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Uncover the research trends having a societal impact today and make smarter decisions for tomorrow.

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Deeper insights for more informed R&D decision-making

No more guesswork. Uncover global trends and make data-led R&D decisions.

Bridge the gap between online conversations and your R&D programmes with data-driven insights into the online attention surrounding published research.

Altmetric tracks thousands of online conversations to uncover influence over and above traditional bibliometrics. And by tapping into this data, you ensure you’re always one step ahead of global trends.

Whether you’re commissioning research programmes, pinpointing your own online influence, identifying collaborators, benchmarking against competitors or conducting horizon-scanning, Altmetric can provide the right insight to help you make the right decisions.

Make data-led decision decisions

Know your audience
Track your competition
Spot collaboration opportunities
Transform reporting
Establish future research trajectories

Know your audience

Find out who’s talking about your publications.

Altmetric can help you reveal the platforms preferred by your audience, and our sentiment analysis can even tell you whether their opinions are positive or negative.

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Track your competition

Compare the outputs of your peers across the research landscape to find opportunities for innovation.

Understanding how your influence benchmarks against competitors enables you to manage your reputation and spot gaps for future development.

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Spot collaboration opportunities

If you’re looking to commission your own research, we can show you who is having the most online influence in the world today in each research area.

By revealing the influencers across academia, you can see who best to collaborate with on future research projects to guarantee success.

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Transform reporting

Our consultants are on hand to create shareable, interactive dashboards that bring data to life.

Whether you’re reporting on competitor activity, uncovering your share of voice or anything else, we can create a truly bespoke solution that showcases the metrics that you’re interested in.

The best part, you don’t need to be a data expert – just tell us what you need to uncover and we’ll find a custom solution for you.

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Establish future research trajectories

You don’t need a crystal ball to anticipate emerging topics and trends.

Our consultants can support you to gain a better understanding of the entire research landscape, so you can pinpoint future trends and make better strategic decisions.

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Products for Corporate R&D

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Altmetric Explorer

What attention is your company’s research receiving, and how does it compare? Discover it now with the Altmetric Explorer.

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Altmetric API

Display and analyze Altmetric’s data how you want, and where you want with the Altmetric APIs. Tailor the look and feel of Altmetric data.

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Altmetric Consultancy

Our team of data analysts can help you leverage Altmetric and proprietary data for customer analysis to inform strategy and decision-making

Let data drive your decisions

Talk to our friendly team about how our solutions can accelerate your decision making.