled Steel Sections
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    Chapter 17 Probabilistic Study of the Undrained Bearing Capacity of Strip Footings
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    Chapter 18 Glass Footbridge
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    Chapter 19 Performance Criterion for Selecting Columns to Be Removed in the Alternate Load Path (ALP) Analysis for Progressive Collapse Assessment
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    Chapter 20 Effect of Clinoptilolite on Fresh and Early Strength Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete
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    Chapter 21 Characterization of Homogeneity of Asphalt Concrete Using 2D Cross-Sectional Images
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    Chapter 22 Risk Analysis of the In Situ Production of Precast Concrete Members
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    Chapter 23 Risk Identification of Innovative Composite Precast Concrete Structure Applied to Heavy-Loaded- and Long-Span Buildings
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    Chapter 24 The Use of Polystyrene as Substitute of Sand in Pontoon Concrete
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    Chapter 25 LEED and Green Building Designs
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    Chapter 26 Regression Analysis of OPC-MK-RM-Based Ternary-Blended Concrete Based on Its Experimental Results
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    Chapter 27 Comparative Study on Various Behaviours of an RC Structure with Prestressed Concrete Structure
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    Chapter 28 Performance of Cold-Formed Steel Frames In-filled by Polystyrene Light Weight Concrete Subjected to Lateral Load
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    Chapter 29 Shear Behavior of Strengthened Beams
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    Chapter 30 Probabilistic Analysis of Slopes by Finite Element Method
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    Chapter 31 Building Information Modelling—Development and Validation of Implementation Framework for Improving Performance of Subcontractors
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    Chapter 32 Use of Concrete Wastes as the Partial Replacement of Natural Fine Aggregates in the Production of Concrete
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    Chapter 33 Early Strength Properties of Concrete Incorporating Plastic Fibers Derived from Waste Plastic Bags
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    Chapter 34 Numerical Analysis on Lateral Distortional Buckling of Octagonal Castellated Steel Beams
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    Chapter 35 Implementation of Construction Safety Knowledge Management via Building Information Model
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    Chapter 36 Finite Element Analysis of the Loading Position Effects to the Bending Behaviour of Triangular Web Profile Steel Section
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    Chapter 37 Comparative Analysis of Progressive Collapse of Regular and Irregular RC Building
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    Chapter 38 Nonlinear Analysis of Triangular Web Profile Steel Section Under Bending Behaviour
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    Chapter 39 Constitutive Relations for Concrete Properties Under Acid Environment
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    Chapter 40 Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Hollow Beam with GFRP Bars and Stirrups Using Finite Element Method Under Cyclic Load
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    Chapter 41 Investigation of Infill Wall Effect on Inelastic Response of Structures
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    Chapter 42 Fire Resistance of Bearing Walls in Light Steel Frame (LSF) Structures Including Various Insulation Filler Materials by Finite Element Method
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    Chapter 43 Performance of Various Connection System for IBS Structure Subjected to Cyclic Load
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    Chapter 44 Preventing Seismic Pounding of Adjacent Structures Using Viscous Wall Damper Device
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    Chapter 45 Seismic Behaviour of Prestressed and Normal Reinforcement of Communication Tower with Ultra-High Performance Concrete, High Strength Concrete and Normal Concrete Materials
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    Chapter 46 Seismic Response of Shear Wall with Viscous Damping System
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    Chapter 47 Identification of Geomorphic Anomaly and Morphotectonic Signature to Study the Seismotectonic Activity and Its Impact on Infrastructure Development Through Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
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    Chapter 48 Quantification of Geomorphic Indices for Identifying Water Retaining Problem in Basaltic Terrain and Preparation of Water Resource Management Plan Through Integrated Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
