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Custom analysis for deeper interpretation.

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Let us do the work for you

Whatever you want to uncover, our team can interrogate the data and create bespoke solutions built for you.

Our technology tracks thousands of online sources to reveal how research is being received and where. We make it possible to monitor the influence of research in both the scholarly and public realm as we automatically search and collate mentions from sources including the mainstream media, public policy, patents, online reference managers, blogs, X (Twitter), and other social networks.

This means the possibilities of what we can uncover are endless.

To make it simple, we provide a combination of data expertise and a collaborative, personal touch, to transform your research questions into answers.

Looking for a more bespoke option?

Making data simple
A collaborative partnership

Making data simple

You don’t need to be a data expert. We’re trained to unlock the insights behind the data and serve it to you in both a
visual and interactive way.

Our shareable reports make for enhanced internal communications and easy interpretation to propel strategic decision making.

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A collaborative partnership

Through close collaboration, our trained researchers and data scientists work with you to answer your precise needs, respond quickly to feedback and ensure that all of your objectives and priorities are taken into account.

Whether you’re informing planning decisions or identifying new markets, our experts are always on-hand to find new solutions.

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Looking for inspiration?

Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on:

  • Scientific share of voice and sentiment analysis: Learn who is engaging with your research and the audience profile and true sentiment behind online conversations.
  • Finding key opinion leaders: Identify future KOLs to collaborate with and improve your influence.
  • Market readiness report: In-depth analysis and horizon scanning to direct your product or publication strategy.
  • Benchmark report: Compare the online activity surrounding your research with that of your competitors.

Make data analysis easy

Talk to us and find a custom solution built for your organization.