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Report for Attention highlights for articles, data sets, clinical trial records, and news stories sorted by Altmetric Attention Score published between 2023-01-01 and 2023-03-31 published by Portland Press

Report overview

Total mentions
Total number of mentions for research outputs in this report
Research outputs
Total number of research outputs in this report, including those without mentions
Outputs with mentions
Total number of research outputs in this report that have Altmetric mentions
Sources of attention
Number of attention sources that mention research outputs in this report

Attention source breakdown

The number of mentions from each source that Altmetric has tracked for the research outputs in this report.

News mentions
Blog mentions
Wikipedia mentions
Video mentions

Attention over time

This chart shows the number of mentions for research outputs in your report between Sunday 01 January 2023 and Sunday 31 December 2023.

Top 10 research outputs

Below is a list of the top 10 research outputs in this report. Each research output has an Altmetric Attention Score , which provides an indicator of the amount of attention that has been received.

Rank Attention Score Research output

Cyanobacterial membrane dynamics in the light of eukaryotic principles


A beginner’s guide to evidencing your teaching practice


By what molecular mechanisms do social determinants impact cardiometabolic risk?


From tensegrity to human organs-on-chips: implications for mechanobiology and mechanotherapeutics


Protective mechanisms by glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor against the α-synuclein accumulation in Parkinson's disease


Cross-linking mass spectrometry for mapping protein complex topologies in situ


Inflammatory cell death: how macrophages sense neighbouring cell infection and damage


One genome, multiple phenotypes: decoding the evolution and mechanisms of environmentally induced developmental plasticity in insects


cGAS–STING signalling in cancer: striking a balance with chromosomal instability


Mitochondrial dynamics in macrophages: divide to conquer or unite to survive?

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