What are altmetrics?

Track meaningful engagement with research as it is shared, mentioned, reviewed, and read online.

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Evidence research influence

Instantly trace the reach of research beyond traditional bibliometrics

Altmetrics are a simple and effective way of understanding who is engaging with research online and what they’re saying. The Altmetric data gathered allows you to track anything from articles to software packages, using a broad range of scholarly identifiers that cut out the noise of traditional measurement tools.

Use altmetrics to quickly collate a record of relevant online attention, with less time spent sifting through data. Positive or negative sentiment can be evidenced, and you can even demonstrate when research makes tangible changes to a field of study.

Our tools and services cater to many different communities involved in the production of research, and customizable interactive dashboards allow each team to access the information most relevant to them. 

Benefits and applications

Academic institutions
Altmetrics can be used to benchmark the influence of your research against your peers, helping you to assess and manage your reputation globally. This means more funding, higher calibre staff, happy stakeholders, and increased alumni donations.
Scholarly publishers
Altmetrics help publishers to see the bigger picture. Altmetric data insights supply valuable evidence to assist authors’ future funding applications by demonstrating where their work is being mentioned. From finding collaborators and identifying influencers, to reporting to stakeholders and enhancing marketing plans, Altmetric results can underpin an array of operations.
Corporate R&D
Identify the key opinion leaders and influencers in your field and track the waves made by clinical trials or data sets. Altmetrics help you find the right audiences, platforms, and collaboration opportunities to drive innovation, accelerate the pace of discovery, and to maximize the value of your research.
Government and funders
Altmetrics don’t just provide clear evidence of the influence of your funded research. They can also play a key role in refining outreach strategies for departments and empowering governments and funders when justifying their investments. The Altmetric dashboard creates clear visuals that can be easily exported, allowing users to benchmark projects, track engagement, and identify potential gaps.

Move beyond traditional citations and see the bigger picture

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