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Nuclei in the Cosmos XV

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Resonances in Stellar Carbon Fusion
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    Chapter 2 On the Mass of Supernova Progenitors: The Role of the $$^{12}$$ C $$+^{12}$$ C Reaction
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    Chapter 3 The 12 C+ 12 C Fusion Reaction at Stellar Energies
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    Chapter 4 The Resonant Behaviour of the $$^{12}$$ C+ $$^{12}$$ C Fusion Cross Section at Astrophysical Energies
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    Chapter 5 $$^{7}$$ Be(n,p) $$^{7}$$ Li Cross Section Measurement for the Cosmological Lithium Problem at the n $$\_$$ TOF Facility at CERN
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    Chapter 6 Cross Section Measurements of the 7 Be(n,p) 7 Li and the 7 Be(n,α) 4 He Reactions Covering the Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis Energy Range by the Trojan Horse Method at CRIB
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    Chapter 7 Non-extensive Solution to Cosmological Lithium Problem
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    Chapter 8 Experimental Challenge to the Cosmological Li Problem
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    Chapter 9 The Cosmologically Relevant $$^7$$ Be(n, $$\alpha $$ ) $$^4$$ He Reaction in View of the Recent THM Investigations
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    Chapter 10 Few-Nucleon Reactions of Astrophysical Interest: A Review
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    Chapter 11 Data for the s Process from n_TOF
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    Chapter 12 The Study of the $$^{6}$$ Li(p, $$\gamma $$ ) $$^{7}$$ Be Reaction at LUNA
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    Chapter 13 A New Measurement of the $$^{2}$$ H(p, $$\gamma $$ ) $$^{3}$$ He Cross Section in the BBN Energy Range at LUNA
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    Chapter 14 Galactic Chemical Evolution with Rotating Massive Star Yields
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    Chapter 15 Inhomogeneous Chemical Evolution of r-Process Elements in the Galactic Halo
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    Chapter 16 Nucleosynthesis in Core-Collapse Supernovae
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    Chapter 17 Neutron Star Mergers as r-Process Sources
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    Chapter 18 Impact of Electron-Captures on N = 50 Nuclei on Core-Collapse Supernovae
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    Chapter 19 Learning About Nucleosynthesis from Multi-dimensional Simulations of Core-Collapse Supernovae
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    Chapter 20 Fission Properties Relevant for GW170817
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    Chapter 21 Explosive Nucleosynthesis: What We Learned and What We Still Do Not Understand
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    Chapter 22 The Beta-Oslo Method: Experimentally Constrained ( $$n,\gamma $$ ) Reaction Rates Relevant to the r -Process
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    Chapter 23 Assessment of Stellar Nucleosynthesis Abundances Using ENDF/B-VIII.0 and TENDL-2015 Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries
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    Chapter 24 Axions and the Final Fate of Stars
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    Chapter 25 Neutrinos from Pair Instability Supernovae
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    Chapter 26 Neutrinos from Presupernova Stars
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    Chapter 27 The Chemical Composition of the Solar System
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    Chapter 28 Observational Constraints on Nucleosynthesis from AGB and Post-AGB Stars in Our Galaxy and Its Satellites
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    Chapter 29 Heavy Elements Nucleosynthesis on Accreting White Dwarfs Surface: Seeding the p-Process
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    Chapter 30 The Importance of the $$^{13}$$ C( $$\alpha $$ ,n) $$^{16}$$ O Reaction in Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
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    Chapter 31 Thermonuclear Supernovae: Prospecting in the Age of Time-Domain and Multi-wavelength Astronomy
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    Chapter 32 Experimental Study of the $${^{30}}{\text {P}({\text {p}}}{,}{\upgamma })^{31}\text {S}$$ Reaction in Classical Novae
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    Chapter 33 s-Processing from MHD-Induced Mixing and Isotopic Abundances in Presolar SiC Grains
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    Chapter 34 The Evolution of CNO Isotope Ratios: A Litmus Test for Stellar IMF Variations in Galaxies Across Cosmic Time
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    Chapter 35 Direct $$^{13}$$ C $$(\alpha $$ ,n $$)^{16}$$ O Cross Section Measurement at Low Energies
