Upcoming events

NISO Plus 2020

23 February 2020
25 February 2020

Baltimore, MD

2020 marks the first NISO Plus conference, which aims to bring all of the constituencies in the information economy together to generate discussion, seek common ground, identify areas of opportunity and provide a space and resources to work towards solving common problems. Find out more about the conference here, … Read More

Researcher 2 Reader

24 February 2020
25 February 2020

London, UK

The Researcher to Reader conference is a collaborative gathering which aims to be the premier forum for discussion of the international scholarly content supply chain – bringing knowledge from the Researcher to the Reader.  The Conference takes place in London in February each year. Come along in 2020 and … Read More

Office Hours for Altmetrics Researchers

27 February 2020
31 December 2020

Want advice on using Altmetric data to study research impact and attention? Have questions about the finer details of how Altmetric collects data and what that means for your research? Join Stacy Konkiel, Director of Research Relations, during our monthly our Office Hours for Altmetrics Researchers, where we’ll be on-hand … Read More
Want to know which channels or key influencers are most effective for getting your titles noticed? Join us for the second edition of the Altmetric Book Club on the 18th February where we’ll demonstrate how Altmetric data and tools provide real-time-feedback on how your, and other publishers’ titles, are being … Read More
The UK-based Lis-Bibliometrics group are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, which will be marked with a one day event in March: “The Future of Research Evaluation” Hosted by the University of Leeds, this will be a combination of plenary sessions, oral presentations and workshops, with plenty of opportunities for … Read More
Gathering real-time and reliable feedback on the attention surrounding your institution’s research can be challenging. Altmetric provides tools that enable you to monitor, in real-time, where research is being discussed online as soon as it’s published and what is being said. Join us on the March 5th when Stephanie Guichard, … Read More

Altmetrics for UK institutions: Uncover open access trends and prepare for REF 2021

05 March 2020

Get a picture of the trends in online mentions for your open access publications and understand how altmetrics can be used in your REF 2021 preparations! Join Ben Mcleish, Director of Engagement and Advocacy at Altmetric, for a demonstration of Altmetric tools and data and how they can boost reporting … Read More
Patty Smith, Senior Engagement Manager at Altmetric, will be guest presenting on this upcoming webinar on March 6th as part of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s ‘Career Development Corner Webinar Series’: Tracking research dissemination and impact has become increasingly important in our digital age. The speakers will provide a … Read More

London Book Fair

10 March 2020
12 March 2020

London, UK

Altmetric does books! Kathy Christian, CEO of Altmetric, will be speaking at the London Book Fair this year. Kathy will be part of the panel for the Research and Scholarly Publishing Forum titled: ‘All about Open Access: ‘Shared Value? Shared Values? Who Owns Open?’ on Thursday 12 … Read More
In this quick 30-min. call, Stacy Konkiel (Altmetric’s Director of Research Relations) will introduce the free data access options available for researchers who study altmetrics. We’ll also discuss Altmetric’s overall scope and data collection practices, to help you understand what our data includes. We hope you can join us! Register … Read More