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    Chapter 49 Geospatial Risk Communication and Visualization of Natural Hazards Using Augmented Reality Constructs
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    Chapter 50 Remote Sensing Imagery-Based Analysis of the Relationship Between Land Cover Changes and Suspended Sediments
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    Chapter 51 The Impact of Different International Terrestrial Reference Frames (ITRFs) on Positioning and Mapping in Malaysia
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    Chapter 52 Monitoring the King Tide Phenomenon Over Malacca Straits and South China Sea from Space Geodetic Missions
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    Chapter 53 Climate Change—Causes, Impacts, Mitigation: A Review
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    Chapter 54 The Development of Computational Routine for Deformation Modelling and Analysis: A Case for Two-Dimensional Geodetic Technique
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    Chapter 55 A Review of GIS-Based and Multi-criteria Evaluation Method for Sustainable Landfill Site Selection Model
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    Chapter 56 Assessing the Reliability and Validity of Satellite Altimetry-Derived Wet Delay in Peninsular Malaysia
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    Chapter 57 Sea Level Impact Due to El Nino and La Nina Phenomena from Multi-mission Satellite Altimetry Data over Malaysian Seas
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    Chapter 58 Applications of Deep Learning in Severity Prediction of Traffic Accidents
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    Chapter 59 Spatiotemporal Variations of Earth Tidal Displacement over Peninsular Malaysia Based on GPS Observations
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    Chapter 60 Optimized Hierarchical Rule-Based Classification for Differentiating Shallow and Deep-Seated Landslide Using High-Resolution LiDAR Data
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    Chapter 61 Assessing Vertical Accuracy and the Impact of Water Surface Elevation from Different DEM Datasets
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    Chapter 62 Improved Building Roof Type Classification Using Correlation-Based Feature Selection and Gain Ratio Algorithms
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    Chapter 63 Wave Height Climatology Assessment from Multi-mission Satellite Altimeter for Renewable Energy
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    Chapter 64 Real-Time Precise Point Positioning (RT-PPP) for Positioning and Mapping
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    Chapter 65 Identification of Debris Flow Initiation Zones Using Topographic Model and Airborne Laser Scanning Data
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    Chapter 66 Drought Monitoring in the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh Using Landsat Time Series Satellite Images
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    Chapter 67 Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil of Waste Disposal Site in Bangladesh: Implication of Spatial, Seasonal Variation and Indices
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    Chapter 68 Crop Phenology Study Based on Multispectral Remote Sensing
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    Chapter 69 Comparison of Biomass in Natural and Plantation Dry Forests in India
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    Chapter 70 Evaluation of Global Digital Elevation Model for Flood Risk Management in Perlis
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    Chapter 71 Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Using Rule-Based Classification in Karbala City, Iraq
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    Chapter 72 Frontier in Three-Dimensional Cave Reconstruction—3D Meshing Versus Textured Rendering
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    Chapter 73 Feasibility Assessment of Tidal Current Along the Bay of Bengal to Generate Electricity as a Renewable Energy
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    Chapter 74 Detection of Environmental Degradation of Satkhira District, Bangladesh Through Remote Sensing Indices
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    Chapter 75 Snow Damage Prediction Model Using Socioeconomic Factors
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    Chapter 76 Spatial Variability of Rainfall in Urban Catchment
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    Chapter 77 Analysing Petroleum Leakage from Ground Penetrating Radar Signal
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    Chapter 78 Surface Runoff Estimation and Prediction Regarding LULC and Climate Dynamics Using Coupled LTM, Optimized ARIMA and Distributed-GIS-Based SCS-CN Models at Tropical Region
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    Chapter 79 Three-Dimensional Stratigraphy View from Ground Penetrating Radar Attributes for Soil Characterization
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    Chapter 80 Geomorphometric Analysis of Landform Pattern Using Topographic Position and ASTER GDEM
