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In 2015, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals for all member countries to work towards by 2030. Controlling plastic pollution in the ocean would support many of these goals – including SDG12, which aims to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and SDG14, to conserve and use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.  We’ve published a report in collaboration with Dimensions that investigates plastic pollution in our oceans and its related research. In the report, we use Altmetric data to find out how research on the topic has been disseminated … Read More
Thousands of conversations about pharmaceutical research and clinical trials happen online everyday. Altmetric tracks a range of sources to capture and collate this activity, providing you with essential, real-time insights about your work and the work produced by others in your field. 1. Measure your influence Track, evaluate and report on the broader influence of your published research and clinical trials. Altmetric lets you browse by author, group or department to explore the attention your published research is receiving. 2. Find out who’s saying what – and where Follow online conversations and … Read More
Policy tracking in Altmetric If you care about the real-world impact of a piece of research, a reference in a report by the World Health Organisation or an African Union proceedings is a gold mine. Altmetric tracks policy sources that range from UN organizations to small local think tanks. We are constantly adding new sources to our tracking. Since the beginning of 2020 our policy database has grown from 83 major sources and 23 countries up to 514 sources from 60 countries at the time of this writing – and counting! How new sources are added In order to add … Read More
Tracking and measuring conversations on digital platforms is now accepted as vital in measuring a pharmaceutical brand’s influence. With altmetrics, pharmas can gain a better measure of the broader societal impacts of their research and products.  Altmetrics take the familiar concept of Share of Voice and widen its scope by exploring new facets related to digital communication styles. These include: Social Share of Voice: based on original social media content, shares and followers  Viral Share of Voice: based on how far the content has been shared  Media Share of Voice: based on … Read More
In a sector defined by constant growth and evolution, pharma companies have always had to be adaptable, swiftly responding to external pressures and market shifts. Now more than ever, they must pick up the pace and seize the opportunities digital adoption can bring.  Here, advanced analytics that identify how, when and where people are talking about you and your research play an essential role. They allow brands to understand their perceived image and customer sentiment, as well as any unmet needs or potential sources of dissatisfaction, and act on these with speed. Today’s decision makers crave this kind … Read More
Altmetrics complement traditional indicators like time to publication and citation analysis; they track online sources in real time to measure engagement. This makes it easy for pharma brands to identify Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and perhaps more importantly, Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs).  Using Altmetric’s data, pharmaceutical brands can see how these communities are using their research, what they’re saying about it and how that compares to competitor offerings. It’s at once a means to measure and maximize influence and a way to manage your reputation. Practical benefits By incorporating altmetrics with traditional analysis methods, … Read More
Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) have always played an important role in drug discovery and development, as well as delivery to the market. A valuable resource for clinical and medical insights, KOLs are trusted on the grounds of demonstrable experience and expertise – they’re often specialist medical practitioners or leading researchers in specific fields, such as epidemiology or oncology. ‘KOLs play a vital role in the development and successful launch of novel products and, due to their interaction with both medical specialists and patients, they can also help companies identify needs and gaps.’ What is a DOL? … Read More
The annual Open Access Week has arrived once more, and the chosen theme for this year is Climate Justice. But what do we know about this topic, and how can we access impactful content in this area? Typically, Open Access Week encourages academics, researchers and the wider community to learn more about Open Access and to share what they’ve learned about it with a broader audience. With Climate Justice in mind (defined as the climate crisis impacting different groups of people and countries in an unequal way), Open Access Week encourages … Read More
New research by a team of scientists at Northwestern University in the US and tech firm Microsoft have recently published an article in Nature Human Behaviour that seeks to understand the relationship between public investment in science and the varied public use of science to see if there is any alignment between funding and utility. One of the assumptions that underpinned the need for such evaluations was that there was a disconnect. A disconnect between academics in their proverbial ivory towers and the ‘real world’ who might benefit from … Read More
Are you interested in tracking and analyzing the research landscape of specific fields? If you need an understanding of the attention research in a particular subject area is receiving, consider using FoR codes in Altmetric Explorer! Watch the companion video here: What are FoR codes? First, what are FoR codes? FoR stands for Fields of Research. The Fields of Research (FoR) classification is a component of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification system, which you can read more about on their website. Altmetric gets this data from Dimensions, … Read More