Altmetric for Funders

Monitor and report on the online discussion surrounding the work you fund

Discover the reach of funded research outputs

Altmetric data provides a unique record of how funded research has been received and disseminated. Detailed visualizations within the platform offer summaries of where research has influenced different audiences around the world on social media, in mainstream news, and in public policy. Our intuitive platforms can be used to track the outputs of specific grants or projects, and to identify emerging fields and scholars.

“This data can help us gain insight into ways which we could improve our research and public engagement programs”

— National Geographic

Track the influence of your research programmes

Monitor dissemination in real time

Altmetric begins collating attention for a piece of scholarly content as soon as it’s published online, meaning you can gather immediate insight into how the work you’ve funded is being received and shared amongst a wider audience.


Refine outreach strategies

To date Altmetric have tracked mentions of over 19 million research outputs, collating shares and references from public policy documents, blogs and mainstream media amongst many other sources. Our tools can help you identify timely and relevant targets for outreach including news outlets, blogs and policy makers.

Identify indicators of broader impacts

The Altmetric details pages display all of the original mentions and references for each scholarly output – meaning you can determine if and how it’s been picked up by the audiences you intended to reach. This includes indicators of broader impact such as the commercialization of the research in patent documents and its influence on public policy.

Use this information as a starting point to determine how your work has had a real-world impact, or to evaluate against other criteria.


More than just articles

Altmetric is about much more than journal articles alone – our technology can track mentions for any scholarly outputs that have a unique URL, making it quick and easy to monitor where your grey literature, featured website content and other research items are attracting attention online.

Reduce awardee workload with bespoke attention reports

Understand where the academic community and members of the public are discussing and learning about specific publications by exporting customizable reports. These reports present a snapshot of attention highlights allowing you quickly see where leaders in specific fields are discussing yours and others’ research without the need for manual analysis.  

“At of the core of our mission is both a desire to fund high quality research and to generate greater public engagement with the research we support. While analyzing metrics such as citations can be helpful to assess impact, these methods provide an incomplete picture.”

— John Templeton Foundation

Products and tools for funders


Explorer for Institutions

Track, monitor and report on the research you fund. Benchmark attention surrounding your research with the 4m+ items tracked by Altmetric to date.

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Altmetric Badges

Showcase the engagement and influence of your programmes by adding the Altmetric badges to the content on your public platforms.

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Altmetric API

Run complex queries and perform expert analysis using the powerful Altmetric API – included with an Explorer for Funders license or available separately.

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How are other funders using Altmetric?

Utilizing Altmetric tools to achieve institutional targets at the John Templeton Foundation

The John Templeton Foundation, who award more then $100 million a year in research funding, discuss their use of the Altmetric data.

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