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Proceedings of GeoShanghai 2018 International Conference: Multi-physics Processes in Soil Mechanics and Advances in Geotechnical Testing

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Induced Seismicity and Permeability Evolution in Gas Shales, CO 2 Storage and Deep Geothermal Energy
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    Chapter 2 A Sample Preparation Method Enhancing Shear Strength for Remolded Unsaturated Soil
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    Chapter 3 Mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Masado Under Constant-Degree-of-Saturation Condition
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    Chapter 4 Compression Behavior of Bentonite Powder/Pellet Mixture
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    Chapter 5 Comparison of Wetting Front Advancing Method and Instantaneous Profile Method for the Hydraulic Conductivity Measurements
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    Chapter 6 A Testing Device for Shear Strength of Sliding-Zone Soil and Its Application
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    Chapter 7 Consolidation Model for Gassy Soils Considering the Compression Coefficient of Air-Water Mixture
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    Chapter 8 Thermal Water Retention Characteristics of Compacted Bentonite
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    Chapter 9 A Constitutive Model for Unsaturated Soils Using Degree of Capillary Saturation and Effective Interparticle Stress as Constitutive Variables
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    Chapter 10 Soil Water Retention Surface Determination Using a New Triaxial Testing System
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    Chapter 11 Comparative Study on the Stress-Dilatancy of Xinjiang Loess Under Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions
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    Chapter 12 Finite Element Modeling of the Bearing Capacity for Transmission Tower Foundations on Expansive Soil
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    Chapter 13 Climate Change Impacts on Reactive Soil Movements
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    Chapter 14 Role of Matric Suction on Shear Strength of Unsaturated Compacted Soil at Low Confining Stress
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    Chapter 15 Thermodynamic Response of Crystalline Swelling and Double-Layer Swelling of Compacted Bentonite
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    Chapter 16 Evaluation of the Auto-Correlation Distance of Unsaturated Soils
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    Chapter 17 Relationship of Collapse Potential and Swell Pressure with Suction of Unsaturated Expansive Soil
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    Chapter 18 On the Swelling-Shrinkage Characteristics of Weakly Expansive Soil with Different Initial Water Contents
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    Chapter 19 Study on the Soil Water Characteristic Curve and Shear Strength Characteristics of Granite Soil with Different Weathered Degree
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    Chapter 20 Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Unsaturated Fine-Grained Tailings Soil Under Variable Moisture Content
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    Chapter 21 The Effect of Suction on Shear Strength of Silty Clay
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    Chapter 22 Micro-Mechanism of Pressure Variation of Grout in Porous Media Considering Filtration
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    Chapter 23 Numerical Evaluation on the Filtration and Clogging Behavior of Porous Pavement
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    Chapter 24 Study on the Influence of Impermeable Membrane’s Blanket Length on the Seepage of a Dam
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    Chapter 25 Inter-porosity Exchange in Saturated Double-Porosity Hollow Cylinder Subject to Axisymmetric Load
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    Chapter 26 Rapidly Determining the Unsaturated Permeability by Transient Two-Steps Outflow Experiment
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    Chapter 27 Pore-Network Model for Geo-Materials
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    Chapter 28 Laboratory Dissolution Experiments of Internal Erosion in Sandy Soil: Underground Cavities and Piping
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    Chapter 29 Selecting Optimum Cutoff Wall Position for Rehabilitation of an Inclined Core Earthfill Dam
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    Chapter 30 Model Test of Seepage Erosion Around Defective Buried Pipelines
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    Chapter 31 Numerical Analysis of Wall Deformation of PBFC Anti-seepage Slurry in Landfill
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    Chapter 32 Supercritical CO 2 Permeability in Rock: An Experiment Study
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    Chapter 33 A Parallelized Water-Soil-Coupled SPH Model Considering the Effect of Permeability and Its Application in the Piping Simulation of Dike
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    Chapter 34 Analysis of the Underground Water Level Considering the Block Effect of Underground Structure on Seepage
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    Chapter 35 Numerical Characterization of Basalt Platform Slope Under Rainfall Condition
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    Chapter 36 A Finite Element Analysis of Stress Change in Pavement Subjected to Freeze-Thaw
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    Chapter 37 Large Diameter Soil Pressure Sensors Employed in Dynamic Shallow Foundation Testing
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    Chapter 38 Cavity Expansion Analysis for CPT in Granular Soils at Small Gravity Fields
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    Chapter 39 A Full-Scale Experimental Study on the Performance of Jacking Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe with Misalignment Angle
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    Chapter 40 Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Saturated Sands Based on Resistivity Piezocone Penetration Testing
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    Chapter 41 Multivariate Correlations Among SCPTU Parameters of Jiangsu Cohesionless Soils
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    Chapter 42 Visual Measurement Device and Experiment of Ground Water Level in Vacuum Preloading
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    Chapter 43 CPT-SPT Correlation Analysis Based on BP Artificial Neural Network Associated with Partial Least Square Regression
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    Chapter 44 A Two-Fold Empirical Approach for Estimating the Preconsolidation Stress in Clay Deposits
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    Chapter 45 Influence of Pore Water Salinity Effect on Identification of Soft Clay Based on CPTu in Lianyungang
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    Chapter 46 Analysis and Interpretation of Inclinometer and Pressure Cell Data on a Soil-Geofoam Embankment
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    Chapter 47 Impact of Strike Energy on the Resolution of Dispersion Image in Active MASW Survey
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    Chapter 48 Application of Geotechnical Monitoring (Slope Monitoring and Early Warning System) for Risk Reduction in Philippine Infrastructure
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    Chapter 49 An Automatic Data Processing Method for Deformation Analysis and Visualization of Tunnel Cross Sections Using Laser Scanning Data
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    Chapter 50 An Experimental Study of Pressuremeter Testing Under Polyaxial Boundary Stress Condition
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    Chapter 51 Long-Term Settlement of Subway Tunnel and Prediction of Settlement Trough in Coastal City Shanghai
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    Chapter 52 Experimental Study on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Phosphorous Tailings
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    Chapter 53 Comparison of Different Electrical Resistivity Measurement Methods of Soft Marine Clays
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    Chapter 54 A Penetration Processing Study of Piezocone Penetration Test in Cutoff Wall
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    Chapter 55 T-bar Penetration Tests in Fujian Cohesive Soil
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    Chapter 56 Field Test of Multi-anchored-Plating Cantilever Retaining Wall with Pre-stressed Force
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    Chapter 57 Robust Linear Regression for Undrained Shear Strength Data
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    Chapter 58 Correlation Analysis of CPT Test Results and the Compaction Index for Calcareous Sand
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    Chapter 59 Sonar Detection for Karst Cavities and Fracture Under Bored Pile by Generalized S-Transform
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    Chapter 60 Calculation of the Lateral Cyclic Response of Monopiles in Sand
Attention for Chapter 51: Long-Term Settlement of Subway Tunnel and Prediction of Settlement Trough in Coastal City Shanghai
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Chapter title
Long-Term Settlement of Subway Tunnel and Prediction of Settlement Trough in Coastal City Shanghai
Chapter number 51
Book title
Proceedings of GeoShanghai 2018 International Conference: Multi-physics Processes in Soil Mechanics and Advances in Geotechnical Testing
Published by
Springer, Singapore, May 2018
DOI 10.1007/978-981-13-0095-0_51
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978-9-81-130094-3, 978-9-81-130095-0

Zhen-Dong Cui, Shan-Shan Hua, Jia-Sen Yan

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