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Monitor the influence of your research outputs and demonstrate the societal impact.

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Broaden your understanding of research influence

Track thousands of online conversations to uncover societal impact and boost future funding applications

If you’re only looking at traditional bibliometrics, you’re missing half the story. Altmetric follows your online attention across news outlets, websites, blogs, social media, and more. 

You can track and filter engagement for an individual researcher, a department, or an entire university and see how research is being received online. 

By demonstrating the wider influence of research, you can boost funding applications and keep delivering the ground-breaking research of the future.

Showcase your success

Demonstrate reach and influence
Spot collaboration opportunities
Benchmark with ease
Improve funding pitches

Demonstrate reach and influence

Keep stakeholders, administration, and funding bodies happy as you can easily quantify the online attention your research receives.

Report at a glance with the Altmetric Badge, a visual representation of where your publications are being discussed, showcasing the influence of your outputs.

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Spot collaboration opportunities

Altmetric maps and presents a view of who is engaging with research online, so you can spot future collaboration opportunities and develop researcher networks.

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Benchmark with ease

Track online activity to see how your research fares alongside other peer institutions.

You can monitor trends and influence over time to provide stakeholders with the full picture of the influence against other institutions and organizations.

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Improve funding pitches

Show you can make a difference, as Altmetric makes it easy to demonstrate value by providing funders with quantifiable insights on the influence of your work.

You can also strengthen your funding applications, as Altmetric reveals patterns in research and illuminates gaps so you know where to focus.

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Products for Institutions

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Altmetric Explorer

Our intuitive platform enables you to browse, monitor, and report on all of the attention data Altmetric has collated, including that for research published by your faculty.

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Institutional Repository badges

Showcase the attention of your institution’s research by embedding the Altmetric badges in your institutional repository. It’s free to do in just 3 simple steps.

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Altmetric API

Run complex queries and perform expert analysis using the powerful Altmetric API.

What our customers say about us

“Altmetric allows us to quickly and easily see where Cambridge research is being applied in practice”

University of Cambridge

“It is of the utmost importance that research results do not stay hidden in the academic world, but are visible, perceived and used in a wider context.”

The Swedish University of Agricultural Science

“Altmetric adds an additional and unique perspective to the reach and influence profile of a piece of research.”

Queensland University of Technology

Transform your approach to demonstrating success

Move beyond citations to find the real influence of your research.