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Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018)

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Study on the Pause Effects During the Work Day in the Cardiovascular Load in the Line of Production of High Cadence With Heart Rate Assessment
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    Chapter 2 Body Balance Estimation in Standing and Walking Conditions Using Inertial Measurement Units and Galvanic Skin Response
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    Chapter 3 Ergonomics Intervening Cases in Hospitals for Patient Safety Improvement
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    Chapter 4 Estimation Accuracy of Step Length by Acceleration Signals: Comparison Among Three Different Sensor Locations
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    Chapter 5 Occupational Exposure to Agrochemicals: A Literature Review
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    Chapter 6 Relationship Between Working Environment Factors, Burnout Syndrome and Turnover Intentions Among Nurses – A Cross-Sectional Study in Bulgaria
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    Chapter 7 Ergonomic Design of a Tube Head Unit (THU) for Radiographers in Digital X-Ray Environment
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    Chapter 8 Ergonomics/Human Factors in Healthcare: A Vision for the Future
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    Chapter 9 A Comparison of Front and Rear Wheel Shock Magnitudes for Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs with and Without Suspensions
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    Chapter 10 Comparison of Triage Models of Suspected ACS Patients: A Case Study of the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
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    Chapter 11 Comparative Analysis of Subjective Workload in Laparoscopy and Open Surgery Using NASA-TLX
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    Chapter 12 Handover: An Experimentation in the Territory Hospital Transition
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    Chapter 13 Ergonomics Systems Mapping for Professional Responder Inter-operability in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Events
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    Chapter 14 Creative ‘Tips’ to Integrate Human Factors/Ergonomics Principles and Methods with Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Clinical Education
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    Chapter 15 Applying Human Factors Methods to Explore ‘Work as Imagined’ and ‘Work as Done’ in the Emergency Departments Response to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Events
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    Chapter 16 The Co-design Process of a Decision Support Tool for Airway Management
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    Chapter 17 Towards More Interactive Stress-Related Self-monitoring Tools to Improve Quality of Life
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    Chapter 18 Nursing Home Manager Role in Managing Aging Workers: A Qualitative Research in Nursing Homes
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    Chapter 19 An Ergonomic User Interface Design for a New Extremity MRI Focusing on the Patient Chair
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    Chapter 20 A Cross-Cultural User Evaluation of the Prototype Extremity MRI
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    Chapter 21 Constructing Quality of Care in Neurology: Anticipation Strategies of a Team of Nurses
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    Chapter 22 A User-Centered Virtual Reality Game System for Elders with Balance Problem
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    Chapter 23 Effect of Gender, Age, Air-Conditioning and Thermal Experience on the Perceptions of Inhaled Air
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    Chapter 24 Effects of an Industrial Logic Implemented in Service Relation: The Case of Drivers of Ambulances of a Brazilian University Hospital
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    Chapter 25 The Impact of Telehealth Video-Conferencing Services on Work Systems in New Zealand: Perceptions of Expert Stakeholders
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    Chapter 26 Tailored Patient Experiences
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    Chapter 27 Analysis of Bio-signal Data of Stroke Patients and Normal Elderly People for Real-Time Monitoring
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    Chapter 28 Prevention of Onycholysis During Cancer Treatment Using an Active Local Cooling Device: Comparison of Three Different Cooling Strategies
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    Chapter 29 Evaluating Innovations for the Physical Environment in Home Care – A Workplace for One, A Home for the Other
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    Chapter 30 The Impact of Ventricular Assist Device Therapy on Patients’ Quality of Life – A Review
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    Chapter 31 Ergonomics in Hospital: Prevention of Interruptions and Safety in Drug Administration
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    Chapter 32 Team Adaptation to Complex Clinical Situations: The Case of VTE Prophylaxis in Hospitalized Patients
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    Chapter 33 Perception of Working Conditions and Health by Prison Officers of a Male Prison from Brazil
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    Chapter 34 Ergonomic Evaluation Tools Associated with Biomechanical Risk Factors in Work Activities: Review of Literature
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    Chapter 35 Development of an Education Scheme for Improving Perioperative Nurses’ Competence in Ergonomics
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    Chapter 36 Impact of Innovative Clothing Design on Caregivers’ Workload
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    Chapter 37 Application of Wearable Device to Develop Visual Load Intelligence Monitoring and Evaluation Technology
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    Chapter 38 Musculo Skeletal Disorders (MSDs) Among Algerian Nurses
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    Chapter 39 The Effects of Brushing Practice Using a TBP-Module with Good Real-Life Adaptability
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    Chapter 40 The Development of Sensor-Based Gait Training System for Locomotive Syndrome: The Effect of Real-Time Gait Feature Feedback on Gait Pattern During Treadmill Walking
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    Chapter 41 Affective Appraisal of Hospital Reception Scenes
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    Chapter 42 A Modified Weighted SERVQUAL Method and Its Application on Elder Care House in Taiwan
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    Chapter 43 Understanding Resilience and Adaptation in the Blood Transfusion Process Using Employee Accounts of Problem Resolution
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    Chapter 44 Challenges of Disposition Decision Making for Pediatric Trauma Patients in the Emergency Department
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    Chapter 45 Estimation Accuracy of Average Walking Speed by Acceleration Signals: Comparison Among Three Different Sensor Locations
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    Chapter 46 An Ergonomic Grip Design Process for Vaginal Ultra Sound Probe Based on Analyses of Benchmarking, Hand Data, and Grip Posture
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    Chapter 47 An Ergonomic Evaluation of Convex Probe Designs Using Objective and Subjective Measures
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    Chapter 48 Impact of Emotion Regulation on Mental Health of Japanese University Athletes
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    Chapter 49 User Centred Development of a Smartphone Application for Wayfinding in a Complex Hospital Environment
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    Chapter 50 Assessing Symptoms of Excessive SNS Usage Based on User Behavior: Identifying Effective Factors Associated with Addiction Components
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    Chapter 51 Fighting Panic with Haptics!
