Communication and publication planners can leverage Altmetric data to optimize their reach, inform their strategies, and understand their scientific share of voice.

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Drive effective pharmaceutical communication and publication strategies

Take a data-driven approach to understand your influence

Our technology collates information from thousands of online conversations and mentions globally to unlock and visualize online influence.

Data is presented in a shareable, interactive, and visual way, empowering medical affairs teams to make more confident strategic planning decisions.

Delivering insights that are unique to your organization and therapeutic area, Altmetric offers a foundation of data to reinforce and optimize decision-making.

Whether you’re looking for key opinion leaders (KOLs) and the rising stars of the future or analyzing the scientific share of voice, sentiment analysis, and the demographic profile of your audience, Altmetric can be your data partner of choice, enabling you to make decisions with ease.

Ready to analyze the reach of your research?

Unlock digital data to drive your decision making

Analyze your share of voice and discover the sentiment behind your attention
Effectively plan your outreach
Find rising stars and identify the sphere of influence of KOLs

Supercharge your strategy with data insights gathered at speed

Discover the Publication Strategy Collection for Medical Affairs

Analyze your scientific share of voice and discover the sentiment behind your attention

Public opinion matters.

Built using robust data and machine learning, our unique Scientific Share of Voice dashboard allows you to explore trends and performance by journal, therapeutic area, KOLs, and more.

Our sentiment analysis allows you to profile online attention, so you can see how your publications and clinical developments are being received.

And we can track this right down to the audience profile, so you can see what HCPs and patients really think.

Select the perfect journal to publish your research in minutes

Obtain quick insights to aid your strategic decisions.

Our Journal Selection dashboard combines traditional and social metrics, eliminating the need to visit multiple sources and ensuring no crucial details are overlooked.

See only the most relevant information, filtered to your therapeutic area. 

Understand the impact of your publications at speed

Ensure your publications are being read by, and influencing, HCPs.  

Our Publication Impact dashboard gives you an accurate picture of an individual publication’s performance at speed. This accelerates the process of evaluation and empowers you to understand the impact of a single publication in accurate and very fine detail across a broad range of indicators. 

Compare multiple publications at once to uncover strategies based on publications’ performance – making the process of proving your success quick and easy. 

Effectively plan your outreach

Uncover topic presence and see what research is sparking online conversations and which journals are having the greatest influence in your therapeutic area to inform your communication planning.

Altmetric showcases robust data in digestible visualizations, so you can gather insight at a glance.

These visuals can also be exported for pitches pre-approval.

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Find DOLs, rising stars and identify the sphere of influence of KOLs

Clinical trials can take years, so how do you secure the opinion leaders of tomorrow?

Altmetric’s bespoke dashboards, in collaboration with Dimensions data, can help you uncover the rising stars of the future in your therapeutic area. First telling you who you know – and then showing you those who you don’t.

So you don’t need to rely on good luck to stay ahead of your competitors.

And, to better understand their sphere of influence, you can conduct a thorough audit of each KOL in your therapeutic area to quickly assess their reach, reception, and resonance before you engage with them.

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“With altmetrics, we can better understand if we’re having the right influence, reaching relevant audiences and engaging effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.”

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