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Discover millions of tracked research outputs

Accessible with one click via the Altmetric donut badges, the details page for each research output gives a full record of all of the original shares and mentions of an individual piece of scholarly content.

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The summary tab provides demographic data for Twitter and Mendeley users of the research (where applicable) and the ‘score in context’ tab shows how the level of attention this research has received compares to other outputs published around the same time or in the same journal.

The donut and attention score
The distinctive Altmetric donut and attention score provide an at-a-glance indicator of the type and volume of the attention the research has received.
Summary counts
Summary counts on the left of the page shows how many authors from each source type have mentioned or shared the work.
Browse the original mentions
Each tab on the details page shows all of the original mentions found from that source. You can click on the mentions to read the full news stories, blogs, etc.
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Demographics and ranking

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Where in the world?

If the research has been shared or saved on Twitter or Mendeley, a demographics map will appear showing the location of the users who mentioned or stored it in their library. All demographic information is pulled from user bios.

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How does it compare?

You’ll find the score in the context tab on every Altmetric details page – it’s there so you can see how the attention this research has received compares with other research published around the same time or in the same title.

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