The data you need to track your research influence and support your funding decisions.

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Track the influence of your research programmes

Provide tangible evidence to demonstrate how your research is influencing the world

If you’re waiting for citations in others’ work to demonstrate research influence, you’re only seeing part of the picture. Close the knowledge gap, as Altmetric enables government institutions and funders to track the reception of published research and its influence on society today.

Our technology tracks thousands of online conversations (across news outlets, blogs, policy, social media, Wikipedia, and many more) to create demonstrable, shareable reports, tracking your own commissions and benchmarking against others as you easily see how research impacts policy and practice.

You can achieve a deeper level of stakeholder engagement, as Altmetric provides evidence for your successes and justification for your investments.

Showcase research influence on society

Demonstrate societal influence
Analyze research outcomes
Justify funding decisions
Benchmark with ease

Demonstrate societal influence

See the full story of research, as Altmetric allows you to uncover and report on societal influence from policy to people.

Shareable visualizations reveal where and how your research is being disseminated globally. From discussions on social media to reports in mainstream news and mentions in policy, Altmetric follows it all.

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Analyze research outcomes

Follow the outcome of research and uncover evidence of how research translates into policy and practice by tracking online attention and conversations. 

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Justify funding decisions

It’s easier to justify investments or funding decisions, as you can create shareable reports that showcase the societal impact of your funded research.

We uncover evidence in the data behind online conversations that improve stakeholder communications and demonstrate the return on funded projects.

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Benchmark with ease

Quickly compare the influence of your funded research against others.

You can monitor trends over time to see what’s being said about your research, where it’s being cited in practice and policy, and who is influencing the narrative.

This enables you to better communicate funding success and better identify research gaps for future investments.

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Products for Funders

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Altmetric Explorer

Track, monitor, and report on the research you fund. Benchmark attention surrounding your research with the 4m+ items tracked by Altmetric to date.

Altmetric Badges

Showcase the engagement and influence of your programs by adding the Altmetric badges to the content on your public platforms.

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Altmetric API

Run complex queries and perform expert analysis using the powerful Altmetric API – included with an Explorer for Funders license or available separately.

Here’s what our customers say about us

“Altmetric helps us to highlight and emphasise popular themes or topics to do more commissioning in”

The John Templeton Foundation

“As a public body, our goal is to encourage dissemination and visibility of publicly funded research, and we believe that through [Altmetric] we will obtain representative samples of the impact those activities may have.”


“Altmetrics are able to provide a potential early indicator of research impact”

National Physical Laboratory

Transform your approach to demonstrating success

Move beyond citations to find the real influence of your research.