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Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2018

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Instance Segmentation and Tracking with Cosine Embeddings and Recurrent Hourglass Networks
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    Chapter 2 Skin Lesion Classification in Dermoscopy Images Using Synergic Deep Learning
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    Chapter 3 SLSDeep: Skin Lesion Segmentation Based on Dilated Residual and Pyramid Pooling Networks
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    Chapter 4 $$\beta $$ -Hemolysis Detection on Cultured Blood Agar Plates by Convolutional Neural Networks
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    Chapter 5 A Pixel-Wise Distance Regression Approach for Joint Retinal Optical Disc and Fovea Detection
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    Chapter 6 Deep Random Walk for Drusen Segmentation from Fundus Images
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    Chapter 7 Retinal Artery and Vein Classification via Dominant Sets Clustering-Based Vascular Topology Estimation
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    Chapter 8 Towards a Glaucoma Risk Index Based on Simulated Hemodynamics from Fundus Images
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    Chapter 9 A Framework for Identifying Diabetic Retinopathy Based on Anti-noise Detection and Attention-Based Fusion
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    Chapter 10 Deep Supervision with Additional Labels for Retinal Vessel Segmentation Task
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    Chapter 11 A Multi-task Network to Detect Junctions in Retinal Vasculature
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    Chapter 12 A Multitask Learning Architecture for Simultaneous Segmentation of Bright and Red Lesions in Fundus Images
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    Chapter 13 Uniqueness-Driven Saliency Analysis for Automated Lesion Detection with Applications to Retinal Diseases
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    Chapter 14 Multiscale Network Followed Network Model for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
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    Chapter 15 Predicting Cancer with a Recurrent Visual Attention Model for Histopathology Images
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    Chapter 16 A Deep Model with Shape-Preserving Loss for Gland Instance Segmentation
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    Chapter 17 Model-Based Refinement of Nonlinear Registrations in 3D Histology Reconstruction
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    Chapter 18 Invasive Cancer Detection Utilizing Compressed Convolutional Neural Network and Transfer Learning
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    Chapter 19 Which Way Round? A Study on the Performance of Stain-Translation for Segmenting Arbitrarily Dyed Histological Images
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    Chapter 20 Graph CNN for Survival Analysis on Whole Slide Pathological Images
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    Chapter 21 Fully Automated Blind Color Deconvolution of Histopathological Images
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    Chapter 22 Improving Whole Slide Segmentation Through Visual Context - A Systematic Study
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    Chapter 23 Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Classification of Prostate Histopathology Whole-Slide Images
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    Chapter 24 Rotation Equivariant CNNs for Digital Pathology
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    Chapter 25 A Probabilistic Model Combining Deep Learning and Multi-atlas Segmentation for Semi-automated Labelling of Histology
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    Chapter 26 BESNet: Boundary-Enhanced Segmentation of Cells in Histopathological Images
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    Chapter 27 Panoptic Segmentation with an End-to-End Cell R-CNN for Pathology Image Analysis
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    Chapter 28 Integration of Spatial Distribution in Imaging-Genetics
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    Chapter 29 Multiple Instance Learning for Heterogeneous Images: Training a CNN for Histopathology
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    Chapter 30 Cell Detection with Star-Convex Polygons
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    Chapter 31 Deep Convolutional Gaussian Mixture Model for Stain-Color Normalization of Histopathological Images
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    Chapter 32 Learning to Segment 3D Linear Structures Using Only 2D Annotations
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    Chapter 33 A Multiresolution Convolutional Neural Network with Partial Label Training for Annotating Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images of Skin
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    Chapter 34 Weakly-Supervised Learning-Based Feature Localization for Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Glioma Images
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    Chapter 35 Synaptic Partner Prediction from Point Annotations in Insect Brains
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    Chapter 36 Synaptic Cleft Segmentation in Non-isotropic Volume Electron Microscopy of the Complete Drosophila Brain
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    Chapter 37 Weakly Supervised Representation Learning for Endomicroscopy Image Analysis
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    Chapter 38 DeepHCS: Bright-Field to Fluorescence Microscopy Image Conversion Using Deep Learning for Label-Free High-Content Screening
