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Recent Advances in Geo-Environmental Engineering, Geomechanics and Geotechnics, and Geohazards

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 A New Three-Dimensional Rock Mass Strength Criterion
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    Chapter 2 New Tools and Techniques of Remote Sensing for Geologic Hazard Assessment
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    Chapter 3 Land Subsidence Induced by the Engineering-Environmental Effect in Shanghai, China
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    Chapter 4 Synchrotron X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Applications to Speciation of Metals in Soil
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    Chapter 5 Hydro-Geochemical Behavior of Acid Formation of Sulfide Bearing Rocks Based on Kinetic Column Tests
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    Chapter 6 Interaction of CuO Nanoparticles with Hordeum Sativum Distichum in an Aquatic Medium and in the Soil
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    Chapter 7 Behavioural Responses of Armadillidium Granulatum (Crustacea, Oniscidea) to Zinc Contaminated Soil
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    Chapter 8 Heavy Metals Distribution in Soils of an Agricultural Area Impacted by Former Mining Activities: Case of Trozza Mine, Tunisia
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    Chapter 9 Statistical Distribution of Geochemical Elements in Stream Sediments and the Influence of Flood Phosphate Mud on the Mining Area, Metlaoui, Southwest Tunisia
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    Chapter 10 Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Sediment of the Bizerte Lagoon in Northern Tunisia
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    Chapter 11 Assessment of Heavy Metals Along a Contamination Gradient in Soils Collected from Industrial Areas in Northern Tunisia
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    Chapter 12 PAHs Monitoring in Soils Affected by Electric Power Station
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    Chapter 13 Kinetics of Crude Oil Desorption from Contaminated Soil
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    Chapter 14 Determination of Groundwater Quality Near a Non-engineered Landfill Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography
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    Chapter 15 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste in Gabes
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    Chapter 16 Portland Cement Exhaust Characterization and Its Potential Use in Mineral Carbon Sequestration
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    Chapter 17 Evaluation of Air Pollutants and Dispersion Patterns for the Adjacent Areas of Mellitah Gas Complex, Libya
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    Chapter 18 Study of Chemical Composition in Wet Atmospheric Precipitation in Karachi, Pakistan
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    Chapter 19 Remediation Treatments and Economic Assessment of Oil Residual Sludge from the Bottom of Tunisian Refinery Crude Oil Storage Tanks
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    Chapter 20 Proposing Rehabilitation Scenarios for Limestone Quarries with 3D Modeling and 3D Print: Case of Jbel El Oust (Tunisian Atlas)
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    Chapter 21 Potential Remobilization of Heavy Metals by Wave Friction Case of Algiers Bay
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    Chapter 22 Mitigation of Salinity Hazard from Low Permeable Soil by Electrochemical Treatment: A Laboratory Based Investigation
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    Chapter 23 Heated Blends of Phosphate Sludge: Thermal Transformation and Microstructure Characterization
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    Chapter 24 Geochemical of Fossil Diatoms and Its Utilization as Adsorbent in Water Treatment
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    Chapter 25 Elaboration and Characterization of New Adsorbent Using Oil Shale Ash for Dyes Removal from Aqueous Solutions
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    Chapter 26 Biochars Induced Changes in the Physicochemical Characteristics of Technosols: Effects of Feedstock and Pyrolysis Temperature
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    Chapter 27 Short-Term Effects of Sewage Sludge Compost Application on Some Chemical Properties of Sandy Soil
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    Chapter 28 Generic Classification of Hoars in the Northeastern Part of Bengal Basin, Bangladesh
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    Chapter 29 Geotechnical Characterization of the Batoufam Lateritic Gravels (West Cameroon) for Road Construction Purpose
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    Chapter 30 Identification of Geotechnical Properties of Weak Rock Masses and Stockpiles at Tunçbilek Open Pit Mining and the Related Slope Stability Analyses
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    Chapter 31 Review on the Mechanical Behavior of Soil-Structure Interface
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    Chapter 32 Influence of Aggressive Groundwater Stream in Substrate for Lateral Loaded Piles
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    Chapter 33 Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Internal Erosion on the Behavior of Collapsible Soils
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    Chapter 34 Study on the Deformation Properties of Functionally Gradient Metro Tunnel Lining Structure
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    Chapter 35 Geological Context and Fracturing State of the Rock Massifs of the Jijelian Ledge (Northeast Algeria)
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    Chapter 36 Engineering Geological Assessment Using Geochemical, Mineralogical and Petrographic Analysis Along the Riyadh Metro Line 3 (Saudi Arabia)
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    Chapter 37 Strength Estimation of Evaporitic Rocks Using Different Testing Methods
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    Chapter 38 Characterization of Soil Stability to Withstand Erection of High-Rise Structure Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography
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    Chapter 39 Correlation Between Uniaxial Compressive and Shear Strength Data of Limestone Rocks by Regression Analysis and ANFIS Model
