Altmetric solutions

Altmetric solutions work together to analyze different forms of engagement.

Altmetric Explorer

Narrow or broaden your search using powerful search filters. Compare results, explore insights, benchmark against peers, and export customizable reports.

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Altmetric for Books

Monitor your outreach efforts and showcase the influence of your publications. Altmetric icons clearly display the online conversation surrounding any publication.

a sidebar next to an Altmetric donut with square icons and multiple menu tabs and citation data on a web browser

Altmetric Badges

Embedded Altmetric badges reveal where your publications are being discussed online. Colors correspond to information sources, and numerical scores record reception.

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Altmetric API

The Explorer API works with the Details Page API to provide up-to-date programmatic data. This data can be quickly exported into easy-to-interpret visual formats.

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Altmetric Consultancy

Our technology tracks thousands of online sources to reveal how research is being received and where. Our team can help you to monitor the influence of research in both the scholarly and public realm as we automatically search and collate mentions from sources.

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Altmetric on GBQ

Altmetric on GBQ can quickly run multiple complex queries at once, enabling you to extract full value from the data and build your own analyses in a way that works for your organization.

How Altmetric works for your industry

Tracking the influence of corporate R&D
Reputation curation for academic institutions
Improving academic engagement for publishers
Refining strategies for government and funders
Funding application support for authors
Evidencing success stories for funders
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Transform your approach to engagement tracking

Move beyond citations and listen in on the conversation.