Share of Voice dashboard

Reveal and analyze your scientific share of voice

When preparing for drug launches it’s crucial for pharmaceutical companies to understand the competition and the needs of healthcare professionals to make the right strategic decisions.

But existing solutions are complex, time-consuming, costly, and they don’t show the complete picture. 

That’s why Altmetric’s Scientific Share of Voice dashboard is a game-changer.

Whether you want to opt for a broad overview picture or zoom in with a very specific and narrow focus we can help you!

Through close collaboration, our Share of Voice dashboard can answer your precise needs, as we slice and dice the data to only include the information that matters to you.

You might include one or more therapeutic areas (TA) and a variety of products (including your competitors’ products) to measure who is engaging with your research and that of your peers. You can then filter the results in multiple ways, from publication year to journal name, clinical trial and geographical region to see the results update instantly. 

“Altmetrics offered the missing piece of the puzzle – a real-time measure of attention and qualitative data that could show how we were positioned and how we could maximize our performance.”

Chirag Shah, Head of Publications Strategy and Office of Grants/Education at Neurocrine Biosciences

  • How competitors strategies are being discussed to benchmark against them
  • What HCPs, patients and researchers really think about your research
  • Whether there are educational gaps in understanding for HCPs
  • Which online sources have given the most coverage and where the gaps are
  • How results compare according to number of researchers involved, age of publication, or the number of clinical trials
  • The impact of mentions by opinion leaders, and their influence

  1. Save time by having all the accurate and reliable metrics you need in one place
  2. It’s targeted to your therapeutic area, products, and competitors
  3. The easy-to-interpret visuals make it easy to understand the data
  4. It’s shareable so you can showcase success to stakeholders

Do you want to see how it works?

Try a sample of our Share of Voice dashboard.

Powered by Altmetric and Dimensions data.

Advanced and reliable analytics to inform decision-making

Powered by Altmetric and Dimensions data.

Altmetric tracks and measures thousands of online conversations about research to explore where people are discussing research and clinical trials online. We can even profile who is talking about your research and the sentiment of what they are saying.

This is added to Dimensions, which has the largest collection of interconnected scientific research data including publications, patents, clinical trials and grants.

Together, we transform this data into a visually engaging and interactive dashboard that is targeted to the therapeutic area you are interested in, shareable and easy to explore.

Our Scientific Share of Voice dashboards are built to your exact needs. Talk to our friendly team about how we can support your strategies.

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