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    Chapter 39 A Cascaded Refinement GAN for Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Super Resolution
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    Chapter 40 Multi-context Deep Network for Angle-Closure Glaucoma Screening in Anterior Segment OCT
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    Chapter 41 Analysis of Morphological Changes of Lamina Cribrosa Under Acute Intraocular Pressure Change
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    Chapter 42 Beyond Retinal Layers: A Large Blob Detection for Subretinal Fluid Segmentation in SD-OCT Images
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    Chapter 43 Automated Choroidal Neovascularization Detection for Time Series SD-OCT Images
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    Chapter 44 CapsDeMM: Capsule Network for Detection of Munro’s Microabscess in Skin Biopsy Images
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    Chapter 45 Webly Supervised Learning for Skin Lesion Classification
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    Chapter 46 Feature Driven Local Cell Graph (FeDeG): Predicting Overall Survival in Early Stage Lung Cancer
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    Chapter 47 Towards Accurate and Complete Registration of Coronary Arteries in CTA Images
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    Chapter 48 Quantifying Tensor Field Similarity with Global Distributions and Optimal Transport
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    Chapter 49 Cardiac Motion Scoring with Segment- and Subject-Level Non-local Modeling
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    Chapter 50 Computational Heart Modeling for Evaluating Efficacy of MRI Techniques in Predicting Appropriate ICD Therapy
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    Chapter 51 Multiview Two-Task Recursive Attention Model for Left Atrium and Atrial Scars Segmentation
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    Chapter 52 Learning Interpretable Anatomical Features Through Deep Generative Models: Application to Cardiac Remodeling
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    Chapter 53 Joint Learning of Motion Estimation and Segmentation for Cardiac MR Image Sequences
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    Chapter 54 Multi-Input and Dataset-Invariant Adversarial Learning (MDAL) for Left and Right-Ventricular Coverage Estimation in Cardiac MRI
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    Chapter 55 Factorised Spatial Representation Learning: Application in Semi-supervised Myocardial Segmentation
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    Chapter 56 High-Dimensional Bayesian Optimization of Personalized Cardiac Model Parameters via an Embedded Generative Model
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    Chapter 57 Generative Modeling and Inverse Imaging of Cardiac Transmembrane Potential
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    Chapter 58 Pulmonary Vessel Tree Matching for Quantifying Changes in Vascular Morphology
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    Chapter 59 MuTGAN: Simultaneous Segmentation and Quantification of Myocardial Infarction Without Contrast Agents via Joint Adversarial Learning
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    Chapter 60 More Knowledge Is Better: Cross-Modality Volume Completion and 3D+2D Segmentation for Intracardiac Echocardiography Contouring
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    Chapter 61 Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Automatic Estimation of Cardiothoracic Ratio
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    Chapter 62 TextRay: Mining Clinical Reports to Gain a Broad Understanding of Chest X-Rays
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    Chapter 63 Localization and Labeling of Posterior Ribs in Chest Radiographs Using a CRF-regularized FCN with Local Refinement
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    Chapter 64 Evaluation of Collimation Prediction Based on Depth Images and Automated Landmark Detection for Routine Clinical Chest X-Ray Exams
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    Chapter 65 Efficient Active Learning for Image Classification and Segmentation Using a Sample Selection and Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
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    Chapter 66 Iterative Attention Mining for Weakly Supervised Thoracic Disease Pattern Localization in Chest X-Rays
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    Chapter 67 Task Driven Generative Modeling for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: Application to X-ray Image Segmentation
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    Chapter 68 Towards Automated Colonoscopy Diagnosis: Binary Polyp Size Estimation via Unsupervised Depth Learning
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    Chapter 69 RIIS-DenseNet: Rotation-Invariant and Image Similarity Constrained Densely Connected Convolutional Network for Polyp Detection
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    Chapter 70 Interaction Techniques for Immersive CT Colonography: A Professional Assessment
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    Chapter 71 Quasi-automatic Colon Segmentation on T2-MRI Images with Low User Effort
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    Chapter 72 Ordinal Multi-modal Feature Selection for Survival Analysis of Early-Stage Renal Cancer
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    Chapter 73 Noninvasive Determination of Gene Mutations in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Using Multiple Instance Decisions Aggregated CNN