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    Chapter 40 Numerical Investigation of the Interface Shear Behaviors Between Double Soil Layers Using PFC2D
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    Chapter 41 Comparison of Soil Strength Parameters in a Small and Large Scale Direct Shear Test
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    Chapter 42 Effect of Organic Matter on Geotechnical Behavior of Soils
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    Chapter 43 Sand Failure: Effect of Biocide on the Geomechanical Properties of Outcrop Carbonate Rock Under Static Conditions
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    Chapter 44 Statistical Analysis of Non-destructive Evaluation of Concrete Strength in Several Case Studies of Literature: Effect of the Number of Cores on the Assessment Predictive Capacity
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    Chapter 45 Correlation of Electrical Resistivity Test with the Geotechnical Parameters of Sandy Soil
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    Chapter 46 Evaluation of the Physical and Mechanical Properties and Structure of Geological Materials by Broadband Ultrasonic Structuroscopy
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    Chapter 47 Mechanical Instability of Sandy Soils Under Seismic Effect (Algeria)
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    Chapter 48 Seismic Response and Failure Mechanism of the Subway Station: A Literature Review
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    Chapter 49 Dynamic Characteristics of Soft Clay Under Traffic Load
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    Chapter 50 Case Study of Reliability Liquefaction Analysis Based on Standard Penetration Test: Sakarya City (Turkey)
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    Chapter 51 Evaluation of Some Part of Lagos (Nigeria) Wetland for Liquefaction Vulnerability Using Integrated Approach
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    Chapter 52 Sand-Steel Interface Behavior Under Cyclic Loading
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    Chapter 53 Cyclic Pressuremeter Tests Dedicated to Study the Behavior of Piles Under Cyclic Transverse Loads
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    Chapter 54 Direct Measurements of Swell Potential of Expansive Soils with Computerized Equipment
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    Chapter 55 Temperature Effect on Alkali Contaminated Kaolinitic Clays
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    Chapter 56 Study on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Clay Before and After Single Freeze-Thaw
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    Chapter 57 Geotechnical Mapping of Clayey Subgrade Soils Characteristics: A Case Study from Tebessa City (Algeria)
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    Chapter 58 Regression Tools to Quantify the Swelling Pressure of Expansive Soil in Tebessa Region (Algeria)
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    Chapter 59 Dynamic Properties of Soft Clay Under Freezing-Thawing Cycle
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    Chapter 60 Stabilization of Clayey Soil Using Lime and Prosopis Fibers
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    Chapter 61 An Experimental Study to Compare Two Soil Improvement Techniques Performance
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    Chapter 62 Effect of Combined Application of Mineral Fertilizer in Soil Hydraulic Properties
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    Chapter 63 Glass Fiber Effect on the Undrained Static Response of Chlef Sand (Northern Algeria)
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    Chapter 64 Long Term Evaluation of Wetting-Drying Cycles for Compacted Soils Treated with Lime
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    Chapter 65 Geotechnical Properties of Sandy Soil Stabilized Using Cement and Prosopis juliflora Fibers
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    Chapter 66 Mechanical Properties of Loess Treated by Calcium Lignosulfonate
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    Chapter 67 Effect of Full Wrap-Around Ends of Geotextile on the Bearing Capacity of Sand
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    Chapter 68 A Direct Shear Investigation on the Determination of the Shearing Resistance of Reinforced Soil with Waste Rubber
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    Chapter 69 Bearing Capacity Behavior of the Clay and Sand Interface Reinforced with Geotextiles
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    Chapter 70 Improvement of Geotechnical Properties of Aged Municipal Solid Wastes Using Dredged Sand and Portland Composite Cement
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    Chapter 71 Valorization of Foundry Green Sand in Road Construction
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    Chapter 72 Experimental and Numerical Performance Evaluation of Cement-Calcined Kaolin-River Sand-Clay Mixture as a Highway Material
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    Chapter 73 An Analytical Model for Determining the Natural Frequency of Retaining Structures Including the Earth Pressures
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    Chapter 74 Modelling of Material and Geometrical Nonlinearities of Footing by a New Non-Linear Macro-Element
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    Chapter 75 Seismic Response of Back-to-Back MSE Walls
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    Chapter 76 Numerical Modeling and Parametric Study of Flexible Wall Reinforced with Anchor System
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    Chapter 77 Reliability Analysis of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations
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    Chapter 78 Numerical Analysis of Piled Raft Interaction in Soft Clay
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    Chapter 79 Multivariate Assessment of Soil—Building Foundation Interaction Using PLAXIS Software
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    Chapter 80 Probability of Failure Assessment of Building Using Traditional and Enhanced Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
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    Chapter 81 Slope Stability Analysis Under External Static Surcharge
