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Advances in Sustainable and Environmental Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Hydrochemistry and Water Resources

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Innovation in Process Engineering for Hydrology
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    Chapter 2 A Comparative Assessment of Meteorological Drought Indices for the Baribo Basin (Cambodia)
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    Chapter 3 Probabilistic Precipitation Forecast in (Indonesia) Using NMME Models: Case Study on Dry Climate Region
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    Chapter 4 Homogeneity and Trend Analysis of Rainfall and Streamflow of Seyhan Basin (Turkey)
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    Chapter 5 Mean Rainfall Variability Effects on the Hydrological Response of Medjerda High Valley (Tunisia)
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    Chapter 6 Information Gain in Rainfall-Runoff Modeling (Tunisia)
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    Chapter 7 Hydrogeological System of Sebaou River Watershed (Northern Central Algeria): An Assessment of Rainfall-Runoff Relationship
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    Chapter 8 New Use of Hydrograph Separation Method for Hydrological Process Identification
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    Chapter 9 Modeling Processes of Water and Heat Regime Formation for Agricultural Region Area (Russia) Utilizing Satellite Data
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    Chapter 10 Warm Season Trends of ETa: A Case Study of Near-North Caspian Low Lands
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    Chapter 11 Development of Frequency Specific Flow Maps on the Sebaou Watershed in Great Kabylia in Algeria
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    Chapter 12 Potentiometric Salinity Mapping of Mishrif Oilfield Waters in (Iraq’s) Southern Oil Fields
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    Chapter 13 A Transient Drainage Equation by Incorporating the Variable Drainable Porosity Function and the Unsaturated Zone Flow Contribution
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    Chapter 14 Study of Solid Transport in Suspension in a Semi-arid Catchment: Case of Boukadir Wadi, Tipaza, Algeria
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    Chapter 15 Temporal Variation of Specific Sediment Yield at Sidi Bel Abbes Basin, North Algeria
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    Chapter 16 Major and Trace Element Distribution in Suspended Particulate Matter and Sediments of the Tropical River Estuary (South Vietnam)
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    Chapter 17 Mobility of Metallic Trace Elements in Surface Waters and Sediments: Case of the Nil Wadi (Jijel, North-East Algeria)
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    Chapter 18 Snowmelt Runoff Simulation During Early 21st Century Using Hydrological Modelling in the Snow-Fed Terrain of Gilgit River Basin (Pakistan)
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    Chapter 19 The Importance of Wetlands and Unhealthy Water Bodies in the Distribution of Malaria in Spain
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    Chapter 20 Effects on Soil-Plant System in a Treated Wastewater Irrigated Sunflower Cultivation: Soil Chemical Characteristics, Bioaccumulation of Metals in Soil and Plants
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    Chapter 21 Assessment Impacts of Irrigation Using Treated Wastewater on Plants Growth, Soil Properties and Metals Accumulation in Soil and Tomato Plants
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    Chapter 22 Phenol Formaldehyde Resin for Hydrophilic Cellulose Paper
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    Chapter 23 Forecasting and Mass Transport Modelling of Nitrates in the Esposende–Vila Do Conde Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (Portugal)
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    Chapter 24 Hydrochemical Quality of the Angads Plain Groundwater (Eastern Morocco)
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    Chapter 25 Physical and Chemical Characterization of the Surface Waters of Djemaa Wadi (Blida, Algeria)
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    Chapter 26 Groundwater Quality in an Alluvial Aquifer Affected by the Anthropogenic and Natural Processes in a Rural Area, North Algeria
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    Chapter 27 Hydrochemical Appraisal of Groundwater in Gash River Basin, Eastern Sudan
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    Chapter 28 Distribution of Trace Elements in the Shallow Aquifer of Guenniche (North Tunisia)
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    Chapter 29 Export Balance of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers at the Scale of the Charmoise Watershed (France)
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    Chapter 30 Hydrogeochemical Modeling and Isotopic Assessment of the Quaternary Aquifer at Ali al-Garbi Area in Misaan Governorate, South of Iraq
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    Chapter 31 Geochemical Classification of Groundwater System in a Rural Area of Nigeria
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    Chapter 32 Contamination of Annaba bay (northeastern extremity of Algeria) by multi-pesticide residues
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    Chapter 33 Complex Interactions Between Fertilizers and Subsoils Triggering Reactive Nitrogen Speciation in Lowlands
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    Chapter 34 Hydrogeological Windows Impact on Groundwater Contamination in Moscow
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    Chapter 35 Impact of Pollution on the Quality of Water of Oued El Harrach (Algeria)
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    Chapter 36 Organic Pollutants Evolution and Degrees of Contamination of Hammam Grouz Dam Waters, North-East of Algeria