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    Chapter 36 Nuclear AstroPhysics at ELI-NP: Preliminary Experiments with ELISSA Detector
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    Chapter 37 Direct Charged-Particle Measurements Using Stable Beams Above Ground
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    Chapter 38 Neutron Induced Reactions in Astrophysics
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    Chapter 39 Progress of Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Experiment JUNA in China
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    Chapter 40 Trojan Horse Method: A Versatile Tool for Nuclear Astrophysics
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    Chapter 41 Nuclear Reaction of Astrophysical Interest with LUNA Projects
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    Chapter 42 Investigation of neutron-induced reaction at the Goethe University Frankfurt
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    Chapter 43 Nuclear Astrophysics Underground: Status and Future
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    Chapter 44 Study on Explosive Nucleosynthesis with Low-Energy RI Beams at CRIB
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    Chapter 45 Charged-Particle Decays of Highly Excited States in $$^{19}$$ F
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    Chapter 46 Pulse Shape Discrimination for High Pressure $$^{3}$$ He Counters
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    Chapter 47 Photoneutron Reaction Cross Section Measurements on 94 Mo and 90 Zr Relevant to the p -Process Nucleosynthesis
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    Chapter 48 First Time Measurement of the $$^{19}$$ F(p, $$\alpha _1$$ ) $$^{16}$$ O Reaction at Astrophysical Energies: Evidence of Resonances Through the Application of the Trojan Horse Method
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    Chapter 49 Aluminium-26 from Massive Binary Stars
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    Chapter 50 Study of the E $$_{\alpha }$$ = 395 keV Resonance of the 22 Ne(α, γ) 26 Mg Reaction at LUNA
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    Chapter 51 The s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Low Mass Stars: Impact of the Uncertainties in the Nuclear Physics Determined by Monte Carlo Variations
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    Chapter 52 Stellar Nucleosynthesis: Experimental Yields of the 112 Sn(γ,n) 111 Sn and 112 Sn(γ,p) 111 m , g In Reactions for p-Nuclei Production Simulation
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    Chapter 53 The Development of 400 kV High Intensity Accelerator Facility for Jinping Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Experiments
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    Chapter 54 $$\mathrm {^{7}}$$ Be(p,p) $$\mathrm {^{7}}$$ Be and Its Importance in Nuclear Astrophysics
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    Chapter 55 Direct Measurement of the $$^{13}C(\alpha ,n)^{16}O$$ Reaction at LUNA
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    Chapter 56 H-He Shell Interactions and Nucleosynthesis in Massive Population III Stars
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    Chapter 57 A Public Code for Precision Big Bang Nucleosynthesis with Improved Helium-4 Predictions
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    Chapter 58 The LUNA Neutron Detector Array for the Direct Measurement of the $$^{13}{\hbox {C}}$$ ( $$\alpha $$ ,n) $$^{16}{\hbox {O}}$$ Nuclear Reaction
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    Chapter 59 On Barium Stars and the s -Process in AGB Stars
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    Chapter 60 The $$^{19}\mathrm{F}( \alpha ,\mathrm{p})^{22}$$ Ne and $$^{23}\mathrm{Na}(\mathrm{p},\alpha )^{20}$$ Ne Reactions at Energies of Astrophysical Interest via the Trojan Horse Method
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    Chapter 61 The HEAT Project: Study of Hydrogen Desorption from Carbon Targets
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    Chapter 62 Explosion of Fast Spinning Sub-Chandrasekhar Mass White Dwarfs
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    Chapter 63 Low-Energy Resonances and Direct Capture Cross Section in the $${^{22}}\text {Ne}(\text {p},\gamma )^{23}\text {Na}$$ Reaction
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    Chapter 64 Theoretical Calculation of the p- $${}^6\text {Li}$$ Radiative Capture
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    Chapter 65 Indirect $$(n, \gamma )^{91,92}$$ Zr Cross Section Measurements for the s-Process
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    Chapter 66 Heavy Puzzle Pieces: Learning About the  i Process from Pb Abundances
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    Chapter 67 Women Scientists Who Made Nuclear Astrophysics
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    Chapter 68 Presolar SiC Grains of Type AB with Isotopically Light Nitrogen: Contributions from Supernovae?