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    Chapter 82 Stability Analysis of Slopes Prone to Circular Failures Using Logistic Regression
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    Chapter 83 Comparative Study on the Influence of the Variation of Initial Stress on Slope Stability
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    Chapter 84 The Applicability of the Hybrid Method to Analyze Slope Stabilizing Contiguous Pile Walls
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    Chapter 85 Analysis of the Track Critical Velocity in High-Speed Railway
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    Chapter 86 Flow Filling of a Closed, Circular and Almost Horizontal Pipe
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    Chapter 87 Assessment of Geological Hazards Along Alagaba Highway-Red Sea State, Sudan
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    Chapter 88 Mining Geohazards at the Perimeter of the Amyntaio Open Pit Coal Mine, West Macedonia, Greece
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    Chapter 89 Geomorphic Mapping Reveals ~NW-SE Extension in NW Himalaya
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    Chapter 90 Contribution of Morpho-Tectonic Analysis in the Study of Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Land Movements in North-West Tunisia: Example of Balta and Dir El Kef
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    Chapter 91 Mapping Geological Risk in Urban Areas (by the Example of Moscow, Russia)
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    Chapter 92 Numerical Simulation of Land Subsidence Caused by Both Dewatering and Recharging
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    Chapter 93 Displacement Distribution Caused by Pumping from the Aquifer in Soil
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    Chapter 94 Observations on Failure Behavior of Cut Slopes in Chalky Limestone, Case Studies in RUS Formation
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    Chapter 95 The Landslide of Agrigento Hill (Sicily, Italy)
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    Chapter 96 ROAD Slope Instabilities in Schist Massifs: Case of the National Road Linking Marrakech to Ouarzazate (Morocco)
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    Chapter 97 Rainfall Effect on Slope Stability Using Numerical Analysis
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    Chapter 98 Temporal Characteristics of the Rainfall Induced Landslides in the Chinese Loess Plateau (China)
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    Chapter 99 Tempo-Spatial Distribution and Triggering Mechanism of Loess Landslide: A Case Study from South Jingyang Platform, Shaanxi
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    Chapter 100 Landslides in the Mila Basin-AGIS Approach
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    Chapter 101 Landslide Distribution Analysis and Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study from Haveli District, Pakistan
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    Chapter 102 Debris Flow Susceptibility Assessment at a Regional Scale Based on Flow-R Model (China)
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    Chapter 103 Vegetation Dynamics on Clay Landslides After Bioengineering Works: Three Case Studies in North Apennines, Italy
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    Chapter 104 Training of Sensors for Early Warning System of Rainfall-Induced Landslides
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    Chapter 105 A Photogrammetric Surface Comparison for a Dam Reservoir in a Landslide—Prone Area in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
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    Chapter 106 Evaluation of Natural Radioactivity Levels of Pre-Cambrian Basement Rocks from the South-Western Margin of Arabian-Nubian Shield, Sudan
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    Chapter 107 Temporal Shallow Water Tidal Analysis at Sharm Obhur, the Red Sea
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    Chapter 108 Sinkhole Morphologies from Photogrammetry and Distinct Element Modeling—An Example from the Dead Sea
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    Chapter 109 An Assessment of Sensitivity to Desertification in Western High Atlas of Morocco: An Application to Ain Asmama Site
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    Chapter 110 Erosion Sensitivity Mapping Using GIS-Based Multicriteria Analysis – Case Study of the Semiarid Macta Watershed, North-West of Algeria
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    Chapter 111 Experimental Investigation of Several Different Types of Soil Erosion Protection Systems
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    Chapter 112 Land Use Sensitivity Map for Impact of Land Management on Extreme Flood Events at the Northeast Coast of Peninsular (Malaysia)
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    Chapter 113 Influence of Anthropogenic Activity on the Development and Spreading of Flood Hazardous Events in Madeira Island (Portugal)
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    Chapter 114 Towards Development of Risk-Based, Soil and Groundwater Screening Values (Threshold Values) for Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) in Libya and Tunisia by Considering Climate and Regional “Geographical” Factors
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    Chapter 115 Understanding Preparedness Insufficiency in the Context of DRRM: A Case Study in Malinao, Albay, Philippines
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    Chapter 116 Transposition of the Genius Paraseismic Knowledge at Elements of Architectural Design; Case of Algerian Architects
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    Chapter 117 Protecting Heritage Structures Against Liquefaction: Recent Developments
Attention for Chapter 103: Vegetation Dynamics on Clay Landslides After Bioengineering Works: Three Case Studies in North Apennines, Italy
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Vegetation Dynamics on Clay Landslides After Bioengineering Works: Three Case Studies in North Apennines, Italy
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Recent Advances in Geo-Environmental Engineering, Geomechanics and Geotechnics, and Geohazards
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Donatella Pavanelli, Antea Gennari, Lorenzo Sulpizi, Claudio Cavazza

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