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    Chapter 81 Assessing the Spatial and Temporal Capacity of a Semi-Enclosed Gulf to Absorb and Release CO 2 Using GIS and Remote Sensing
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    Chapter 82 Impact of Vertical Stresses on Geotechnical Properties of Sand
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    Chapter 83 Geotechnical Mapping of Seismic Risk for Sharjah City, United Arab Emirates
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    Chapter 84 Sustainable Design of Compacted Laterite Soil Liner
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    Chapter 85 Removal of Rose Bengal Dye Using Low-Cost Adsorbent Material
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    Chapter 86 Effect of Wet and Dry Conditions of MUF Polymers on Strength Properties of Treated Peat Soil
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    Chapter 87 Screw Plate Load Test in the Estimation of Allowable Bearing Capacity in Cohesive Soil Deposit
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    Chapter 88 Effect of Lime Stabilization on the Alteration of Engineering Properties of Cohesive Soil
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    Chapter 89 Numerical Study of the Bearing Capacity of Embedded Strip Footings on Non-homogenous Clay Under Inclined Load
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    Chapter 90 Evaluating the Compaction Behaviour of Soft Marine Clay Stabilized with Two Sizes of Recycled Crushed Tiles
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    Chapter 91 Bearing Capacity of Eccentrically Loaded Strip Footings Near a Slope
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    Chapter 92 Granites in Malaysia: From Hard Rock to Clay Minerals
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    Chapter 93 Investigation on Slope Stability Using Monte Carlo Simulation: A Case Study of Ulu Jelai Hydroelectric Project
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    Chapter 94 The Effects of Coir Fibre on Consolidation Behaviour of Soft Clay
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    Chapter 95 Effect of Compaction on the Degradation of Crushed Concrete Used as Partial Aggregate Substitute in Asphalt Mixtures
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    Chapter 96 Damaging Effect of Tree Types on Roughness Progression Rates in Pavements Characterised with Alluvial Expansive Subgrades
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    Chapter 97 Probability of Fire Spread Between Vehicles in Car Parking Buildings
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    Chapter 98 Effect of Crumb Rubber Modifier on the Fatigue Performance of Warm Mix Asphalt
  100. Altmetric Badge
    Chapter 99 Evaluation of Aramid Fibre-Reinforced Asphalt Mixtures
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    Chapter 100 Investigating the Rheological and Physical Properties for Unaged of Crumb Rubber-Modified Binders Containing Warm Mix Asphalt Additive
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    Chapter 101 Application of Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Fiber in Asphaltic Mix for Fatigue Life Improvement
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    Chapter 102 An Expert System for the Dimensioning of Flexible Carriageways
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    Chapter 103 An Investigation into the Use of Ultrasonic Wave Transmission Techniques to Evaluate Air Voids in Asphalt
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    Chapter 104 Chemical Analysis and Consistency Characterization of Domestic Waste Bio-asphalts
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    Chapter 105 Heavy Metal Contamination in Environmental Compartments of Buriganga River in Dhaka City
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    Chapter 106 Estimation of Sediment Concentration of River Dagga, Chanchaga Basin, Niger State, Nigeria
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    Chapter 107 Potential of Pineapple Waste Extract (PWE) as Co-substrate in Anaerobic Digestion of Rice Straw Washwater (RSWW): Enhancement of Biogas Production
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    Chapter 108 Effects of Cross-Section on Infiltration and Seepage in Permeable Stormwater Channels
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    Chapter 109 Contributions of Dry and Wet Weather Runoffs to Annual Pollutant Loading in Tropical Urban Catchments
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    Chapter 110 Environmental Benefits of Green Roof to the Sustainable Urban Development: A Review
Attention for Chapter 95: Effect of Compaction on the Degradation of Crushed Concrete Used as Partial Aggregate Substitute in Asphalt Mixtures
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Effect of Compaction on the Degradation of Crushed Concrete Used as Partial Aggregate Substitute in Asphalt Mixtures
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GCEC 2017
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F. M. Jakarni, G. I. Safa Eldeen, R. Muniandy, S. Hassim, Jakarni, F. M., Safa Eldeen, G. I., Muniandy, R., Hassim, S.

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