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Altmetric’s interface tracks online engagement to reveal how and where your research is making a difference.

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Reveal online attention to research at speed

Thousands of conversations about research happen online every day. Altmetric tracks and captures a range of online attention sources to published research across social media, news outlets, policy and more. We collate this activity, to help you monitor, report and showcase the attention surrounding the research you care about.

What can Altmetric help you to achieve?

Discover some of our solutions for online attention tracking

Uncover the wider influence of published research

Altmetric Explorer

Access and compare online attention to research, as Altmetric tracks thousands of online mentions across social media, mainstream media, policy, patents and more all in one platform.

Showcase research influence

Altmetric Badges

Quickly view and understand the dissemination of research at a glance.

Complement traditional citation analysis with Altmetric Badges. Each badge compiles and consolidates online attention to research, so you can instantly visualize and interpret online attention.

Flexible data as you need it

Altmetric API

Leverage Altmetric data in the way that works best for your organization.

Conduct more complex searches, ask granular questions, build custom visualizations and merge your own data with the Altmetric API.

Custom insight to meet your needs

Altmetric Consultancy

Have your questions answered, as our team creates customized and accurate dashboards in the way you need it.

Tell us your needs and our friendly data analysts can help you create a solution based on your exact requirements. They can even help you uncover solutions you hadn’t thought possible.

Transform your approach to engagement tracking

Move beyond citations and listen in on the conversation

What our customers say about us

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“Altmetric has the potential to change the way we understand the impact that research has within academia and more importantly the wider impact that it has in society.”

SAGE Publications

Latest insights

Olympics research outputs through an Altmetric lens

Do the Olympics-related publications with top billing (in terms of the highest Altmetric Attention Scores) reflect current societal concerns?

Varied layers of attention: The Altmetric 500

Altmetric 500 aims to give readers a sense of which research gained traction on different public platforms, and how that might compare with the articles that resonated within the scholarly space. 

Understanding audiences with machine learning

Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used not only to analyze a company’s internal data but also to extract information from the external environment , revealing hidden experts and resources within an organization.

In a recent conversation for a podcast, Carlos Areia, Senior Data Scientist at Digital Science and Julia Mutygullina, Product Solutions Manager at Digital Science with Garth Sundem, Director of Communications and Marketing at Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) discussed machine learning as a tool for understanding audiences, including audience segments/personas and individuals within these groups.

They also touched on the limitations and data privacy concerns that distinguish what we “could” know from what we “should” uncover.

How tracking language diversity in Wikipedia gives d…

Altmetric’s expansion to include multi-language tracking was a step in the direction of gaining a deeper comprehension of attention beyond the English-speaking world.

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