About us

Learn more about Altmetric and some of the brilliant integrations that have been done with our data

Who we are

Altmetric is part of the Digital Science portfolio of companies all working together to help researchers make a difference. Our mission is to track and analyze the online activity around scholarly research outputs. We think that…

  • Authors should be able to see the attention that their articles are receiving in real-time, and what people are saying about their work.
  • Publishers should be able to show authors, readers and their own internal teams the conversations surrounding their content.
  • Editors should be able to quickly identify commentary where a response is required.
  • Researchers should be able to see which recent research their peers think is interesting.
  • Funders should be able to understand how the work they have funded is being disseminated and received amongst a broader audience.

As a company, we’ve made a commitment to:

  • Providing a consistently high level of service and an approachable, flexible team
  • Sharing and growing our expertise in data science and research metrics
  • Helping researchers get credit where it’s due
  • Fostering an environment where we are open, not afraid to explore new ideas, and ok to make (some!) mistakes along the way

Our story

Altmetric was founded by Euan Adie in 2011 and grew out of the burgeoning altmetrics movement. Euan had previously worked on Postgenomic.com, an open source scientific blog aggregator founded in 2006. Interested in taking the ideas from Postgenomic forward we entered an altmetrics app into Elsevier’s Apps for Science competition and ended up winning. The prize money helped us to grow from an evenings & weekends project into a full-fledged product: the first standalone version of the Altmetric Explorer was released in February 2012. In July 2012 we took on additional investment from Digital Science, and are still a part of the group today. Our users now include some of the world’s leading journals, funders and institutions. We remain a relatively small company and take pride in our strong focus on engineering and domain knowledge.


As well as creating our own tools and products we’re also a data provider for lots of other tools and services. These are just some of the partners who have integrated Altmetric insights via our API:  

impactstory figshare zenodo summon
primo kudos readcube infodesk
bior labguru elements ccc
reprints editage paperity statref