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“The inclusion Altmetric badges in our IR will allow us to keep an eye on publication performance and influence.”

lorena carlino, director

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Lorena Carlino is an Information, Library and Documentation Science graduate from the University of Argentine Social Museum, who is currently in charge of Argentine’s Institutional Repository (IR) of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). Lorena also actively promotes Open Access and Open Science initiatives, the global exchange of research data and the implementation of interoperable systems, which allows CONICET to bring knowledge to society.

CONICET is an Argentine government agency, which directs and coordinates most of the scientific and technical research done in universities and institutes across the country. Currently, the Council has more than 10 thousand researchers, 11 thousand doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, 2,600 technicians and professional support staff, and 1,500 administrative employees. The goal of CONICET’s Institutional Repository is the permanent self-archiving and hosting of the Council’s scientific staff’s publications and research data.


Lorena and her team members have been familiar with alternative metrics for about two years, since they started to assess their scientific and technical publication performance on social media. In looking for new ways to monitor the dissemination and influence of their scientific publications they discovered the Altmetric badges, and found them the perfect tool to suit the needs of their upgraded Institutional Repository.

Implementing Altmetric badges in the Institutional Repository

Lorena and the team have just launched a new website for the IR, making it more responsive and thus increasing visibility of scientific publications. Thanks to the inclusion of the Altmetric badges on the new site they can show their user community the online impact every published item has over time.

The Altmetric badges provide users of the Institutional Repository information about the influence publications have along its life cycle. Lorena believes that their availability alongside the published items in the IR will inspire users and researchers to promote the dissemination of papers and other research outputs, and teach them some best practices in doing so.

“As a public body, our goal is to encourage dissemination and visibility of publicly funded research, and we believe that through the implementation of Altmetric badges we will obtain representative samples of the impact those activities may have.”

lorena carlino, director

Boosting visibility of publicly funded research

As a public body, CONICET’s goal is to encourage strategic lines of action to boost visibility of publicly funded research, and they believe that through the implementation of Altmetric badges they will obtain representative samples of the impact those activities may have.

As Altmetric’s badges don’t just show the Altmetric Attention Score but also allow the user to click through to the Altmetric details pages, which provide access to the full media and social media mentions of a publication, users can get a better understanding of the context in which the research is being discussed.

Supporting researchers

The integration of the Altmetric badges in the CONICET Institutional Repository is also very relevant and useful to the researchers themselves, who can now easily get an integrated view of the influence their work has online.

They can use that information to boost their profile, identify the most useful channels for outreach activity. In addition, it can help them in job and grant application processes, as evidence of the broader influence and impact of published research is becoming increasingly important for review panels.

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