Free tools

We offer a range of free tools for researchers and institutions to help you get started.

Altmetric Bookmarklet

Narrow or broaden your search using powerful search filters. Compare results, explore insights, benchmark against peers, and export customizable reports.

citation data on a web browser

Institutional repository badges

Embeddable badges are free for individual academic institutions to display on content published by their faculty hosted on their institutional repository. They can be installed with just a few lines of code, and you can choose the style of badge you’d like to display. Users will be able to click on the badge to view the full details page for each research output.

an Altmetric donut with square icons beside it, detailing what each colour represents on a web browser

Explorer for academic librarians

We offer free individual access to a basic version of the Altmetric Explorer for academic librarians based within universities; this is limited to two free accounts per university. This version of the Explorer can be used to browse and filter all of the research outputs in the Altmetric database but does not include any institutional views, functionality, or reporting. Please email us to request an account.

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Badges for individual researchers

Individual researchers can embed our badges for free too! It’s a great way to add context to your personal website or online CV and can help demonstrate the reach of your work to visitors. Once embedded, you can click on the badge to view the full details page for each research output.

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API for research

We provide free access to the Altmetric Details Page API for noncommercial, academic research purposes.

an Altmetric donut on a web browser

Transform your approach to engagement tracking

Move beyond citations and listen in on the conversation.