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Machine Learning for Ecology and Sustainable Natural Resource Management

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Machine Learning in Wildlife Biology: Algorithms, Data Issues and Availability, Workflows, Citizen Science, Code Sharing, Metadata and a Brief Historical Perspective
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    Chapter 2 Use of Machine Learning (ML) for Predicting and Analyzing Ecological and ‘Presence Only’ Data: An Overview of Applications and a Good Outlook
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    Chapter 3 Boosting, Bagging and Ensembles in the Real World: An Overview, some Explanations and a Practical Synthesis for Holistic Global Wildlife Conservation Applications Based on Machine Learning with Decision Trees
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    Chapter 4 From Data Mining with Machine Learning to Inference in Diverse and Highly Complex Data: Some Shared Experiences, Intellectual Reasoning and Analysis Steps for the Real World of Science Applications
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    Chapter 5 Ensembles of Ensembles: Combining the Predictions from Multiple Machine Learning Methods
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    Chapter 6 Machine Learning for Macroscale Ecological Niche Modeling - a Multi-Model, Multi-Response Ensemble Technique for Tree Species Management Under Climate Change
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    Chapter 7 Mapping Aboveground Biomass of Trees Using Forest Inventory Data and Public Environmental Variables within the Alaskan Boreal Forest
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    Chapter 8 ‘Batteries’ in Machine Learning: A First Experimental Assessment of Inference for Siberian Crane Breeding Grounds in the Russian High Arctic Based on ‘Shaving’ 74 Predictors
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    Chapter 9 Landscape Applications of Machine Learning: Comparing Random Forests and Logistic Regression in Multi-Scale Optimized Predictive Modeling of American Marten Occurrence in Northern Idaho, USA
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    Chapter 10 Using Interactions among Species, Landscapes, and Climate to Inform Ecological Niche Models: A Case Study of American Marten (Martes americana) Distribution in Alaska
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    Chapter 11 Advanced Data Mining (Cloning) of Predicted Climate-Scapes and Their Variances Assessed with Machine Learning: An Example from Southern Alaska Shows Topographical Biases and Strong Differences
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    Chapter 12 Using TreeNet, a Machine Learning Approach to Better Understand Factors that Influence Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Wintering Golden Eagles in the Western United States
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    Chapter 13 Breaking Away from ‘Traditional’ Uses of Machine Learning: A Case Study Linking Sooty Shearwaters (Ardenna griseus) and Upcoming Changes in the Southern Oscillation Index
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    Chapter 14 Image Recognition in Wildlife Applications
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    Chapter 15 Machine Learning Techniques for Quantifying Geographic Variation in Leach’s Storm-Petrel (Hydrobates leucorhous) Vocalizations
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    Chapter 16 Machine Learning for ‘Strategic Conservation and Planning’: Patterns, Applications, Thoughts and Urgently Needed Global Progress for Sustainability
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    Chapter 17 How the Internet Can Know What You Want Before You Do: Web-Based Machine Learning Applications for Wildlife Management
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    Chapter 18 Machine Learning and ‘The Cloud’ for Natural Resource Applications: Autonomous Online Robots Driving Sustainable Conservation Management Worldwide?
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    Chapter 19 Assessment of Potential Risks from Renewable Energy Development and Other Anthropogenic Factors to Wintering Golden Eagles in the Western United States
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    Chapter 20 A Perspective on the Future of Machine Learning: Moving Away from ‘Business as Usual’ and Towards a Holistic Approach of Global Conservation
Attention for Chapter 14: Image Recognition in Wildlife Applications
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