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Intelligent Distributed Computing XIII

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Using Blockchain for Reputation-Based Cooperation in Federated IoT Domains
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    Chapter 2 Design of Fail-Safe Quadrocopter Configuration
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    Chapter 3 CAAVI-RICS Model for Analyzing the Security of Fog Computing Systems
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    Chapter 4 Conceptual Model of Digital Platform for Enterprises of Industry 5.0
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    Chapter 5 Conceptual Data Modeling Using Aggregates to Ensure Large-Scale Distributed Data Management Systems Security
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    Chapter 6 Smart Topic Sharing in IoT Platform Based on a Social Inspired Broker
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    Chapter 7 Easy Development of Software for IoT Systems
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    Chapter 8 Privacy-Preserving LDA Classification over Horizontally Distributed Data
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    Chapter 9 Improving Parallel Data Mining for Different Data Distributions in IoT Systems
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    Chapter 10 An Experiment on Automated Requirements Mapping Using Deep Learning Methods
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    Chapter 11 Using the Doc2Vec Algorithm to Detect Semantically Similar Jira Issues in the Process of Resolving Customer Requests
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    Chapter 12 evoRF: An Evolutionary Approach to Random Forests
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    Chapter 13 The Method of Fuzzy Logic and Data Mining for Monitoring Troposphere Parameters Using Ground-Based Radiometric Complex
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    Chapter 14 Actor-Network Approach to Self-organisation in Global Logistics Networks
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    Chapter 15 Multi-agent System for Simulation of Response to Supply Chain Disruptions
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    Chapter 16 Data Warehouse Design for Security Applications Using Distributed Ontology-Based Knowledge Representation
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    Chapter 17 Exploring the Space of Block Structured Scheduling Processes Using Constraint Logic Programming
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    Chapter 18 Global and Private Job-Flow Scheduling Optimization in Grid Virtual Organizations
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    Chapter 19 Type-Based Genetic Algorithms
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    Chapter 20 Distributed Construction of a Level Class Description in the Framework of Logic-Predicate Approach to AI Problems
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    Chapter 21 On Approaches for Solving Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems
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    Chapter 22 Hierarchical Simulation of Onboard Networks
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    Chapter 23 Strategies Comparison in Link Building Problem
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    Chapter 24 Research of the Possibility of Hidden Embedding of a Digital Watermark Using Practical Methods of Channel Steganography
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    Chapter 25 A Highly Scalable Index Structure for Multicore In-Memory Database Systems
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    Chapter 26 Applying the Split-Join Queuing System Model to Estimating the Efficiency of Detecting Contamination Content Process in Multimedia Objects Streams
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    Chapter 27 On the Applicability of the Modernized Method of Latent-Semantic Analysis to Identify Negative Content in Multimedia Objects
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    Chapter 28 Digital Subjects as New Power Actors: A Critical View on Political, Media-, and Digital Spaces Intersection
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    Chapter 29 An Approach to Creating an Intelligent System for Detecting and Countering Inappropriate Information on the Internet
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    Chapter 30 A Note on Analysing the Attacker Aims Behind DDoS Attacks
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    Chapter 31 Formation of the System of Signs of Potentially Harmful Multimedia Objects
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    Chapter 32 Soft Estimates for Social Engineering Attack Propagation Probabilities Depending on Interaction Rates Among Instagram Users
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    Chapter 33 Development of the Complex Algorithm for Web Pages Classification to Detection Inappropriate Information on the Internet
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    Chapter 34 Approach to Identification and Analysis of Information Sources in Social Networks
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    Chapter 35 The Architecture of Subsystem for Eliminating an Uncertainty in Assessment of Information Objects’ Semantic Content Based on the Methods of Incomplete, Inconsistent and Fuzzy Knowledge Processing
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    Chapter 36 The Common Approach to Determination of the Destructive Information Impacts and Negative Personal Tendencies of Young Generation Using the Neural Network Methods for the Internet Content Processing
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    Chapter 37 Authorize-then-Authenticate: Supporting Authorization Decisions Prior to Authentication in an Electronic Identity Infrastructure
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    Chapter 38 Modeling and Evaluation of Battery Depletion Attacks on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Crisis Management Systems
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    Chapter 39 The Integrated Model of Secure Cyber-Physical Systems for Their Design and Verification
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    Chapter 40 Scalable Data Processing Approach and Anomaly Detection Method for User and Entity Behavior Analytics Platform
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    Chapter 41 Approach to Detection of Denial-of-Sleep Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks on the Base of Machine Learning
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    Chapter 42 Model of Smart Manufacturing System
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    Chapter 43 Technology Resolution Criterion of Uncertainty in Intelligent Distributed Decision Support Systems
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    Chapter 44 Satellite Constellation Control Based on Inter-Satellite Information Interaction
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    Chapter 45 Load Balancing Cloud Computing with Web-Interface Using Multi-channel Queuing Systems with Warming up and Cooling
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    Chapter 46 Application of Cyber-Physical System and Real-Time Control Construction Algorithm in Supply Chain Management Problem
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    Chapter 47 Method for Design of ‘smart’ Spacecraft Onboard Decision Making in Case of Limited Onboard Resources
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    Chapter 48 Intelligent Technologies and Systems for Spatial Industrial Strategic Planning
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    Chapter 49 Conceptual and Formal Models of Information Technologies Use for Decisions Support in Technological Systems
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    Chapter 50 Role and Future of Standards in Development of Intelligent and Dependable Control Software in Russian Space Industry
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    Chapter 51 Improved Particle Swarm Medical Image Segmentation Algorithm for Decision Making
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    Chapter 52 Collecting and Processing Distributed Data for Decision Support in Social Ecology
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    Chapter 53 Evaluation of the Dynamics of Phytomass in the Tundra Zone Using a Fuzzy-Opportunity Approach
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    Chapter 54 Lower Limbs Exoskeleton Control System Based on Intelligent Human-Machine Interface
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    Chapter 55 Central Audio-Library of the University of Novi Sad
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    Chapter 56 Applying Ensemble Learning Techniques and Neural Networks to Deceptive and Truthful Information Detection Task in the Flow of Speech
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    Chapter 57 Model Checking to Detect the Hummingbad Malware
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    Chapter 58 ECU-Secure: Characteristic Functions for In-Vehicle Intrusion Detection
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    Chapter 59 Experimenting with Machine Learning in Automated Intrusion Response
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    Chapter 60 Method of Several Information Spaces for Identification of Anomalies
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    Chapter 61 Gateway for Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems with Hardware-Based Trust Anchors
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    Chapter 62 The Architecture of the System for Monitoring the Status in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease Using Mobile Technologies
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    Chapter 63 Approach to Association and Classification Rules Visualization
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    Chapter 64 The Visualization-Driven Approach to the Analysis of the HVAC Data
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Intelligent Distributed Computing XIII
Published by
Springer International Publishing, December 2019
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-32258-8
978-3-03-032257-1, 978-3-03-032258-8

Kotenko, Igor, Badica, Costin, Desnitsky, Vasily , El Baz, Didier, Ivanovic, Mirjana

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