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Decision Economics: Complexity of Decisions and Decisions for Complexity

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Calibrating Methods for Decision Making Under Uncertainty
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    Chapter 2 Coordination and Search for New Solutions
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    Chapter 3 Appeasement or Radicalism: A Game Between Intruders and Occupiers
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    Chapter 4 Coping with Bounded Rationality, Uncertainty, and Scarcity in Product Development Decisions: Experimental Research
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    Chapter 5 What Next for Experimental Economics? Searching for an Alternative Pathway Founded on Mathematical Methods
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    Chapter 6 Generating Neural Archetypes to Instruct Fast and Interpretable Decisions
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    Chapter 7 Strength Investing - A Computable Methodology for Capturing Strong Trends in Price-Time Space in Stocks, Futures, and Forex
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    Chapter 8 A Deep Learning Framework for Stock Prediction Using LSTM
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    Chapter 9 Testing Fiscal Solvency in Macroeconomics
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    Chapter 10 CEO Gender and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence of Women on Board from EMEA Banks
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    Chapter 11 The Minimum Heterogeneous Agent Configuration to Realize the Future Price Time Series Similar to Any Given Spot Price Time Series in the AI Market Experiment
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    Chapter 12 A Lab Experiment Using a Natural Language Interface to Extract Information from Data: The NLIDB Game
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    Chapter 13 The Interdependence of Shared Context: Autonomous Human-Machine Teams
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    Chapter 14 Games with Multiple Alternatives Applied to Voting Systems
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    Chapter 15 Measuring the Macroeconomic Uncertainty Based on the News Text by Supervised LDA for Investor’s Decision Making
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    Chapter 16 Mapping the Geography of Italian Knowledge
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    Chapter 17 Hot Trading and Price Stability Under Media Supervision in the Chinese Stock Market
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    Chapter 18 Does Cultural Distance Affect International Trade in the Eurozone?
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    Chapter 19 Making Sense of Economics Datasets with Evolutionary Coresets
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    Chapter 20 Understanding Microeconomics Through Cognitive Science: Making a Case for Early Entrepreneurial Decisions
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    Chapter 21 Concept Cloud-Based Sentiment Visualization for Financial Reviews
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    Chapter 22 Population Aging and Productivity. Does Culture Matter? Some Evidence from the EU
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    Chapter 23 Complex Decision-Making Process Underlying Individual Travel Behavior and Its Reflection in Applied Travel Models
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    Chapter 24 Learning Uncertainty in Market Trend Forecast Using Bayesian Neural Networks
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    Chapter 25 Amortizing Securities as a Pareto-Efficient Reward Mechanism
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    Chapter 26 A Micro-level Analysis of Regional Economic Activity Through a PCA Approach
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    Chapter 27 Can a Free Market Be Complete?
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    Chapter 28 The Self-Organizing Map: An Methodological Note
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    Chapter 29 The Study of Co-movement Mechanisms Between the Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong Capital Markets
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    Chapter 30 In Favor of Multicultural Integration: An Experimental Design to Assess Young Migrants’ Literacy Rate
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    Chapter 31 Coping with Long-Term Performance Industrial Paving: A Finite Element Model to Support Decision-Making Structural Design
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    Chapter 32 Does Trust Create Trust? A Further Experimental Evidence from an Extra-Laboratory Investment Game
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    Chapter 33 Evolution of Business Collaboration Networks: An Exploratory Study Based on Multiple Factor Analysis
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    Chapter 34 Ethics and Decisions in Distributed Technologies: A Problem of Trust and Governance Advocating Substantive Democracy
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    Chapter 35 The Ascending Staircase of the Metaphor: From a Rhetorical Device to a Method for Revealing Cognitive Processes
Attention for Chapter 19: Making Sense of Economics Datasets with Evolutionary Coresets
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Chapter title
Making Sense of Economics Datasets with Evolutionary Coresets
Chapter number 19
Book title
Decision Economics: Complexity of Decisions and Decisions for Complexity
Published by
Springer, Cham, February 2020
DOI 10.1007/978-3-030-38227-8_19
Book ISBNs
978-3-03-038226-1, 978-3-03-038227-8

Pietro Barbiero, Alberto Tonda