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Migration, Gender and Social Justice

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 1 Migration, Gender, Social Justice, and Human Insecurity
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    Chapter 2 2 From Breaking the Silence to Breaking the Chain of Social Injustice: Indonesian Women Migrant Domestic Workers in the United Arab Emirates
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    Chapter 3 3 From Temporary Work in Agriculture to Irregular Status in Domestic Service: The Transition and Experiences of Senegalese Migrant Women in Spain
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    Chapter 4 4 Burmese Female Migrant Workers in Thailand: Managing Productive and Reproductive Responsibilities
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    Chapter 5 5 Transnational Marriage Migration and the East Asian Family-Based Welfare Model: Social Reproduction in Vietnam, Taiwan, and South Korea
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    Chapter 6 6 Masculinity at Work: Intersectionality and Identity Constructions of Migrant Domestic Workers in the Netherlands
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    Chapter 7 7 Traversing Myriad Trails: Tracking Gender and Labour Migration across India
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    Chapter 8 8 From ‘Integration into Cities’ to ‘An Integrated Society’: Women Migrants’ Needs and Rights in Fujian Province, China
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    Chapter 9 9 Migration, Woodcarving, and Engendered Identities in San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
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    Chapter 10 10 Strategic Invisibility as Everyday Politics for a Life with Dignity: Guatemalan Women Migrants’ Experiences of Insecurity at Mexico’s Southern Border
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    Chapter 11 11 Masculinities and Intersectionality in Migration: Transnational Wolof Migrants Negotiating Manhood and Gendered Family Roles
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    Chapter 12 12 Intersectionality, Structural Vulnerability, and Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Qatar
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    Chapter 13 13 Sub-Saharan Migrants’ Masculinities: An Intersectional Analysis of Media Representations during the Libyan War 2011
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    Chapter 14 14 Complexity of Gender and Age in Precarious Lives: Malian Men, Women, and Girls in Communities of Blind Beggars in Senegal
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    Chapter 15 15 Migrants’ Citizenship and Rights: Limits and Potential for NGOs’ Advocacy in Chile
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    Chapter 16 16 Diminished Civil Citizenship of Female Migrant Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
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    Chapter 17 17 The Right to Education for Migrant Children in Thailand: Liminal Legality and the Educational Experience of Migrant Children in Samut Sakhon
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    Chapter 18 18 Challenges of Recognition, Participation, and Representation for the Legally Liminal: A Comment
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    Chapter 19 19 Gender, Masculinity, and Safety in the Changing Lao-Thai Migration Landscape
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    Chapter 20 20 Public Social Science at Work: Contesting Hostility Towards Nicaraguan Migrants in Costa Rica
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    Chapter 21 21 ‘Women in Motion’ in a World of Nation-States, Market Forces, and Gender Power Relations
Attention for Chapter 19: 19 Gender, Masculinity, and Safety in the Changing Lao-Thai Migration Landscape
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