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    Chapter 37 Impact of Reclaimed Wastewater Used for Irrigation in the Agricultural Supply Chain
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    Chapter 38 The Reuse of Wastewater in the Context of Climate Change: Case of Mascara Wilaya (Algeria)
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    Chapter 39 Evaluation of the Contamination from Geothermal Fluids upon Waters and Soils in Alaşehir Environs, Turkey
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    Chapter 40 Geochemical and Isotopic Marks for Tracing Groundwater Salinization: Santiago Island, Republic of Cape Verde, Case Study
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    Chapter 41 Application of Geochemical Tracers and Isotopic for Investigation of Recharge and Salinization of Water in the Menzel Bourguiba Aquifer, Northeast of Tunisia
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    Chapter 42 Seawater Intrusion Characterization in a Coastal Aquifer Using Geophysical and Geochemical Approach (Northeastern Tunisia)
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    Chapter 43 Assessment of Saline Water Intrusion in Southwest Coastal Aquifer, Bangladesh Using Visual MODFLOW
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    Chapter 44 Quality of Groundwater and Seawater Intrusion Along Northern Chennai Metropolitan City (India)
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    Chapter 45 Tracing the Evolution of Hypersaline Coastal Groundwaters in Kuwait: An Integrated Approach
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    Chapter 46 Contribution of Hydrochemical and Geoelectrical (ERT and VES) Approaches to Investigate Salinization Process of Phreatic Aquifer and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Arid Area: Example of Garaat Douza and Its Proximities (Mediterranean Basin)
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    Chapter 47 Relationship Between Hydrochemical Variation and the Seawater Intrusion Within Coastal Alluvial Aquifer of Essaouira Basin (Morocco) Using HFE-Diagram
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    Chapter 48 Use of Environmental Isotopes and Hydrochemistry to Characterize Coastal Aquifers in Semi-arid Region. Case Study of Wadi Guenniche Deep Aquifer (NE Tunisia)
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    Chapter 49 Multi-isotope Approach to Study the Problem of Salinity in the Coastal Aquifer of Oued Laya, Tunisia
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    Chapter 50 Groundwater Evolution in the Multilayer Aquifers of the Mekelle Sedimentary Outlier (Northern Ethiopia): A Chemical and Isotopic Approach
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    Chapter 51 Chlorine Geochemical and Isotopic (37Cl/35Cl) Signatures of CO2-Rich Mineral Waters (N-Portugal): Revisited
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    Chapter 52 Relation Between Water Level Fluctuation and Variation in Fluoride Concentration in Groundwater—A Case Study from Hard Rock Aquifer of Telangana, India
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    Chapter 53 Cesium and Uranium Radioisotopes Monitoring in Kuwait Bay Seawater
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    Chapter 54 Integrating Aeromagnetic and LandsatTM 8 Data for Geologic Features of Igbeti Schist Belt, Southwestern Nigeria: Implication for Groundwater Exploration
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    Chapter 55 Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System with Geophysical Resistivity in Groundwater Investigations (West Atbara Basin–River Nile State–Sudan)
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    Chapter 56 Radar Probing of Subsurface Moisture in Barchan Dunes
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    Chapter 57 2D ERI for Groundwater Exploration in a Crystalline Basement Terrain, Abeokuta, Southwestern Nigeria
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    Chapter 58 Geological-Geophysical Investigations for Hydrological Studies in a Basement Complex Terrain, Southwestern Nigeria
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    Chapter 59 Hydraulic Parameters Estimation Using 2D Resistivity Technique: A Case Study in Kapas Island, Malaysia
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    Chapter 60 Numerical Simulation of Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction and Particle Tracking Movement Due to the Effect of Pumping Abstraction of Lower Muda River
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    Chapter 61 Estimating Groundwater Evapotranspiration in Thiaroye Aquifer (Western Senegal)
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    Chapter 62 Geomorphological Control on Groundwater Occurrence Within the Basement Terrain of Keffi Area, North-Central Nigeria
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    Chapter 63 Characterization of Superficial Aquifer in Oued M’Zab (Northern Algerian Sahara)
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    Chapter 64 Role of Kaolinisation in the Khondalitic Aquifers of Eastern Ghats (India)
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    Chapter 65 Assessment of Vulnerability and Risk Mapping at Marsaba—Feshcha Catchment
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    Chapter 66 Comparison of Two Methods for Groundwater Pollution Intrinsic Vulnerability Mapping in Wadi Nil (Jijel, North-East Algeria)
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    Chapter 67 Groundwater Risk Assessment for Shallow Aquifers within the Atankwidi Basin of (Ghana)
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    Chapter 68 Groundwater Flow Modelling of a Multilayer Aquifer in Semi-arid Context
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    Chapter 69 Statistical Analysis of Groundwater Level Variation in Semi-arid Upper Godavari Basin
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    Chapter 70 Groundwater Pollution Index Evaluation Test Using Electrical Conductivity in a Semi-arid Quaternary Aquifer (Kousseri-Cameroon, Lake Chad Basin): Multivariate Statistical Analysis Approach
