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Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Overview: Spatial Planning for Achieving Sustainable Urban Forms
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    Chapter 2 The Possibility of Sharing Spatial Data and Research Cooperation Within East Asia Countries
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    Chapter 3 A Study on Classification of Downtown Areas Based on Small and Medium Cities in Korea
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    Chapter 4 Significance and Limitations of the Support Policy for Marginal Hamlets in the Strategy of Self-sustaining Regional Sphere Development
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    Chapter 5 Continuity of Relations Between Local Living Environments and the Elderly Moved to a Group Living
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    Chapter 6 The Use of Indicators to Assess Urban Regeneration Performance for Climate-Friendly Urban Development: The Case of Yokohama Minato Mirai 21
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    Chapter 7 Imagination and Practice of Collaborative Landscape, Ecological, and Cultural Planning in Taiwan: The Case of Taichung County and Changhua County
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    Chapter 8 Sustainable-Oriented Study on Conservation Planning of Cave-Dwelling Village Culture Landscape
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    Chapter 9 Characteristic of Sustainable Location for Townhouse Development in Bangkok and Greater Metropolitan Area, Thailand
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    Chapter 10 Modeling Housing Demand Structure: An Example of Beijing
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    Chapter 11 The Role of the Knowledge Community and Transmission of Knowledge: A Case of Bicycle SMEs in Taiwan
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    Chapter 12 Acceptability of Personal Mobility Vehicles to Public in Japan: Results of Social Trial in Toyota City
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    Chapter 13 Urban Form, Transportation Energy Consumption, and Environment Impact Integrated Simulation: A Multi-agent Model
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    Chapter 14 Mapping Walking Accessibility, Bus Availability, and Car Dependence: A Case Study of Xiamen, China
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    Chapter 15 Effects of Green Curtains to Improve the Living Environment
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    Chapter 16 A Comparison of Green Roof Systems with Conventional Roof for the Storm Water Runoff
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    Chapter 17 Evaluation and Regulation of Ecological Security When Implementing Urban Planning: Review and Suggestions for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development in China
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    Chapter 18 An Investigation of Changes in the Urban Shadow of Beijing Metropolis Under Agricultural Structural Adjustment in China
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    Chapter 19 The Spatial Planning of Agricultural Production in Beijing Toward Producing Comfortable and Beautiful Living Environment
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    Chapter 20 Simplified Ecological Planning Method for Sustainable Landscape Management by Humantope Index: Patterns of Land-Use Continuity, Historical Land Use and Landownership
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    Chapter 21 Land Cover Analysis with High-Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery and Its Application for the CO2 Flux Estimation
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    Chapter 22 Taiwan’s Five Major Metropolitan Areas of Taiwan Vulnerability Assessment of Flood Disaster Comparison Study
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    Chapter 23 The Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Socioeconomic Vulnerabilities in the Historical Site of an Island City: A Case Study of a Fire Incident in Nan-Gan Township, Lien-Chiang County, Taiwan
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    Chapter 24 Sustainable Communities in Hilly, Mountainous and Heavy Snowfall Areas
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    Chapter 25 A Vulnerability Study from Water Perspective on the Largest City of China
Attention for Chapter 16: A Comparison of Green Roof Systems with Conventional Roof for the Storm Water Runoff
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