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    Chapter 69 Alpha-Capture Reaction Rate for $$^{22}$$ Ne( $$\alpha $$ , n) via Sub-Coulomb $$\alpha $$ -Transfer and Its Effect on Final Abundances of s-Process Isotopes
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    Chapter 70 On the Activation Method for Stellar Cross-Sections Measurements: Flat Sample Correction in Measurements Relatives to Gold
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    Chapter 71 Relative Importance of Convective Uncertainties
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    Chapter 72 Weak Interference Between the 1 $$^-$$ States in the Vicinity of $$\alpha $$ -Particle Threshold of  $$^{16}$$ O
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    Chapter 73 The Effects of $$^{26}$$ Al Isomeric State on Its Ground State Production
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    Chapter 74 Spectroscopic Study on $$^{ 39 }$$ Ca Using the  $$^{ 40 }$$ Ca(d,t) $$^{ 39 }$$ Ca Reaction for Classical Nova Endpoint Nucleosynthesis
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    Chapter 75 Inhomogeneous Primordial Magnetic Field Strength and Its Impact on Primordial Nucleosynthesis
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    Chapter 76 Systematic Low-Energy Enhancement of the Gamma-Ray Strength Function
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    Chapter 77 Impacts of the New Carbon Fusion Cross Sections on Type Ia Supernovae
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    Chapter 78 A BGO Set-Up for the $$\mathbf {\mathrm {^2H(p,\varvec{\gamma })^3He}}$$ Cross Section Measurement at the BBN Energy Range
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    Chapter 79 Cosmic-Ray Nucleosynthesis in Galactic Interactions
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    Chapter 80 First Radiative Proton-Capture Cross-Section Measurements in Mid-Weight Nuclei Relevant to the p -Process
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    Chapter 81 Radiative Alpha Capture on 7 Be with DRAGON at Energies Relevant to the $$\varvec{\nu }$$ p-Process
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    Chapter 82 Uncertainties in the Production of p Nuclides in SN Ia Determined by Monte Carlo Variations
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    Chapter 83 Germanium Detector Based Study of the $$^{2}$$ H(p, $$\gamma $$ ) $$^{3}$$ He Cross Section at LUNA
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    Chapter 84 R-Process Nucleosynthesis in Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions and Binary Neutron Star Mergers
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    Chapter 85 Precise Measurement of the $$^{95}$$ Ru and  $$^{95}$$ Tc Half-Lives
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    Chapter 86 Stellar Yields of Rotating Pair Instability Supernovae and Comparison with Observations
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    Chapter 87 Stellar Surface Abundance of Light Elements and Updated ( p , $$\alpha $$ ) Reaction Rates
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    Chapter 88 Improving Nuclear Data Input for r-Process Calculations Around A $$\sim $$ 80
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    Chapter 89 Development of an Ionization Chamber for the Measurement of the $$^{16}$$ O(n, $${\alpha }$$ ) $$^{13}$$ C Cross-Section at the CERN n_TOF Facility
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    Chapter 90 The Effects of a Late Single-Star Contamination of the Solar Nebula on the Early Solar System Radioactivities
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    Chapter 91 On the Measurements of the Beam Characteristics of Low-Energy Accelerator
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    Chapter 92 The Nuclear Physics Uncertainty on Kilonova Heating Rates and the Role of Fission
Attention for Chapter 51: The s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Low Mass Stars: Impact of the Uncertainties in the Nuclear Physics Determined by Monte Carlo Variations
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Chapter title
The s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Low Mass Stars: Impact of the Uncertainties in the Nuclear Physics Determined by Monte Carlo Variations
Chapter number 51
Book title
Nuclei in the Cosmos XV
Published in
arXiv, January 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-13876-9_51
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-013875-2, 978-3-03-013876-9

G. Cescutti, R. Hirschi, N. Nishimura, T. Rauscher, J. den Hartogh, A. St. J. Murphy, S. Cristallo, Gabriele Cescutti, Raphael Hirschi, Nobuya Nishimura, Thomas Rauscher, Jacqueline den Hartogh, Alex St. J. Murphy, Sergio Cristallo

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