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    Chapter 71 Hydrological Impacts of Climate Change in Northern Tunisia
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    Chapter 72 Climate Change Impact on Future Flows in Semi-arid Environment, Case of Essaouira Basin (Morocco)
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    Chapter 73 Climate Change Effects on Groundwater Recharge in Some Subsaharian Areas
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    Chapter 74 Recharge Estimation of Hardrock-Alluvium Al-Fara Aquifer, Oman Using Multiple Methods
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    Chapter 75 Groundwater Favourable Infiltration Zones on Granitic Areas (Central Portugal)
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    Chapter 76 Assessment of Groundwater Potential in the Upper Tigris/Turkey Plain
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    Chapter 77 Assessment of Turkey-Harran Basin’s Groundwater Potential and Hydrogeological Properties
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    Chapter 78 Evaluation of the Potential for Artificial Groundwater Recharge of Crystalline Rocks Aquifer, Nuba Mountains (Sudan)
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    Chapter 79 The Impact of Urbanization Versus the Impact of the Change in Climatic Conditions on Groundwater Recharge from Precipitations: Case Study Algiers
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    Chapter 80 Frequency Ratio Model for Mapping Groundwater Potential Zones Using GIS and Remote Sensing; Medjerda Watershed Tunisia
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    Chapter 81 Multivariate Statistical Evaluation of Groundwater Recharge Potential in Arid Region, Southern Tunisia
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    Chapter 82 Water Balance Estimation Under Wildfire and Restoration Scenarios in Semiarid Areas: Effects on Aquifer Recharge
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    Chapter 83 The Impact of the Mobilization of Water Resources in Semi-Arid Areas on Sustainable Development: The Case of Timgad Basin, Northeastern of Algeria
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    Chapter 84 Groundwater Mounding in Fractured Fossil Aquifers in the Saharan-Arabian Desert
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    Chapter 85 A Coupled Hydrogeophysical Approach to Enhance Groundwater Resources Management in Developing Countries
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    Chapter 86 Characterization and Origin of Some North-Eastern Algeria Thermal Waters
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    Chapter 87 Water Footprint and Governance Assessment for Sustainable Water Resource Management in Drought-Prone Barind Area, NW Bangladesh
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    Chapter 88 Water Quality for Irrigation Purposes in the Middle Tafna Watershed (NW, Algeria)
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    Chapter 89 Statistical Multivariate Analysis Assessment of Dams’ Water Quality in the North-Central Algeria
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    Chapter 90 Application of Water Quality Index for Surface Water Quality Assessment Boukourdane Dam, Algeria
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    Chapter 91 Cumulative Probability and Water Quality Index (WQI) for Finding Drinking Water Suitability in a Tannery Belt (Southern India)
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    Chapter 92 Bio-Evaluation of Water Quality in an Algerian Dam by the Application of Biotic Indices; Case of Ghrib Dam
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    Chapter 93 2D Water Quality Modeling of Dam Reservoir (Case Study: Doosti Dam)
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    Chapter 94 Efficiency of a Neuro-Fuzzy Model Based on the Hilbert-Huang Transform for Flood Prediction
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    Chapter 95 Floodline Delineation for Brandfort Area of South Africa: An Integrated Approach
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    Chapter 96 The Effect of Urban Development on Urban Flood Runoff (Case Study: Mashhad, Iran)
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    Chapter 97 Integrated Approach to Assess the Urban Green Infrastructure Priorities (Alexandria, Egypt)
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    Chapter 98 Urbanization Growth Effect on Hydrological Parameters in Mega Cities
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    Chapter 99 Urban Hydrogeological Studies of Groundwater in Central University of Technology Bloemfontein Campus
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    Chapter 100 Assessment and Mapping of Proposed Dam Sites in North West Bank, Palestine Using GIS
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    Chapter 101 Reduction in the Storage Capacity of Dokan Dam Reservoir
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    Chapter 102 Impact of Landfill Leachate Organics on the Behavior of Heavy Metals in Groundwater
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    Chapter 103 Modeling of Toluene and Benzene Concentrations in the Groundwater of Tanjero Waste Dump Area, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
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    Chapter 104 Using Chance Constrained Programming Approach for Optimal Crops Selection and Economic Profitability of Irrigation Under Hydrological Risk: The Case Study of Small Dams in Tunisia
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    Chapter 105 Farmers’ Adaptive Strategies in Face to Groundwater Depletion: A Short-Term Panacea or a Sustainable Solution? Evidences from the Center of Tunisia
Attention for Chapter 60: Numerical Simulation of Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction and Particle Tracking Movement Due to the Effect of Pumping Abstraction of Lower Muda River
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