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An Unamendable Constitution?

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 The Forms of Unamendability
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    Chapter 2 Necrocracy or Democracy? Assessing Objections to Constitutional Unamendability
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    Chapter 3 A Constitution for Eternity: An Economic Theory of Explicit Unamendability
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    Chapter 4 Conventions of Unamendability: Covert Constitutional Unamendability in (Two) Politically Enforced Constitutions
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    Chapter 5 Credible Commitment or Paternalism? The Case of Unamendability
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    Chapter 6 Constitutional Falsehoods: The Fourth Judges Case and the Basic Structure Doctrine in India
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    Chapter 7 Unamendability in Israel: A Critical Perspective
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    Chapter 8 Eternal Provisions in the Constitution of Bangladesh: A Constitution Once and for All?
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    Chapter 9 Unamendability as a Judicial Discovery? Inductive Learning Lessons from Hungary
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    Chapter 10 Amending the Unamendable: The Case of Article 20 of the German Basic Law
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    Chapter 11 Debating Unamendability: Deadlock in Turkey’s Constitution-Making Process
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    Chapter 12 The Unamendability of Amendable Clauses: The Case of the Turkish Constitution
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    Chapter 13 Brazil in the Context of the Debate Over Unamendability in Latin America
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    Chapter 14 Unamendable Constitutional Provisions and the European Common Constitutional Heritage: A Comparison Among Three Waves of Constitutionalism
Attention for Chapter 2: Necrocracy or Democracy? Assessing Objections to Constitutional Unamendability
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