Altmetric Badges

Reveal research dissemination at a glance with Altmetric’s eye-catching badges.

an Altmetric donut

Understand research influence

Demonstrate the full influence of research at a glance with Altmetric Badges

People around the world are discussing the latest developments in your field through blogs, social media, public policy sites, and academic forums as we speak. The engagement is there, but sourcing and consolidating these conversations can seem an impossible task. 

An Altmetric badge updates daily to showcase the engagement surrounding your research. In one click, users can see a collated record of all the online attention surrounding each piece of research.

Delve beyond the badge and try it for yourself

How does it work?

  • The Altmetric donut colors show you where the conversations are happening.
  • The attention score is a weighted count of how much attention a piece of research has received.
  • Clicking on the donut will bring your users to the Altmetric details page for that item, which contains all collated attention.
Provide feedback for authors
Quantify your readership
Showcase success

Provide feedback for authors

Create trust and transparency, by providing authors with a visual representation of their online influence.

Your team doesn’t need to spend ages crafting reports, as our badges can showcase the attention surrounding published research at a glance, and the details page provides more context for deeper discussions.

angled laptop with an Altmetric donut with square icons beside it, detailing what each colour represents

Quantify your readership

Scores are regularly updated giving you quantifiable data to explain online influence.

A Wiley website survey found that: “77% of respondents felt that article metrics enhance the value of a journal article and 87% responded that they felt article metrics help them gauge the popularity of a journal article.”

a sidebar next to an Altmetric donut and square icons next to multiple menu tabs, citation data and a world map on a web browser

Showcase success

The Altmetric badges provide a quick and easy way of showcasing the value of your publishing program to internal and external stakeholders, such as funding institutions and editorial boards.

Your platform, your style

Altmetric badges can be modified to fit the look and style of your website, so you can find a design that works for you.

three Altmetric donuts with dropdown boxes beside it
three Altmetric banners with a dropdown box underneath and a dropdown box above three lines of square icons

Reveal the online attention around published research

Move beyond citations and demonstrate where published research is having the greatest influence with Altmetric Badges.