About us

Altmetric helps everyone involved in research understand the wider reach of published work.

Who we are

Altmetric is part of the Digital Science portfolio of companies all working together to help researchers make a difference. Our mission is to broaden and deepen our understanding of the value of research and its influence on people and communities.

We think that…

Authors should be able to see the active attention that their articles are receiving, and what people are saying about their work
Publishers should be able to show authors, readers and their own internal teams the conversations surrounding their content
Editors should be able to quickly identify commentary where a response is required
Researchers should be able to see which recent research their peers think is interesting
Funders should be able to understand how the work they have funded is being disseminated and received amongst a broader audience

As a company, we’ve made a commitment to

  • Provide a consistently high level of service and an approachable, flexible team
  • Share and grow our expertise in data science and research metrics
  • Help researchers get credit where it’s due
  • Foster an environment where we are open, not afraid to explore new ideas, and ok to make (some!) mistakes along the way

Our Story

Altmetric has served the research community since 2011. We aim to broaden and deepen our understanding of the value of research and how it affects people and communities. Used by leading institutions and commercial and non-profit organizations around the world, our ever-changing tools and services empower teams in diverse areas of research. 

As online communications continue to evolve, our powerful APIs, tools, and services show how research is being discussed across the globe, in a way that complements traditional bibliometrics. 

As part of Digital Science, we are a dynamic company, continually looking at unique ways of applying our data and harnessing the power of research to help our users to solve real-world problems.


As well as creating our own tools and products, we’re also a data provider for lots of other tools and services. These are just some of the partners who have integrated Altmetric insights via our API:

Community Engagement

Beyond the work we’ve been involved in as part of the NISO Altmetrics project, Altmetric as a company does a lot of work with researchers and the wider community to make our data available and help advance discussion and transparency in altmetrics. This includes:

Making our data freely available for research purposes – All Altmetric data is available for any researchers who wish to use it to conduct bibliometrics studies, often resulting in publication or conference presentations.
Publishing the underlying data behind any studies we release – We’re committed to making all of our own publications and supporting data open access, which you can find it all on figshare.
Working closely with external development partners – Several external development partners are recruited as beta-testers or development partners for every new product we build. Their feedback is taken on board throughout the development process to ensure everything is done to the highest possible standard.

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