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New research by a team of scientists at Northwestern University in the US and tech firm Microsoft have recently published an article in Nature Human Behaviour that seeks to understand the relationship between public investment in science and the varied public use of science to see if there is any alignment between funding and utility. One of the assumptions that underpinned the need for such evaluations was that there was a disconnect. A disconnect between academics in their proverbial ivory towers and the ‘real world’ who might benefit from … Read More
Are you interested in tracking and analyzing the research landscape of specific fields? If you need an understanding of the attention research in a particular subject area is receiving, consider using FoR codes in Altmetric Explorer! Watch the companion video here: What are FoR codes? First, what are FoR codes? FoR stands for Fields of Research. The Fields of Research (FoR) classification is a component of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification system, which you can read more about on their website. Altmetric gets this data from Dimensions, … Read More
Have you ever wondered what news sources, policy sources, blogs, and Facebook pages Altmetric is tracking? This brief blog post will show you how quick and easy it is to view this information! Watch the companion video here: The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re searching the full Altmetric database. Depending on your organization’s subscription, you may have a custom data integration and your default view will only show your organization’s research outputs.   Click the blue ‘edit search’ button on the top of your screen in Altmetric Explorer. If … Read More
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are targets for global development adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Comprised of 17 interconnected goals, they are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives and prospects of people everywhere. The SDG data is provided to Altmetric by Dimensions, who have implemented automatic classification of publications by aligning them to the goals using supervised machine learning based on extensive training sets and curated keyword searches. While this process is constantly being improved, it is still not perfect! Keep in mind … Read More
Many of you will be familiar with the annual Altmetric Top 100. Launched in 2013, this list highlighted the most-mentioned scholarly publications from the year, and featured much-discussed topical research that had caught the wider public’s imagination.  Since its launch, the Top 100 has demonstrated the influence and reach that it is possible for research to have – and through our data we have shown that communicating beyond the academy is critical to the broader dissemination and application of academic study.  Given the evolving landscape of research communication and … Read More
Have you ever wondered how to use altmetrics to enhance a CV, grant application, presentation, or report? This blog post will give you some ideas and examples of how you can communicate the attention your work is receiving online, including: How to write about your research impact in a narrative format How to summarize attention using bullet points How to use altmetrics in reference lists To learn more, watch our 30 minute webinar, How to write impact statements with Altmetric data… What is impact? First, it is important to consider how you define impact. Impact … Read More
The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.’ To mark the occasion and to contribute to the discussion we had a look into the publication age of researchers that are publishing in the ‘Climate Action’ space with papers relating to SDG 13.  Publication age refers to the years between an author’s first publication and their most recent publication. For example, if someone published their first paper in 2002, and their most recent one in 2018, their publication age would be 17 years … Read More
Our Head of Data Insights, Mike Taylor, recently sat down with Alexander Schacht for an episode of ‘The Effective Statistician’ podcast.  You can listen to the episode here… During the episode, Mike and Alexander discuss Altmetric and Dimensions and the importance of understanding the reach and influence of clinical and scientific research beyond citations and understanding the full journey, from idea to impact.  Alexander and Mike touch on a number of interesting topics during the interview, including how Altmetric and Dimensions work together in uncovering this journey, but also … Read More
There are many different metrics that attempt to measure the reach and influence of scholarly work. They primarily fall into one of three categories: Article-level metrics: indicators that aim to measure the reach or influence of an individual research output such as a journal article or data set. Example: number of citations Journal-level metrics: indicators that aim to measure the reach or influence of a journal. Example: Journal Impact Factor Author-level metrics: indicators that aim to measure the reach or influence of an individual author. Example: h-index Journal-level and author-level … Read More
As part of our ongoing ‘How-to’ series, this blog post will cover how you can customize a shareable report in Altmetric Explorer. To view a step-by-step walkthrough of these features, you can watch our handy video below! ⬇️   Saving Searches This first step to creating a shareable report is to save your search. With the click of a button, you can easily save any search you run in Altmetric Explorer. In the upper right corner of any tab in the database, you’ll see a blue ‘Save Search’ button. You can click this button at … Read More