Institutional repository badges

Add Altmetric data to your institutional repository, for free.

Showcase the influence of your research

Help academics and other visitors to your repository explore the online attention surrounding your research with the colourful Altmetric badges.

Badges are free for individual academic institutions to display on content published by their faculty hosted on their institutional repository. If you’re not an academic institution, or also host research published by authors outside your organization, please get in touch to discuss getting started.

Quick and easy installation

Installing Altmetric badges on your institutional repository* involves just a few simple steps:

  1. Tell us the domain of your institutional repository (so we can make sure we’re tracking mentions to it and unlock all of the data) – email [email protected]
  2. Ensure you have identifying metadata on your pages
  3. Decide the style of badge you’d like (see below)
  4. Visit to grab the code and add the badges to your content!
a small Altmetric banner with a dropdown box underneath, an Altmetric donut with a dropdown box beside it, and a dropdown box above a line of square icons

*Please note that these badges are to be installed on institutional repositories only. They should not be installed anywhere else online, such as on departmental websites.

Implementation examples

Lots of institutions already display the Altmetric badges in their repositories – take a look at some of the examples below for inspiration!

You might also like to take a look at our researcher page, which gives a good overview of how you can benefit from tracking the altmetrics for your research.


Trying to install the badges but not seeing any mentions? Below are some of the more common issues we see:

  • Make sure we know about your repository – Please email us to tell us the domain where your content is hosted, otherwise we may not be tracking for mentions of content hosted there, and your users will only see the limited version of the Altmetric details page for each item.
  • Ensure you have the right metadata – The free badges require some simple information in the metadata of each page to recognize the research outputs. Click here for more detail.
  • Make sure you’re linking to the right place – In order for Altmetric to pick up a share or mention of research, the mention needs to have a link directly to the page with the item metadata. You can read more here about why we might miss some mentions.

Still stuck? Check out our support site or email [email protected] for more information.

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