Help your authors and editors see how their research is being shared and discussed online.

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Uncover conversations around your content

Follow the reception of your work from the moment it’s published

Altmetric data can provide valuable insight for publishers, editorial teams, authors, and readers on how their published content is being used and shared around the world.

Our badges can be easily embedded into any platform to showcase the online activity relating to individual articles, and our flexible API can be used to display data across your site. The powerful Altmetric Explorer enables your teams to access our full database, where they can monitor and report on the dissemination and uptake of every publication.

Effectively identify and measure research impact

Revolutionize your reporting and stakeholder communications

Identify your most popular content
Report back to key stakeholders
Attract new submissions
Benchmark performance

Identify your most popular content

The Altmetric badges and Explorer make it easy to see which of your research is being talked about and shared the most – helping you determine successes or areas for improvement.

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Report back to key stakeholders

Including altmetrics data in reports to editorial boards or other key stakeholders can help demonstrate and reinforce the value of the work your teams are doing.

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Benchmark performance

Track engagement and benchmark your progress alongside your competitor’s journals with a Journal Performance Report.

Showcase your success as you track:

  • How individual journal titles compare to others
  • How you perform against competitors
  • The online attention and public sentiment to journals

Attract new submissions

Authors increasingly look for instant feedback on their research – adding Altmetric badges to your platform ensures this is provided in a reliable and transparent format, with no administrative burden.

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Products for Publishers

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Altmetric Explorer

Our intuitive database gives you and your teams access to the attention data for over 17 million scholarly outputs – enabling you to monitor and report on the altmetrics for your content and benchmark it against other publishers.

an Altmetric donut with square icons beside it, detailing what each colour represents on a web browser

Altmetric Badges

The easy-to-embed, distinctive Altmetric badges provide your authors and website visitors with an at-a-glance summary of all of the online attention for each publication and offer instant access to the Altmetric details page for each item

an Altmetric donut on a web browser

Altmetric API

Access to the robust Altmetric API means you can tailor the look and feel of our data to fit with the design and layout of your site or incorporate Altmetric data directly into internal reporting systems using our simple JSON output.

What our customers say about us

“We LOVE Altmetric – because our authors do!”

Genetics Society of America

“We are committed to providing a wide range of impact metrics about our publiations beyond citations and the Impact Factor. We believe Altmetric plays an important role in this.”

Cambridge University Press

“[Our] editors love that they can see a different view of how people are engaging with content.”

Springer Nature

Stand out from the crowd

Move beyond citations to uncover the online influence of your published research.