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Sustainable Solutions for Food Security

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Introduction
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    Chapter 2 Adaptation of Crops to Warmer Climates: Morphological and Physiological Mechanisms
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    Chapter 3 Climate Smart Crops: Flood and Drought-Tolerant Crops
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    Chapter 4 Adaption to Climate Change: Climate Adaptive Breeding of Maize, Wheat and Rice
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    Chapter 5 Using Genomics to Adapt Crops to Climate Change
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    Chapter 6 Climate-Resilient Future Crop: Development of C4 Rice
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    Chapter 7 Crop Diversification Through a Wider Use of Underutilised Crops: A Strategy to Ensure Food and Nutrition Security in the Face of Climate Change
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    Chapter 8 Bambara Groundnut is a Climate-Resilient Crop: How Could a Drought-Tolerant and Nutritious Legume Improve Community Resilience in the Face of Climate Change?
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    Chapter 9 The Challenge of Feeding the World While Preserving Natural Resources: Findings of a Global Bioeconomic Model
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    Chapter 10 Adaptation to Climate Change Through Adaptive Crop Management
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    Chapter 11 Water Management Technology for Adaptation to Climate Change in Rice Production: Evidence of Smart-Valley Approach in West Africa
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    Chapter 12 An Agroecological Strategy for Adapting to Climate Change: The System of Rice Intensification (SRI)
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    Chapter 13 Efficient Desalinated Water Pricing in Wetlands
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    Chapter 14 Drip Irrigation Technology: Analysis of Adoption and Diffusion Processes
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    Chapter 15 Combating Climate Change Impacts for Shrimp Aquaculture Through Adaptations: Sri Lankan Perspective
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    Chapter 16 Application of the Terroir Concept on Traditional Tea Cultivation in Uji Area
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    Chapter 17 The Opportunity of Rural Space with Urban Relationships: Urban Agriculture as Contemporary Cultural Landscape for Resilience by Design
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    Chapter 18 Stakeholders’ Perceptions on Effective Community Participation in Climate Change Adaptation
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    Chapter 19 Disadvantaged Communities in Indonesian Semi-Arid Regions: An Investigation of Food Security Issues in Selected Subsistence Communities in West Timor
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    Chapter 20 Enhancing Food Security in Subarctic Canada in the Context of Climate Change: The Harmonization of Indigenous Harvesting Pursuits and Agroforestry Activities to Form a Sustainable Import-Substitution Strategy
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    Chapter 21 Vulnerability Amidst Plenty? Food Security and Climate Change in Australia
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    Chapter 22 Agricultural Decision Support Tools: A Comparative Perspective on These Climate Services
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    Chapter 23 Multilevel Governance for Climate Change Adaptation in Food Supply Chains
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    Chapter 24 Climate Change and Food Security in India: Adaptation Strategies and Major Challenges
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    Chapter 25 Conclusion
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