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Today we’re excited to announce our new integration between Explorer for Institutions and Elsevier’s Pure. This new connector enables Pure customers to populate Explorer for Institutions with their publications data with the minimum of technical effort. Our connector, powered by the Pure API, imports publications, people, affiliations and departmental hierarchies into Explorer for Institutions, enabling you to search and browse online attention surrounding outputs from your institution, alongside the entire Explorer database. Over the last year, we’ve developed a number of new EFI connectors for current research information systems (CRIS) and … Read More
The following post contains content excerpted under a CC-BY license from: McKiernan, Erin; E. Bourne, Philip; Brown, C. Titus; Buck, Stuart; Kenall, Amye; Lin, Jennifer; McDougall, Damon; Nosek, Brian; Ram, Karthik; Soderberg, Courtney; R. Spies, Jeffrey; Thaney, Kaitlin; Updegrove, Andrew; Woo, Kara; Yarkoni, Tal (2015): The open research value proposition: How sharing can help researchers succeed. figshare. Retrieved: 17 53, Dec 16, 2015 (GMT) Open access, open data, open source, and other open scholarship practices are growing in necessity and popularity, rapidly becoming part of the integral workflow of researchers. However, widespread adoption of many of these … Read More
It’s nearly the end of the year and time has flown by in the Altmetric office! Highlights of 2015 for us have included launching the Altmetric Ambassadors program, announcing Wikipedia tracking, adding support for The Conversation articles and Clinical Trials, and building the Bookmetrix project with Springer. We’ve also welcomed many new faces to our growing team and had lots of fun along the way. So to wrap things up, we asked everyone to share their own favourite happenings from the last 12 months: 2015 was great because… … Read More
Welcome to Altmetric’s “High Five” for December, the holiday edition! In this post I cover the top five scientific papers with the highest Altmetric scores this month. On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. From Star Wars economics, to happiness, to the scientific publication rejection process, our high five papers this month are all over the map. But many of them have a levity that fits the holiday spirit.   Paper #1. I reject this rejection. Image credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis,   Our top … Read More
It’s Top 100 time of year again! Uncovering stories about how academic research has been received and presenting those findings in visually engaging ways is central to everything we do at Altmetric, and our annual Top 100 list of the most shared and discussed articles is no exception to this. First launched 2 years ago, the list provides a great overview of the research articles that really caught the attention of a broader audience in 2015.   The 2015 list The most popular paper of this year detailed the discovery … Read More
This is a guest post contributed by Sue Wiegand, Periodicals Librarian at Saint Mary’s College. The Michiana Scholarly Communications Librarianship Conference is an opportunity for librarians to come together to share ideas on launching and leading scholarly communications initiatives. It is the only conference aimed specifically at smaller and mid-sized academic libraries, and is sponsored by Indiana University South Bend (the conference venue) and Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. Librarians can network and discuss ideas related to the new scholarly communications landscape, exchange ideas and best practices, and hear expert speakers on the topics of repositories, copyright, digital scholarship … Read More
Welcome to Altmetric’s “High Five” for November, a discussion of the top five scientific papers with the highest Altmetric scores this month. On a monthly basis, my High Five posts examine a selection of the most popular research outputs Altmetric has seen attention for that month. The theme for this month’s papers is shocking (and not-so-shocking) findings.   Image credit: Donnie Ray Jones,   Paper #1. Sharing stickers – Are nonreligious children more generous? In our first High Five paper for this month, “The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World,” researchers in the … Read More
The purpose of this blog series has been to help researchers understand the advantages of using Altmetric data to monitor and showcase the conversations around their work. We’ve looked at examples of how data-savvy researchers have used the data to enrich their online presence, and have also posted some more theoretical pieces on the Altmetric score and the potential for tracking non-traditional research outputs. The purpose of this final post is to provide some examples of how people have used the Altmetric API and badges to add functionality to web applications … Read More
Has your research introduced popular new methods to your discipline, had an influence on public policy, or changed the way the public understands complex topics like knowledge transfer? If so, such evidence likely exists online and can be used to make a case for funding. Did you know that the average science PI spends 116 hours preparing a single grant proposal? How much of that time is spent finding and documenting evidence of “broader impacts” and engagement? Luckily, it’s now possible streamline at least some of the grant preparation process, so researchers can spend less time … Read More
Our Altmetric Ambassador of the month for November is Elisabeth Vogler, a PHD student and lecturer at the German Institute for International Educational Research. Elisabeth has a Masters degree in library and information science, and is planning to write her PHD thesis on altmetrics. She is currently working on a project entitled “Altmetrics for Education Science in Germany”, the objective of which is to study altmetrics data for German educational research outputs, and identify interesting stories that can be told using this data. She was recently invited to present on altmetrics to a … Read More