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Top 10 research outputs

Below is a list of the top 10 research outputs in this report. Each research output has an Altmetric Attention Score, which provides an indicator of the amount of attention that has been received.

Rank Attention Score Research output

‘Just snap out of it’ – the experience of loneliness in women with perinatal depression: a Meta-synthesis of qualitative studies


Impact of post-COVID conditions on mental health: a cross-sectional study in Japan and Sweden


Prevalence of lifetime self-injurious thoughts and behaviors in a global sample of 599 patients reporting prospectively confirmed diagnosis with premenstrual dysphoric disorder


Pro-inflammatory diet and depressive symptoms in the healthcare setting


Investigate the relationship between cell-phone over-use scale with depression, anxiety and stress among university students


The relationship between area levels of involuntary psychiatric care and patient outcomes: a longitudinal national register study from Norway


An investigation of cannabis use for insomnia in depression and anxiety in a naturalistic sample


The relationship between attachment to pets and mental health: the shared link via attachment to humans


Metacognitions and brooding predict depressive symptoms in a community adolescent sample


Inequalities in children’s mental health care: analysis of routinely collected data on prescribing and referrals to secondary care

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