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Dao Companion to Korean Confucian Philosophy

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Korean Neo-Confucian Thought
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    Chapter 3 What is Korean about Korean Confucianism?
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    Chapter 4 “History, Philosophy, and Spirituality of the Four-Seven Debate: The Korean Neo-Confucian Interpretation of Human Nature, Emotions, and Self-Cultivation”
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    Chapter 5 A Sixteenth-Century Neo-Confucian Korean Critical Response to the Chinese L uo Zheng’an’s Theory of Human and Moral Mind
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    Chapter 6 S ŏ Kyŏngdŏk and the Rise of the Philosophy of Ki 氣
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    Chapter 7 Toegye: His Life, Learning and Times
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    Chapter 8 Y i Yulgok’s Life and His Neo-Confucian Synthesis
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    Chapter 9 Song Siyŏl: The Revival of a Qi -Oriented Approach to the Interpretation of the Mind
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    Chapter 10 The Sarim Movement and Confucian Philosophy
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    Chapter 11 The Horak Debate Concerning Human Nature and the Nature of All Other Beings
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    Chapter 12 Korean Yangming Learning
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    Chapter 13 Philosophical Bases of the Goryeo-Joseon Confucian-Buddhist Confrontation: The Works of Jeong Dojeon (Sambong) and Hamheo Deuktong (Gihwa)
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    Chapter 14 A Meeting of Extremes: The Symbiosis of Confucians and Shamans
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    Chapter 15 Western Learning and New Directions in Korean Neo-Confucianism
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    Chapter 16 Dasan Jeong Yak-yong: A Synthesizer of Korean Confucianism
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    Chapter 17 Neo-Confucianism, Women, and the Law in Chosŏn Korea
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    Chapter 18 Korean Confucianism and Women’s Leadership in the Twenty-First Century – A Religious Reflection on Gang Jeongildang 姜靜一堂 (1772–1832), a Woman Confucian Scholar in the Late Joseon Dynasty
Attention for Chapter 9: Song Siyŏl: The Revival of a Qi -Oriented Approach to the Interpretation of the Mind
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Chapter title
Song Siyŏl: The Revival of a Qi -Oriented Approach to the Interpretation of the Mind
Chapter number 9
Book title
Dao Companion to Korean Confucian Philosophy
Published by
Springer, Dordrecht, January 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-2933-1_9
Book ISBNs
978-9-04-812932-4, 978-9-04-812933-1

Shinhwan Kwak