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    Chapter 74 Combining Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Classification of Focal Liver Lesions in Multi-phase CT Images
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    Chapter 75 Construction of a Spatiotemporal Statistical Shape Model of Pediatric Liver from Cross-Sectional Data
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    Chapter 76 Deep 3D Dose Analysis for Prediction of Outcomes After Liver Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
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    Chapter 77 Liver Lesion Detection from Weakly-Labeled Multi-phase CT Volumes with a Grouped Single Shot MultiBox Detector
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    Chapter 78 A Diagnostic Report Generator from CT Volumes on Liver Tumor with Semi-supervised Attention Mechanism
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    Chapter 79 Less is More: Simultaneous View Classification and Landmark Detection for Abdominal Ultrasound Images
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    Chapter 80 Deep Active Self-paced Learning for Accurate Pulmonary Nodule Segmentation
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    Chapter 81 CT-Realistic Lung Nodule Simulation from 3D Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Robust Lung Segmentation
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    Chapter 82 Fast CapsNet for Lung Cancer Screening
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    Chapter 83 Mean Field Network Based Graph Refinement with Application to Airway Tree Extraction
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    Chapter 84 Automated Pulmonary Nodule Detection: High Sensitivity with Few Candidates
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    Chapter 85 Deep Learning from Label Proportions for Emphysema Quantification
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    Chapter 86 Tumor-Aware, Adversarial Domain Adaptation from CT to MRI for Lung Cancer Segmentation
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    Chapter 87 From Local to Global: A Holistic Lung Graph Model
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    Chapter 88 S4ND : Single-Shot Single-Scale Lung Nodule Detection
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    Chapter 89 Vascular Network Organization via Hough Transform (VaNgOGH): A Novel Radiomic Biomarker for Diagnosis and Treatment Response
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    Chapter 90 DeepEM: Deep 3D ConvNets with EM for Weakly Supervised Pulmonary Nodule Detection
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    Chapter 91 Statistical Framework for the Definition of Emphysema in CT Scans: Beyond Density Mask
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    Chapter 92 Conditional Generative Adversarial and Convolutional Networks for X-ray Breast Mass Segmentation and Shape Classification
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    Chapter 93 A Robust and Effective Approach Towards Accurate Metastasis Detection and pN-stage Classification in Breast Cancer
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    Chapter 94 3D Anisotropic Hybrid Network: Transferring Convolutional Features from 2D Images to 3D Anisotropic Volumes
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    Chapter 95 Deep Generative Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
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    Chapter 96 Integrate Domain Knowledge in Training CNN for Ultrasonography Breast Cancer Diagnosis
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    Chapter 97 Small Lesion Classification in Dynamic Contrast Enhancement MRI for Breast Cancer Early Detection
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    Chapter 98 Thermographic Computational Analyses of a 3D Model of a Scanned Breast
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    Chapter 99 Y-Net: Joint Segmentation and Classification for Diagnosis of Breast Biopsy Images
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    Chapter 100 AutoDVT: Joint Real-Time Classification for Vein Compressibility Analysis in Deep Vein Thrombosis Ultrasound Diagnostics
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    Chapter 101 MRI Measurement of Placental Perfusion and Fetal Blood Oxygen Saturation in Normal Pregnancy and Placental Insufficiency
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    Chapter 102 Automatic Lacunae Localization in Placental Ultrasound Images via Layer Aggregation
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    Chapter 103 A Decomposable Model for the Detection of Prostate Cancer in Multi-parametric MRI
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    Chapter 104 Direct Automated Quantitative Measurement of Spine via Cascade Amplifier Regression Network
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    Chapter 105 Estimating Achilles Tendon Healing Progress with Convolutional Neural Networks
Attention for Chapter 34: Weakly-Supervised Learning-Based Feature Localization for Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Glioma Images
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Chapter title
Weakly-Supervised Learning-Based Feature Localization for Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy Glioma Images
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Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2018
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Springer, Cham, September 2018
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-00934-2_34
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978-3-03-000933-5, 978-3-03-000934-2

Mohammadhassan Izadyyazdanabadi, Evgenii Belykh, Claudio Cavallo, Xiaochun Zhao, Sirin Gandhi, Leandro Borba Moreira, Jennifer Eschbacher, Peter Nakaji, Mark C. Preul, Yezhou Yang

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