Altmetric for Books

Track the reception and influence of your publications.

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An up-to-date record of your book’s attention

From title mentions to specific chapters, track the success of your published work anywhere online

In whatever format your research is published, your audience is talking about it online. Altmetric for Books tracks this engagement as it happens, providing academics, publishers, institutions, businesses, and funders with valuable insights into how each book or chapter is received.

As long as your book has good metadata, is published by a whitelisted publisher domain, and has a unique identifier – such as an ISBN or DOI number – then Altmetric can track it. We can also use detailed meta tags to trace your book’s online visibility through search criteria, allowing us to position your work in relation to its field.

Start a new chapter in tracking success

Understand attention around your books
Set up alerts for new mentions
Explore data for individual chapters
Discover readership demographics
Tailor your marketing strategies

Track Altmetric Attention Ratings

Every stripe on the Altmetric donut signifies another output in which attention has been recorded. These are separated into tabs, with each mention displayed chronologically.

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Set up alerts for new mentions

Be the first to know when new people are talking about your published works on different platforms.

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Explore data for individual chapters

The book summary page features a contents section, allowing you to track individual chapters and learn which ones have had the biggest influence and in what context.

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Discover readership demographics

Demographic data sourced from X (Twitter), Mendeley, and other social media websites show you who is engaging with your book the most, what they’re saying, and where they’re located.

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Tailor your marketing strategies

Altmetric contextualizes your research attention, automatically creating sharable summaries to report back to shareholders or incorporate into new marketing plans.

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Show who’s engaging with your work

Move beyond citations and demonstrate where you’re having the greatest influence.