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    Chapter 52 Prevalence of Death Anxiety Among Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Staffs in Bam and Kerman Cities, IRAN. 2016
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    Chapter 53 The Role of Ergonomics in the Design of an Intravenous Therapy (IV) Set for Neonatal Intensive Care
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    Chapter 54 System Diagrams for Healthcare Incident Investigation: Ease of Understanding and Usefulness Perceived by Healthcare Workers
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    Chapter 55 Evaluation of the Remote Control Affordance of Medicalized Bed for People with Mental Disabilities Getting Older (PDO)
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    Chapter 56 Safety I and Safety II for Suicide Prevention – Lessons from How Things Go Wrong and How Things Go Right in Community-Based Mental Health Services
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    Chapter 57 Users’ Awareness of Alarm Settings
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    Chapter 58 Specific Risks Related to Robotic Surgery: Are They Real?
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    Chapter 59 From Causality to Narration: The Search for Meaning in Accident Analyzes
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    Chapter 60 Things Falling Through the Cracks: Information Loss During Pediatric Trauma Care Transitions
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    Chapter 61 Ergonomic Factors Triggering Risk in the Pharmacotherapy Process Carried Out by Nurses
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    Chapter 62 Evaluation of the Symmetry of Lower Limbs Symmetry Loading and Body Composition as Elements of Monitoring of Health-Related Behaviours Among Professionally Active Nurses
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    Chapter 63 Design and Development of a Medical Device (Artificial Ganglion) for Aids in the Treatment of Lymphedema
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    Chapter 64 The Design and Use of Ergonomic Checkpoints for Health Care Work
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    Chapter 65 Simulating the Impact of Patient Acuity and Nurse-Patient Ratio on Nurse Workload and Care Quality
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    Chapter 66 Physical and Physiological Synchrony Between Care Worker and Care Recipient During Care Operation
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    Chapter 67 Information for Users as a Key Element to Delivering a Better Healthcare Service
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    Chapter 68 Ergonomics Intervention Project in Undergraduate Physical Therapy Program. A Curricular Innovation Approach
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    Chapter 69 Relationship Between Acceptance of Workforce Diversity and Mental Health Condition Among Japanese Nurses
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    Chapter 70 Design of a Dynamic Hand Orthosis for Stroke Patient to Improve Hand Movement
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    Chapter 71 Muscle-Training Effect Associated with Scaler Operation
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    Chapter 72 Design, Understanding and Usability Evaluation of Connected Devices in the Field of Health: Contribution of Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics
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    Chapter 73 The Effectiveness of Cardiac Rehabilitation Patient Education Through Various Media
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    Chapter 74 Occupational Hazards: Awareness and Level of Precautions Among Physiotherapists in Selected Health Institutions in Lagos, Nigeria
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    Chapter 75 Barriers and Facilitators in Implementing a Moving and Handling People Programme – An Exploratory Study
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    Chapter 76 Does Exposure from the Use of Mobile Phones Affect Lateralised Performance and Mood in a Visual Task?
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    Chapter 77 Comparison of Muscle Activity in Young People and Seniors During Hip Adduction and Abduction Movements According to Backrest Angle
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    Chapter 78 Effective Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention
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    Chapter 79 Effectiveness of Specific Lifting Techniques and Tools on Workload in a Lifting Situation – A Case Study
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    Chapter 80 Safety and Quality of Maternal and Neonatal Pathway: Implementation of the Modified WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in Two Hospitals of the Tuscany Center Trust, Italy
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    Chapter 81 Assessment of Various Extrinsic Risk Factors Causing Pressure Ulceration in People with Spinal Cord Injury
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    Chapter 82 Effects of ‘Blue-Regulated’ Full Spectrum LED Lighting in Clinician Wellness and Performance, and Patient Safety
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    Chapter 83 Contributions of Activity Ergonomics to Design a Virtual Tool for Sharing Mental Health Care
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    Chapter 84 Weak Signals in Healthcare: The Case Study of the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust
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    Chapter 85 An Action Research for Patient Safety and Service Quality in Nursing Homes
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    Chapter 86 Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Physiotherapists Working in a Single Rehabilitation Centre: A Longitudinal Study
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    Chapter 87 The Burden of Caregiving: Musculoskeletal Disorders in Caregivers of Children with Cerebral Palsy
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    Chapter 88 Biomechanical Overload Evaluation in Manufacturing: A Novel Approach with sEMG and Inertial Motion Capture Integration
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    Chapter 89 Nurses’ Perception and Cognition of Electrocardiogram Monitoring Alarms
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    Chapter 90 WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist: The Experience of Kenya According to the WHO African Partnership for Patient Safety
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    Chapter 91 Patient Safety in Pediatrics: Ergonomic Solutions for Safer Care of Children
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    Chapter 92 A Novel Intervention to Prevent In-Patient Falls
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    Chapter 93 An Action Research to Study and Support the Transition to a Comprehensive Electronic Patient Record in Acute Care
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    Chapter 94 Effectiveness Evaluation of the Conceptual Framework for the International Classification Patient Safety (ICPS) in the Reporting and Learning System of the Tuscany Region
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    Chapter 95 Safe Transitions of Care: A Participatory Human Factors Approach for Improving Safety in the Communication of Healthcare Organizations
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Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2018)
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